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Destiny High School

Phase 01: First Day

The gymnasium was noisy for it was crowded with students. Apparently, they were all excited for their first day in Destiny High school. At least, that's what the freshmen and sophomore's think, but for the seniors, it was just an ordinary day.

The bell just rang and a voice spoke through the speakers. It was telling them to line up accordingly to their section. In an instant, the students lined up properly, facing the stage. A brown-haired woman, who was the principal of the school, went up the stage and promptly greeted the students. After that, she started introducing the teachers, which took a while, making the seniors bored. The principal noticed the look on their faces and honestly, she wasn't too happy with that. She sighed in relief when she finished with the introductions. Next thing on her agenda was informing the freshmen about the school rules. It was rather long but unfortunately, she had to do it.

A sophomore student of 2-B was getting impatient of standing in line and listening to boring speeches of the principal. He crossed his arms and stared at the floor while thinking about something.

Finally, the principal was done with her explanation. She called the members of the student council and told them to guide the freshman students to their appointed rooms. During this, she noticed a student trying to sneak out of the gym. She quickly called that student's attention.

The student turned around, revealing his face to the principal and to the other students.

"Shinn Asuka-kun? Not you again?" the principal said while narrowing her eyes. "Don't tell me you're trying to skip class on your first day of school? That's so typical of you. You also tried to sneak out last year too."

Shinn leaned his back on the wall as he smiled coolly at her. "Why Ms. Ramius, don't I always skip classes? And I always get away with it too." From the way he talked, it appears that he wasn't afraid of the principal.

"You haven't changed one bit, Asuka-kun. If you don't mind, please go back to your line."

"Look Ms. Ramius, I'm not going to attend school today. Besides, there's nothing to do on the first day of school. I got more important business to attend to so see you tomorrow." Swiftly, he exited the gym.

Ramius sighed in frustration as she massaged her temple. It was going to another year with Shinn Asuka, the trouble-maker of the school. He's the worst student you can ever have. Despite that scene, she still has a school to run.


In class 3-A, a blonde-haired girl was staring at the clear blue skies while thinking about Shinn Asuka. That happening back at the gym made her irritated. She suddenly slammed her fist on her desk, startling some of the students.

"What are you so mad about, Cagalli?" a familiar voice asked her.

She turned to that person with a serious expression. "I-It's nothing, Kira." She answered.

"What do you mean it's nothing?" he retorted. "Oh I get it, its Shinn right? You're thinking about him, right?"

"Ah! You are so annoying, Kira! That's right! I'm thinking about him so what? He's my friend after all."

"I wonder why you're friends with him. He's not exactly um... nice..."

"You'll like him once you get to know him. Shinn is not all bad, you know..."

Kira rolled his eyes away from her. "Okay, whatever you say..." He went back to seat. Once seated, he briefly glanced at his sister. What does he see in Asuka anyway? Frankly, Kira always feel jealous whenever his sister talks about Shinn. Don't tell me she has feelings for him? I'm not going to accept it!

A student with tanned skin entered the classroom and informed everyone that their homeroom teacher was absent. The class was thrilled about this. In this case, the class president was to take charge. There was a problem though; no student was appointed president yet.

"Okay people, please settle down and take your seats." A girl with honey-browned hair and aqua blue eyes said as she stood.

Obediently, the students took their seats.

She faced them with a kind and warm smile. "Since the teacher is absent, why don't we elect new officers for this class?" she looked around to see if they agreed.

"That's a great idea, Miriallia!" the tanned student yelled out while raising his fist in the air.

"I'm glad to hear that, Dearka. Well then, any nominations for class president?"

Kira immediately stood and said, "I nominate you, Miriallia Hawe, to be class president."

"But I've been president of our class for the past 2 years. Why don't we give others this opportunity?"

"No, it should be you Miriallia because you're very good at being class president!" Dearka told her.

"I agree with Elthman here. Miriallia, you're a responsible student that's why you're suited for the position." Cagalli added.

"My, you guys really insist on it."


During lunchtime, Shinn went back to school. He settled himself in the gymnasium that was currently vacant. He lay down on the floor as he placed his hands under his head. "I am so bored right now." He murmured. Even though, he skipped the whole morning, he didn't find anything fun to do in the city. "What should I do now?"

The gym door abruptly slid open, revealing a blonde-haired girl, now glaring fiercely at him. At once, he stood from his position. "C-Cagalli... What are you doing here?"

Cagalli folded her arms as she tapped her foot perpetually. "I should ask you the same thing, Shinn Asuka!" She yelled out as she charged toward Shinn and knocked him down. She grabbed him by the collar and forced him to look at her golden-brown eyes that were kind of filled with rage.

Shinn just laughed out softly in an awkward way. "If this is about... what happened earlier... then I..." Before he could finished, Cagalli immediately butted in. "How many times did I tell you not to skip classes! You're just too stubborn!" She pushed him away, causing him to hit his head on the floor.

"That hurts!" he said while rubbing the sore part of his head. "You're so violent, Cagalli. It makes me wonder why you're so popular with the boys."

"Whatever... So where did you go this time?"

"Arcade... mall... park... a food joint... um..."

"Ah... the usual places..."

Unknown to them, a blue-haired guy was observing them from outside.

To be continued...

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