A/N-Just some drabble that I thought up when I was bored on lunch and listening to some Christian music…Anyone like the newsboys?

The Greatest Lie

And believe me, he's told some doozies. One that pops into my mind as I write this right now is the drug lie:

"It won't hurt you, just give it a try…it's a nice buzz…"

Yeah, and the lie doesn't mention the hospital stays if someone OD's or the weeks of rehab once you get addicted.

"Just do it…Sex feels great…you won't know if you're compatible with someone if you don't…"

Doesn't mention the consequences such as STD's HIV, and possible pregnancy…

This one makes me laugh every time I hear it.

"You weren't created…we evolved…everyone evolved from single celled organisms."

Then why does everything flow perfectly in sync, better than any well oiled machine? How did something that complicated just….happen?

Lies. All spread by the father of lies himself, Lucifer. Spread by various forms of media or even word of mouth…however it can travel it will…almost like an airborne virus.

But there's one…he's gotten away with. He's tried-and in most cases succeeded-to pass this off as truth since the dawn of time. Word of mouth, TV, magazines….all are in on it…and millions are lost because of this one falsehood…

The greatest lie Satan ever told….

Was when he convinced the world that neither him, nor the Father exist.

A/N-Like I said…senseless drabble…but R&R anyhow.