Amo Tu

Ok This story might be short and my writing style stinks, but I'm going to give this a shot. Bewere it's also short. Well here goes. If I get good reviews for this I'll continue it.

(Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts -cries- But I do own Destiny and Simba(Not Simba from the Lion King) The pets I'm giving Yuffie ;; )

1. Two New Comer's

Traver's Town was quiet today except for a raven black 16 year old girl skipping down the ally humming. He yellow scarf trailed a bit behind her as her indigo blue eyes sparkled happily. Her name was Yuffie. Ever since Sora had sealed Kingdom Hearts she had a been a bit peppier. Squall still had to yet to decide if they were going to move back to the Hollow Bastion. Yuffie had grown rather attached to Traver's Town. The only thing she hated was having the room with Squall. Stupid Aerith. She HAD to be stuck with Squall. Heck she wouldn't care if she was stuck with Cloud for all she cared, but no. She had be room with Squall. His constant snoring and mumbling would keep her awake all night, but for some reason she still thought he was cute. Of course she had had a crush on him since she was 10. As she skipped down the ally she heard a whimper followed by a mew. It sounded like a puppy and kitten. She stopped looking around and walked farther down the ally only to find a small box with a little red Husky puppy and a Somali kitten.

"Aw" she said "You two are so cute!"

Well of course they were cute. They were babies. She quickly scooped up them both.

"Hmm what shall I name you two" Yuffie thought "I know you will be Destiny" she said to the Husky puppy "And you'll be Simba"

Destiny barked happily wagging her tail. Simba mew and snuggled into Yuffie's arms. Smiling she walked down the street toward the Hotel it hit her. What if Squall doesn't let her keep them? He never was the animal type person. Aerith might let her keep them and Cloud wouldn't care, but what about Squall. Luckily Aerith and Cloud had bought the Hotel about 2 months ago. She entered through the doors up to the room. Squall was sitting in a chair reading the paper when he noticed Yuffie carrying something.

"What do you have?" he asked knowing it would be something that would bring trouble

"A puppy and kitten I found" she said holding out Destiny and Simba "Can we keep them Squall please?"

Squall huffed softly "Yuffie, We've been though this before" he said

"Come on Squall. I promise to take care of them pleeeeease" she gave him her best puppy dog eyes.

Squall sighed. He could never say no to the puppy eyes "Fine, but their your responsibly" he said

Yuffie squealed "Thank you Squallie!" she said giving him a quick hug

"Never call me that" he said "So what are their names?"

Yuffie smiled "The cat is Simba and the dog is Destiny" she said happily

Squall picked up Simba "Your not too bad" he said seeing Simba had made a sound and Destiny was yapping a lot. He seemed to grow rather found of Simba. Destiny on the other hand sniffed around Squall's legs. "What are you…" he was cut off when she lifted her leg. "HEY!" he shouted almost dropping Simba.

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Yuffie giggled. "I guess she's making her territory" she said as Destiny sat next to her holding her head up high.

Squall groaned. "I have to take a shower now" he mumbled handing Simba to Yuffie and walked off to the bathroom.

Yuffie giggled "Good one Destiny" she knew these two would brighten up her life rooming with Squall.

To be continued…