By Erico


One year ago exactly, on April 20th, 2000 A.D, I undertook a goal I thought was vital...that was to write a Fanfiction story of the travails of Mega Man X and the Maverick Hunters, so that at long last there would be truths into the dark recesses of its unknowns.

I successfully completed that work, and gave it the surname EOAD--short for End Of A Dream. This was followed by AUF, which was more well received than the first. But I'd left a window for myself at EOAD's end, and I saw a new plot ahead of me.

A funny thing of how I write: The main plot is always known to me. The subtleties leak in as I write it, so you can wager that at least 50% of my stories are made on the fly. This sequel was known as TSOM--The Sound Of Mavericks.

Surprisingly, this one took me six months to do. I guess that was because a lot more effort went into it.

So, one year later on my author's anniversary, I continue on. Fresh from TSOM, the events continue.

Life goes on, no matter how meaningless, shallow, or frigid it is. For in the end, all people will find golden rays shining on them. Life is the test, and death is the reward.

But what does this mean to the layman? Not much. What does it mean to the characters known as X, Zero, Bastion, Wycost, Bristol, Hazil, Allegro, J.K. Horn, Doan, Jad…

You get the idea. People face a variety of paths in their life. They choose one, and call it destiny. Sometimes they don't even realize that they're choosing a path when they are…that's why people are naïve.

The paths that lay before the heroes of 21XX however, are most certainly decided. Their choices have been made.

The Hunters once more know that Sigma is back, and with more than enough hidden bases to keep them on edge for years to come.

A month after being discovered in a Maverick ravaged area of Denver, Colorado, a female reploid by the name of Bristol wanders the earth, searching for her past, knowing only two clues; that there was a thing called MI9, and she was a part of it.

Julius Kinnian Horn, a reploid weapons designer and engineer has seen his dream for world peace, URFAWP, become corrupted by Sigma's twisted objectives. Now the GDC has disbanded it for the threat that it holds, and once more he returns to the drawing board.

There are others in this multifaceted gem into the shattered crystal reality of X's world. But in due time, you shall know them all…

For now, you can only sit and wait, and ease your addiction with a taste of things to come.

The lessons learned in life so short are usually so small,

Measured with a one foot ruler, the dribble of a ball.

The things of life worth living for, the gems of glee and joy,

Come in tiny packages, a wedding ring, a baby boy.

But in the world of the Maverick Hunters, life takes a different shade…

For in their quest to preserve life, other's deaths are made.

It's not a glamorous job at all, and contrary to the glare,

Those who join the Hunters fight, not with joy but empty stare.

But every now and then for them, a glimmer of hope shines diamond bright,

A beacon that restores their spirits, grants new hope and grants new light.

For the Hunter known as Bastion, A.K.A. the Desert Fire,

His glimmer came from a female reploid, one who raised him from the mire.

But now she's gone to seek her past, and the empty hollow restores its brawn.

And the melancholy Bastion waits, for her return, the pinkish dawn.

What is not known to this mighty warrior, temper strong and skills so great,

Is that none of them are in control, for they are puppets to

The Strings of Fate.