Inuyasha and the others confronted Naraku. "This is pay back, for kikyou!" Inuyasha yelled.

"I shall avenge father and Kohaku!" Sango exclaimed.

"I will send you to hell!" Miroku said.

Shippo wasn't there because he died of Kagome's kiss. As we all know, Kagome was attempting to be serious but, was picking her oversized nose. Everyone gave a disgusted look.

"Now, back to business." Inuyasha said, turning his attention towards Naraku.

Everybody but Kagome released a powerful attack. Kagome was supposed to finish him off, but she was busy eating a booger she found on the ground. "Inuyasha, your wench has ruined your plans once again! Hahahahahahaha!" With that said,Naraku escaped.

"Great job idiot! We could have killed Naraku!" Inuyasha yelled with frustration.

"awe, I love you too Inuyesher!" Kagome said.

"It's INUYASHA RETARD!" Inuyasha screamed ready to kill Kagome.

"Sit!" Kagome said.

"I'm going to kill you-SIT BOY" Thud! Inuyasha fainted.

"When Inuyasha awakes, tell him I'm in my time! And if he wants me tell him to opolagize." Kagome said. Kagome then left.

"What does opolagize mean?" Sango asked.

"I think she means apologize." Miroku said.

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