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In Kagome's time…

Kagome's mom was cooking dinner, when a pinkish glow emulated from the well.

"Oh no! It's back!" she shrieked.

"Mom,….. it can't be, she's too preoccupied with Inuyasha, she wont becoming back any time soon." Souta said.

She pointed to the well again, and sure enough, the fat cow was coming strait towards them.

"Quick, behind the couch!" Grandpa Higurashi yelled.

They all hid, waiting in horror. Then, the door slowly opened.


"Souta, you know what to do…" Mrs. Higurashi said.

Souta nodded and stood up.

"There you are, Souta!" It screeched.

Souta cleared his throat, and said; "You have reached the Higurashi residents. We are not available at the moment, so please leave now and burn in hell, Kagome."

"Oooohhh, I just missed them! Oh well, I'll be back soon." She said.

When she left, they all took a relived sigh.

Back in the feudal era…

Kikyou wiped her mouth. She was going to make Ayame pay for choosing this game.

"What is the matter Kikyou? Isn't my hanyou brother any good at kissing?" Sesshomaru smirked.

"Shut up!" Inuyasha said, blushing.

"Well, enough of that game! Kikyou, it's your turn to pick the game." Naraku said.

"Okay, let us play "hide and seek"." She said.

With kagome…

Kagome emerged through the well, well, actually, she only half emerged from the well, because she was so damn fat. With lots of struggle, and the five pounds of butter she kept in her pocket, she finally got free.

"Ha! And they said it was stoopid to keep butter in my pocket!" Kagome laughed. "Oooohhh, what are those pretty lights!"

She pointed to kikyou's soul collectors, who were currently holding souls. With her big fat hands, she grabbed the soul collectors. Try as they might, they could not get free from her grasp. So, they had to carry her to Naraku's castle.

Naraku's party………….

Kikyou fell over, the lack of souls finally getting to her.

"Kikyou!" Inuyasha yelled. "What's wrong?" He asked, concerned.

"Lack… of… souls… can't… move … much… longer…!" Kikyou said.

Just then, all of kikyou's soul collectors came in, with one unwanted guest with them.

"Yo, bitch! Did I tell you that you could come!" Naraku asked.

"I no need no smelly invitation to come to some party, whore!" Kagome shot back.

"Oh, no you di'int!"

"I think I did!"

"Bitch, it is on; Yo mamma is so ugly, when she entered an ugly contest, she got turned down because they said sorry, no professionals."

"Yo mamma is so ugly, I mean so ugly, she has to wear two paper bags!"

"Yo mamma is so stupid; she puts lipstick on her head, so she can make up her mind"

"Yo mamma is so stupid; she takes a ruler to bed to see how long she sleeps!"

"Yo mamma is so stupid; she copies off of your test!"

(A/N: I got most of this from Billy and Mandy)

"Oooohhh, you just got shut down!" All of the party members said.

Kagome then jumped Naraku, and had a similar fight like the first time.

Two hours later….

"Where did everyone go?" Naraku asked.

"I believe they left during your fight with… it." Kagura said.

"I guess there is always next year." Naraku sighed.

With the Inuyasha group…

"That was so hilarious!" Sango said.

"I know!" Inuyasha agreed.

"I still don't believe Naraku lost to Kagome!" Miroku said.

"Kikyou!" That shrill voice could only belong to one person, Kagome. "Inuyasha belongs to me, not you!"


"I do not!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Quiet." Kikyou said, glaring at Kagome.

"I'll fight for him!" Kagome yelled.

"I do not want him." Kikyou said to Inuyasha's horror. "But, no deserves a fate that bad." Kikyou said.

"AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRAAAGGGGGGGGGGG!" Kagome yelled, charging at Kikyou.

Kikyou sighed, and side stepped, so that kagome went strait off a cliff.

"Fool." She said.

So in the end, kagome died, kikyou got her soul back, and everyone lived happily ever after.

The End.


Hahahahaha! It is finally the end! Well, sort of. I'll write a sequel to this, but, it will have crossovers! It is called ultimate crossover tournament. Read it to find out what it is about.