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This is also going to be a Tiger/Hare story. I really didn't want to let that slip, spoils the story, but I know how people can be so I thought it better to warn everyone. But that's the only Yaoi pairing. To those who hate the pairing, if it makes you feel any better it's going to be gradual - this is Tiger & Hare after all. Besides I want to focus on their friendship first, not to mention Tiger/Holly. Actually there's going to be a fair few twists concerning pairings – who knows where's it's going to end up! Tiger/Holly/Genki for a start, Hare's infatuation with Colt, Pixie/Grey Wolf perhaps & …I don't know about Suezo. I think he's better off a single pining eyeball.

Pairings: Tiger/Holly/Genki, Grey Wolf/Pixie, Colt/Hare, Tiger/Hare

Changes: Well like I said it's another monsters-turn-into-humans fic J Hey, I've been planning this for years! This means all the searchers plus Grey Wolf. Why? All shall be explained. Don't worry – this fic has plot! One last thing – I've never ever seen Mocchi as a guy. Sorry, just can't imagine it. So I'm bending the rules a little and ..bending his gender XD

Prologue Summary: How the Ancients came and went – the origin of the magic stone. Don't worry, this is the only History lesson you guys'll get ;-) ….SO happy to be back in the fandom! squeezes fellow MR fans

Prologue : Monol's Story

Once there was an age when even the Ancients of Pangaea feared Gods. In time science would of course take the place of the divine figures man had once believed to have sculpted the land and lit the stars. In time, the Ancients would judge themselves as Gods. But in a far more innocent age the people worshipped the Valfather; highest and oldest of the Gods, Odin. Every deity served him, however more powerful they were, as children would their father. Odin was greatly respected throughout Pangaea, not only for the great tales of courage and bravery romantics would weave by roaring firesides, but for his strength of mind and wisdom, and above all, the gift of the Runes he had made to the people. The mysterious Runes Odin created not only stored boundless knowledge but could also be used for magic.

Nevertheless, the people of the land gradually abused the Runes' magic and as the age of science and exploration came about the Gods were gradually forgotten and therefore ceased to exist.

Pangaea's economy soon began to thrive, the centre of the revolution spiralling around the city of Pendant. New instruments and devices were continuously produced to improve every little inconvenience and soon man discovered how to create life itself with the aid of the emerald Rune stones. The first monsters were treated as pets and servants. It was not long after that scientists, in their age-long quest for immortality, discovered how to preserve these creatures in mystery disks.

By now man had long forgotten the roots of the technology with which they had built their civilization on. And severed with the ties to the old ways was the written Prophecy of the Seeress, Ragnarok – 'the doom of high powers'. In times past every man had known and feared this frightful prediction, where the decay of values and ethics would bring the very Gods to their knees.

Brother shall strike brother and both fall,
Sisters' sons defiled with incest;
Evil be on earth, an age of whoredom,
Of sharp sword-play and shields clashing,
A wind-age, a wolf-age till the world ruins:
No man to another shall mercy show.

There were few in Pangaea's age of Discovery and Exploration who knew of the Seeress' Prophecy. Thus, with little warning, the Great War was preceded by three consecutive winters, which shattered the economy and triggered conflicts and feuds which broke out between the countries.

It was the beginning of the end.

The earth was plunged into darkness after a series of terrific disasters. The stars were blotted out and the sea reared up and the very foundations of the earth were shaken by the earthquakes which ravaged the land. The devastating chain-reaction lead to a horrifyingly sudden collapse in social structure, and a rise of chaos.

Pendant was the first city to transform monsters into soldiers. The Great War raged on for untold decades, each party so consumed with hate and the desire to avenge their predecessors they forgot their initial quarrel.

Pendant resolved to bring an end to the war and set about creating the ultimate weapon - an ancient monster sculpted on the Midgard Serpent, Muu. Each side battled ferociously to gain control of the beast, for it was thought whoever gained control of Muu would win the War. But man was never meant to wield such dark power and Muu inevitably gained control over his own mind and soon discovered how to ignite the fear and hatred in other monsters.

Pangaea quickly reunited under a common goal to rid the world of their Frankenstein. Pendant laboratories was once again called upon to achieve the impossible. The legendary Phoenix was erected to battle the serpent while the Final Gate was prepared: a device which would separate Muu's soul from his body. Nevertheless, although the serpent's soul was vanquished, the cost of life was incomprehensible as every monster across the planet reverted back into mystery disks. The sky itself was torched with fire – what few scientists remained fled the city of Pendant which ran with the blood of its brood.

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