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--Chapter 2: It Came to Me--

The woman stared at the letters forming in front of her face as though they were coming out of nowhere. Twisting and twirling the letters linked together to form words, and spaces were left wherever needed. The words were simple enough, but stated all that needed to be said.

Replay an Illusion

Through her life, she had met the dimwit, trained him, and shared with him immense power. She had seen love, hate, death, and life, and met characters of every personality and power. And now she had to ask herself… 'Am I dying to live, or am I living to die?'

Through her life she had asked questions… And every time an answer existed even if it wasn't obvious or told to her. But over time, and as she grew of age, question and answer became one. The once hidden, became as obvious as the time she was sure to reach. No longer was she the ignorant child she once was or bound to be an adult ignorant to most of reality.

'Something comes from nothing.' That phrase held true, even now in this time. The dimwit had started as someone of very little power, and now look at him. One of the strongest in all three worlds. A demon containing S class powers. And now her life, all her years of searching, held the last advice, and possibly most important, that she would ever give. Even out of her life of nothing, came the something she was writing.

Her mind was still missing some pieces, but that was really a mute point at the time. Soon it wouldn't matter anyway. People had found ways to pick at the missing pieces. Ototo Tuguro and found a weakness and exploited it. Often she wondered what would have happen if she had let him exploit it more. She often came to the conclusion that 'It would have been a wonderful life.' as he himself had said.

The woman experienced many things in life and discovered that once you reached a certain age, you were more dead than alive. That if you were feeling cocky, it was because there was something you didn't know. Being alive forever and knowing everything was like winning the supernatural lottery.

Discovering something in her late years was possibly her second most discovery. To live life to the fullest… You needed to believe in something. And when someone found something with only one explanation, the human race had become so lazy that they didn't even try to find another, possibly more true, explanation.

Loss is out idea that something disappears from reality forever. It is often both a reaction and action though more often a reaction. Nothing can disappear from reality completely. It will love on is someone, or something's, heart and mind. Loss is inevitable. It's bound to happen sometime because of the incurable disease: old age, and death will always continue.

Evil Live

The crippled hands wrote the last words they would ever write and the last piece of advice the old woman had to offer the world. As she finished, her body fell limp, and left only the words of advice on that single piece of paper that were squeezed out using the last of her energy. They read "It matters not, who we know in life, for in death, we are always… Alone."


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