Dark, starry night of black and gray.
Only the breeze as I ride.
Heat from my body to yours little baby.

Fear like none we've ever known
Fear to set them free.
Love to set them free.
Wisdom to set them free.

We ride on little baby.
We ride free.
Towards Elsewhere.
We return home.

Fading memories.
Cold and Snow
And still we ride.
Riding ever onward to the end.

Hills and valleys.
Trees and Ice.
Strength and knowledge.
I share my heart with you little baby.

I give myself to all.
I give myself for you.
I give myself for me.
I give myself for freedom.

Riding to the end.
Pushing so hard
Memories gone and with them strength
We return to Elsewhere.

The cold rush of icy wind
The spray of snow
To the lights, to the love to the music.
To the end of the beginning
To the beginning of the end