He Said, She Said

By: Emmithar

Rating: K+

Summary: Not only had the woman of his dreams move nearly three thousand miles away, but he had been the one to convince her.

Disclaimer: We all know that I don't own CSI, so I won't bother explaining in long detail :D


Okay, so this was a one-shot, or it was supposed to be. How many times have I said that. I'm hoping to finish it in one more chapter. But just a little something that I worked on. Some fluff, a bit of angst.

He Said, She Said

There were times he wished he could take it all back; hit the rewind button, start over again. Unfortunately life didn't work in that manner; there were no do-overs, no restarts, and there certainly was no 'play till you win'.

Those took place in a fantasy world, in which kids lived by. They built games around these rules in order to remain fair. They didn't exist in this world, in this life; life was never fair, although it did have its bouts of ups and downs.

Now, right now, it would be a down. Not only had the woman of his dreams move nearly three thousand miles away, but he had been the one to convince her. He had been the only one to stand up and support her, while the others had scorned her, telling her straight-out how ridiculous she was being.

He supposed that part of him had been right in doing so, maybe all of it had been right. Then why did he feel so horrible? Flipping open his cell, he stared at the numbers that were on the screen, hesitating only moments before pressing a button, bringing the phone up to his ear.

Of course, no one else supported this belief. He had purposely stayed home tonight, calling in several hours ago. It wasn't because of how much sleep he had gotten, or the lack of it. Nor was it from his missed meals, or plain apprehension of facing the others. They didn't blame him as much, or at least they didn't scorn him face to face anymore.

They saw it all differently, she had left because of him. If he hadn't interfered when Grissom was setting her straight she would still be around. Everyone missed her, the lab really wasn't the same, not to mention the awkwardness of working with her replacement.

But none of these were reasons to why he had stayed home tonight. He hadn't moved from this very spot since calling in. Lost in his thoughts, and prayers, if you would call them that. He missed her too much, he wanted to bring her back home.

It was silly, he knew that she wasn't just going to come running back. She had everything there she could possibly want. Better hours, better pay, doing what she loved, without the stress of everything. She was starting over again, turning over a new leaf. But there was always hope, right? After all, she had come to Vegas because of Grissom, who's to say she wouldn't come back for him.

Although he had no proof that she cared for him in the same manner that he cared for her. And care for her he did, so much that he had backed her up in her decision to leave. She had been so disheartened at everyone's reactions. Saying goodbye was always hard, but it was even worse when someone dashed those hopes and dreams.

In his prospective, she had been running for such a long time, he wished there was some way to help. How far would she go before he was no longer able to reach her? Maybe everything was his fault, maybe instead of convincing her to follow through on her decision, he should have dissuaded her, as all the others did. His grip tightened on the phone as he heard her pick up on the other side, her voice groggy.


"Hey Sara," he whispered softly, keeping his voice low in fear of waking anyone, though he was the only one in the room. "It's me."

"Greg?" she still sounded confused, her speech slow, slurred slightly. "Greg, it's three in the morning, I have to be up in a few hours."

Greg bit his lip, cursing himself silently. He had forgotten about the time difference, forgotten that she now worked days. "I'm sorry," he apologized, "I didn't mean to wake you."

"It's okay," she replied, she sounded a little more awake now, a little less irritated. "I wasn't really sleeping anyways."

"Liar," he replied, testing her. Sure enough a soft laugh came through the line, unsupported by an answer. "I'll let you get back to sleep now," he explained, "I just wanted to hear your voice that's all."

"Oh sure," she replied sarcastically, but with a hint of mirth, "you wake me up in the middle of the night, and then just leave. Typical male."

Greg laughed softly, leaning further against the cushioning of the couch, one arm wrapped around a pillow. "If you're going to be like that. How are you?"

She laughed, more of a giggle, and for a moment it felt as though it were back to old times, the pair just talking, hanging out, being friends. "Not too much different from last night. You shouldn't be calling me like this, especially with work's phone. They don't pay long distance."

"I'm not using work's phone," Greg defended himself.

She agreed with him lightly, her voice still light, musical even. There was a pause, but only for a beat. "Liar."

"Okay, so it's not like I'm on for very long."

"Greg," she said softly, "I told I'd call you every night, when my plan goes through I'll have long distance and everything."

"I don't want to wait that long," he replied.

Silence filled the line, and for a moment Greg thought that he had lost her, but then her voice came through, quiet, but with meaning. "I miss you too."

"When are you coming back for a visit?" he prompted, one finger lightly tracing the patterns on the pillow he had resting on his chest.

"Not until I get some vacation time," she admitted. "At least a year."

"Sara," he started again, surprised as she cut him off.

"No Greg, I'm not coming back."

"How do you know I was going to ask that?" he wondered, letting out a breath of air.

He could almost see her smiling as she answered. Almost. "Because you've asked me every night since I left."

"So obviously I'm not being annoying enough?"

She laughed this time, fighting off a yawn. "I already have enough annoyances in my life, don't add onto it."

"That guy still bothering you?" Greg asked, trying to recall his name. "Max, right?"

"Max, my partner," Sara stated, her tone changing as she said his name. "I swear the Everlasting Energizer Bunny is his brother. He never stops talking, or moving for that matter. It felt like he was running circles around me, I wanted to hit him."

Greg laughed, quietly however as to not wanting to upset her, but she heard him anyways, joining in his chuckle.

"How about you? How's work going? Everyone still mad?"

"Pretty sore still…Catherine won't talk to me, I'm non-existent to Grissom. Nick and Warrick aren't to bad…"

"But they still blame you," Sara finished for him.

Greg let out a heavy sigh. "Yeah."

"And you still blame yourself."

"Yeah…wait, no," he corrected himself quickly, but it was already too late. He heard her laugh again, and felt his cheeks burning with embarrassment. This topic hadn't come up yet.

"Greg, I left because I wanted to. No one made that decision but me. It means a lot to me that you stood up for me even when you disagreed. You know that, don't you?"

"I just wish I didn't feel so bad," he admitted quietly. He wasn't fond of the turn the conversation had taken. "I really miss you Sara."

"I know, but I just can't come back. I really want this."

"Do you?" he questioned, "Or are you just trying to get away?"

She was silent again, but only for a moment. "I want this," she replied, but the full confidence was no longer there.

"I don't want to wait a year to see you again," he continued.

"Greg, we talk every night. It's not like we're out of touch."

"It's not the same," he pouted lightly. He heard her sigh.

"Greg," she took a breath, "I'll call you in the morning, while on break, I promise. I really need some sleep now."

"Okay," he replied softly, somewhat hurt, but with the knowledge that he would get over it as well. "You promise?"

"First break I get. I don't care what time it is for you, but you had better answer. If I can't sleep than neither can you."

"Deal," he agreed, smiling again.

They said their goodbyes, and Greg hung up silently. The call hadn't lasted very long, but it had made him feel better, if only by a little. He ran his fingers along the edge of the phone, checking the time. It was almost twelve-thirty now; there was no real way of telling when she would get her first break, but he would be waiting. He would wait for all the time in the world if it meant only five minutes with her. Yes, he would be waiting.