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That was all it took. A meeting of eyes. Brown to blue. Nothing simpler. But how much can such a look say. How much can be told. How much can be shared.

There were no questions. There were no questions worthy of such a moment. They were old and obsolete, crumbling into dust. This moment was pure and unspoiled, and there was an unspoken need to keep it that way.

Bright sunlight was bursting over the horizon. Mike had been out for hours. But he realised something. He felt at peace, in a way he hadn't ever really done before.

The dawn had come, and with it there was a definite sense of purity. New beginnings. A past erased. Not quite. But for now, he felt clean and new and natural.

Things couldn't go back to the way they were. Mike understood that now. Things between him and Scott were far too complicated for them to go back to their old, friends-only way. He wanted more than that. Right now, he couldn't even tell what Scott wanted. But they had time to figure that out.

It was still complicated. It was still raw. And yet they were both there to try and work it all out.

Mike's thoughts ran around in his head without beginning or end, and, as if hearing, Scott looked at him, just catching his gaze. He opened his mouth, like he wanted to say something, but no sound came out. Giving up, he settled for smiling at Mike, as if trying to transmit everything that he was feeling in the movement of his muscles. It terrified Mike as much as it elated him, because this tentative, unsure Scott was someone utterly foreign to him.

For the first time, he felt like he was stronger than Scott.

The world – his world – was upside down, and somehow he'd never felt safer.

The whole world's a stage of complete chaos…

…but we're waiting in the wings, in perfect silence and stillness, waiting for the next person to make the first move. It would be so much simpler if there were words for this, what they were both feeling. It would be so much easier if both of them could find the courage to admit the obvious.

The problem was, the obvious became the esoteric. But somewhere, sometime, the obvious would become obvious to both of them. And then, maybe, they would finally decide what to do with the life that had been given to both of them.

But they were both there to try and figure out what it was that they wanted. Now, as the small beat-up car hurtled down into oblivion, it all felt so much simpler. When he was back in the city, everything seemed to confuse him. There were so many people and they all seemed to be Scotts to him, or some caricature of Scott sent down to torture him.

Now though, it was just the two of them, out on a road no-one used, and no-one was there, except for the omnipresent fucked up face, always looking down on them both.

Mike looked up, through the car window. Now that he was looking at it differently, the fucked up face had changed. It was softer, subtler, as though it was only there for him, and him alone.

It was smiling on him.

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