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I'm going to explain the situation to clear things up. Basically, this takes place right after the first KH, but instead of ending up on the Castle Oblivion world, Sora, Donald and Goofy managed to escape to Disney Castle. In other words, Chain of Memories and the sequel don't end up happening. ;; Sorry…

The idea of a "Trinity" centred fic (Sora Donald and Goofy friendship) came to me scanning through the stories of I don't exactly tend to see a lot of fiction on that subject, mainly Sora/Kairi, Sora Riku. And, yes, this fic will contain Sora/Kairi, but it's focusing more on Sora Donald and Goofy, because poor Donald and Goofy (Let alone the Disney characters) don't get much attention…. not exactly… ;;

Anyway… I hope you enjoy Trinity Limit. I'll do my best here, and I can't say I'll update often, unfortunately… But I'll do my best.

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Sora's heart was beating.

Loudly, yet weakly. And though it seemed it beat endlessly, he knew its time would not span for long.

The boy grasped at his chest. Dirt covered his youthful features from a first collapse. Wind screamed in his ears, as he stuck a foot underneath his body, shakily managing to rise. He had to do this. He had to keep going.

He couldn't bring himself down, now. Not after the things he'd accomplished. Not after the prices he'd paid.

Breathless, he stared forward, his blue eyes blurred and steadily darkening from exhaustion. His hair was plastered to the side of his left cheek as sweat trickled down the boy's face. The wind pried the rest free from Sora's face, as his eyes focused hard.

All he saw, as his head hung, his gaze focusing downwards, down the rocky, intimidating edge of the cliff, was darkness.


A pulse surged throughout his body, and he stumbled again, eyes wide with shock and pain, thrusting the Keyblade forth upon the ground before him, desperately trying to steady himself.

Immediately, he grabbed the material of the front of his shirt, grasping it hard as he let out a shaky whisper.

"You two…c-calm down, okay? Please…"

A wound suddenly opened on Sora's leg, and he knelt, grimacing slightly…

"Don't give up!"

Goofy's voice suddenly rang clear within the boy's mind, and he gave a soft smile.

"R-right…" He whispered, staring down at the swirling darkness that brewed no more than a foot or two away from his own knee. His eyes shut tight as he felt a sudden tug in his energy. What brought forth pain in that, is that he had barely any.

A soft croak sounded in his throat, as he felt the tug again. This time, he had only realized the Keyblade that lay before him, seemingly struggling in his grip, tugging forward.

The tip gleamed brightly.

Sora's eyes widened.

It was here. Someplace in the darkness, it was here…

"Keep looking! C'mon, Sora!"

The boy managed another small grin, before cringing at the sudden pulse of energy which spread from his heart. Donald was still as impatient as ever, no doubt about it.

"I…It's okay…you guys…"

He stood up, shuddering slightly as he did so, his bright blue eyes regaining somewhat of their radiance. Planting the Keyblade before him, he inhaled, continuously facing the clearing darkness, revealing something within his sights.

"Hang on. What're you doin'?"


The boy closed his eyes. His heart was still pounding as he faced the increasing light before him, gleaming softly in the dark, yet significance beginning to consume its luminous surface.

It was here. Right in front of him. Something he'd played a role in. Something he'd continuously pursued for almost more than a month.

Something that cost both him, and his friends their own strength.


His right hand grasped the Key, while the other was placed upon his chest.

"I know what I'm doing…"

"Sora! Hold on!"

"NO! Wait!"

Sora's eyes shot open, a blue flash illuminating from the youthful orbs, as he swung the enchanted weapon forth, the tip gleaming brighter than ever. Radiance prodded the teenager, as he felt the weight of the darkness decrease. The light hidden within the black, cruel depths had revealed itself.

And it dove into his heart. But he knew, that it was not he who gained the strength. It was not he, who'd gained the true light.

"It's up to you guys…" He whispered silently.

Then, the beam shot forth, as Sora cried out. And overwhelming pain had flooded his body, unable to produce the strength the Keyblade had requested, yet only the very remnants of his own strength was ripped from him.

It was here, when two luminous hearts tore from his chest, surging past him, yet Sora hadn't the energy to even turn.

His clothes were torn. His world grew dark.

His blank eyes saw the edge of the cliff that lay no more than a foot before him. Saw the endless depths of the darkness, swirling before him.


He recalled what had led him to this moment, as he slowly began to topple forward…

But he didn't have to worry.


He knew their hearts. All of them.

It was never the end. It would never be.

In the deepest darkness, there was true light.

All you had to do…

was believe.

(5 Weeks Ago)


A form of darkness. Where obscurity lay in every shadow. Where the chilling air blew through oust you, yourself and past your skin, reminding you, either harshly or gently, that you were not alone.

Or was it? Was it always so? Would a feeling of discomfort always occur, when the sun sank below the horizon? Night, of course, was never pure darkness. Never from the start.

King Mickey knew that, as he stared upwards at the brilliant, star-filled sky, surveying each glimmering world in wonder, as he wrapped his arms around himself a little tighter, his blackened, leather cloak whipping about in the cool, restless wind.

He smiled, as he caught sight of the beautifully whitened sphere floating among its bothers and sisters. The moon was adorned with its wondrous glow, and remained there, proud and unwavering.

He knew that all too well.

Lowering his gaze, the king caught sight of the land before him, and his smile ceased slightly, a forlorn look taking over his features, upon experiencing the return of several memories. They began to fill his mind, and miss began to dwell within his strong, pure, yet, he admitted, sometimes fragile heart.

A soft sigh left him, immediately swept away by the wind as he took a small step forward, still focused upon the landscape before him. What stood there, was a tall, blue-spired castle. Several towers extended out of it, yet many of them were slightly crooked. Nonetheless, it held a sense of comfort, somewhere inside the beautiful, gleaming-white walls.

It was as if as each were glowing, even.

In the presence of the still, silent night, they stood tall and firm, remaining protective of each and every one of the castle's inhabitants. Proud, majestic, yet somewhat intimidating to any who stared bleakly up the towering, pearly white castle from its very foot.

But still. This, amongst the star-filled sky, out of any part of this world….was a sight to behold.

Especially to the King. A home, no doubt about it, was always beautiful to its inhabitants.

His eyes filled with a saddened look of joy, a small ache surfacing within his heart as he took a second step forth. The wind had lessened its strength around him, as now his cloak only rippled in the constant playful gusts the night had to offer.

This was his kingdom. His home. But to him, as in his position, the lack of power and authority never mattered to him once.

He only missed whom he had worked alongside with for several years. For so long…even before he was crowned as ruler. Even when he was simply known as Mickey Mouse.

A smile reappeared upon his face, as he recalled every single one of his subjects-


No. They were more than that. Much more.

They were his closest friends. Through it all, through every single one of his greatest experiences, they had stuck right by his side, and remained right there, behind him.

He didn't know how he could repay them. Not at all.

The very love of his life, Minnie, reappeared within his memory flooded mind, smiling cheerfully, as she ran down the majestic, red carpeted halls towards him, shouting, "You've been elected! You're a king, Mickey!"

That constant joy. That constant happiness, always there within her expression, even in a frown, even in tears…That glimmer of joy was one of the countless things Mickey adored about her. Through highs and lows.

Daisy, too, was enlightening herself, and knew exactly how to get people back on their feet after a downfall, although it was a forceful move, whether they liked it or not, no matter the cost.

She was just about as stubborn as Donald. But still, the mouse reckoned the mage was extremely lucky to have a woman like her…


His smile broadened greatly, and he shook his head.

Donald and Goofy.

He couldn't recall how grateful he had been to have met those two. He couldn't recall even when they had first met. They had known each other for as long…for about as long as each of them could remember. And through it all…

They were there. Both of them. He'd been there for the duo several times before, in the hopes of repaying how happy he was…how grateful he was to have met those two. Even though a few times, Donald had witnessed envy towards him, and several of Goofy's activities would end up in a huge accident in the castle…

In the end, he didn't care. Crossing his arms, he fixed his gaze back upon the castle. Regardless of any damage, even anything precious lost to him, he didn't care one bit.

In a second glance to the castle, a pang of sadness washed throughout him, and both his deep, wisdom filled eyes grew watery. His smile softened slightly, as he raised one black-gloved hand to lower his hood.

But he couldn't.

He couldn't go back to his home.

He couldn't see them again.

Because of his duty. Because of the rapidly reappearing Heartless. Because…

He summoned his Keyblade. It appeared in his grasp, as a golden light encircled the cloaked king. His eyes closed, after a couple minutes of staring into the golden texture, smooth, and powerful, despite several collisions upon each and every one of the Heartless he'd ever faced.

Because of this.

Wherever a Keyblade went…wherever the heart of the Keyblade Master went, the Heartless would surely follow. He was sure of that. And after escaping from the depths of Kingdom Hearts, the Heartless were more persistent of the king's heart than Sora's. All were blinded to the boy's presence.

But only temporarily, he knew.

Mickey wasn't even sure if they knew of the return of the Heartless. Many of them had been pursuing the king for so long, he barely reckoned Sora had encountered any of the creatures since the sealing of Kingdom Hearts.

But the mouse looked over at the castle walls. A bold and cheerful look began to overtake he saddened features.

Nothing was a complete loss.

Mickey dismissed the Keyblade altogether, as he turned, his back to the castle. Catching a final glance over his shoulder, he stepped forward, his carefree mind managing to overtake the sensitivity brewing within his heart as he donned his hood.

Nothing at all.

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