Mary Anne: Moving On

Summary: Mary Anne Spier has been dating her boyfriend, Logan Bruno, since Jr. High. Now, fresh out of college, Mary Anne's ready to take the next step…Marriage!

A/N: Hello, all! Just a story idea that I got when I read Mallory Pike: Radiant Bride (which is very good btw) My first fic, so please be kind. Some things about the story you need to know.

To keep confusion to a minimum, all characters will be referred to by their maiden names.

I love fluff. So as much as I can think to put in here will be there.

Yes, I know it's unrealistic that they're all with their high school boyfriends, but hey it's my fic!

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Chapter 1: The Proposal

Mary Anne looked in the mirror and smiled. She looked nice, she decided, for going on a date. Usually, she didn't dress up much, but her boyfriend, Logan, was taking her to her favorite restaurant, The Sign of the Dove, to celebrate their graduation form Columbia University. Mary Anne loved New York, and had wanted to live there ever since she was little.

The door bell rang, and Mary Anne went down stairs, a bit surprised. Logan never knocked, he usually just let himself in. She opened the door with a squeal. Logan looked smashing in his suit and tie, pointing to the limo at the driveway.

"Your ride awaits, madam," he said with a grin.

"Oh, Logan, this is wonderful!" she said and gave him a kiss.

They got into the limo and headed for the restaurant. After a delicious meal, they walked toward Central Park. They sat down under a tree, and as Mary Anne snuggled against Logan she thought, Could this get any day get any better?

"Mary Anne?" Logan murmured, "Can I ask you something?"

Mary Anne sat up. "Of course, Logan."

Logan took her hands in his and got down on one knee.

"Mary Anne, you know we've been dating for a long time, since seventh grade, and we've stuck together through good times and bad. I've been wanting to ask you this for awhile, and now I think the time's finally right." He brought out a small black box form his pocket. Mary Anne gasped. "Mary Anne Spier, will you marry me?"

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