Chapter 1


Voice underlined

Grim italics

Other normal

Grim walks into the studio and sits on a stool

Know your stars, Know your stars, Know your stars,

Hey! What's going on!

Grim… never really reaped anyone!

Yes I have!

Why then is Hitler with me?

(Hitler) hey grim!

Grim groans.

Grim… doesn't have a mom!

Yes I do! She gave me childhood trauma!

Why didn't you reap her then?

Grim groans again.

Grim… got wasted at his friend's wedding

I never did THAT!

Yeah… you didn't HAVE friends!

Instead of groaning… he got his scythe and fired a lazer.

Now you kno-AUUGH! Grim the no mom, no friend guy who never really did his job any better than me!


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