Playing with Lee

The sequel to 'Playing with Kara'.

What happened after Lee and Kara left Adama's office that day?

Warnings: NC17


"So, should we go join the triad game?" Lee asked, knowing Kara well enough to know that card-playing was one of her favourite ways to relax and have fun.

"Can you think of something ... better to do?"

"Better? What could be better?"

She stopped short and turned to stare at him. Lee felt his cheeks burn. There was ONE thing he could think of ... but was that really what she was alluding to?

"I'm sure you can think of SOMETHING, can't you?" Kara walked towards him, pinning him to the wall. The look in her eyes was unfamiliar, almost predatory, and Lee most certainly began to feel like prey. If she pushed much harder, she was going to discover that he definitely had something other than the card game on his mind.

As if reading that aforementioned mind, she raised her eyebrows in an obviously questioning look and moved in on him.

"Hmm, Captain, is that a brass rod in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Her mouth curved in a deliciously sensual smile, and Lee felt himself get harder yet.

"Aren't I always happy to see you?" he murmured, his mouth feeling dry as a desert.

"Touche," she laughed. "But when have you ever been THIS happy?"

"You mean to say you've never noticed before?" Lee put on a pout.

"How could I have missed something like this?" She put a hand on his chest and slowly ran it down his torso, over his hard, smooth stomach and down to the rod in question. He groaned. She was such a tease.

"Should I take a closer look?" she offered, running her tongue along her teeth.

"Do you want to?"

"You know how long I've waited to hear you ask that?" Her breathing was becoming shallow, uneven. Good. He was having an effect on her too.

"How long?"

She leaned closer and whispered in his ear. "Frakking forever."

"Why didn't you ever say so?"

In response, she just brushed her lips on his in a light, feathery kiss. It was almost more than Lee could take. They'd been frakking each other verbally all day, and his body had been ready and willing to join in for hours.

Lee heard footsteps coming down the hall as laughter rang from the officer's mess. Frak. The game must be breaking up.

"Come with me?" he asked, grabbing her hand and moving quickly away from the footsteps. She said nothing but allowed him to lead her down the hall and into the nearest hatch. It turned out to be a supply closet. Great. Perfect place. How romantic.

The darkness was incredible. Even during sleep periods, there were always emergency lights on in the ship, but this closet was absolutely pitch black.



"Where are you?"

"Can't you feel me?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Wasn't that the plan?"

Lee reached his hand out and it connected with Kara's waist. He pulled her close and they stood together for a moment while their eyes tried to get accustomed to the darkness. Lee's warm breath tickled her forehead and she could feel him still pressed against her hip.

"Is there a light in here?"

Kara smirked in the darkness. "Do you need a light to find your way around a woman's body?"

Lee was silent a moment. A retort sat on his tongue, but he decided the time for verbal sparring was over. It was now time to move things forward.

"Kara, if we're going to do anything that has us removing clothing, I WANT TO SEE!"

"You're breaking the rules!" she sang out.

"Find me a light," he ordered. "I'm willing to bet it's past ten."

They broke apart and moved in opposite directions, hands outstretched, feeling for walls and obstacles. Suddenly there was a large crash.


"Are you okay?" If Lee could have seen where he was going, he'd have been at her side in a second.

"Yeah. Look out, there are boxes on the floor."

"Okay." His fingers kept searching the wall and suddenly he found what he was looking for. He flicked the switch and the room was bathed in a dim glow. They both stood, blinking for a moment. The light was no brighter than Galactica's emergency lights, but after the perfect darkness of the past few minutes, they both felt as though they were looking directly into a sun.

"Time?" Kara asked, one eyebrow lifting. She was nothing if not determined to win this game. Lee looked around frantically till he saw a clock half-hidden behind a stack of boxes.

"Ha! It's ten past ten, so I didn't screw up."

There was only one way for Kara to wipe the smug smile off his face. "So, we'll call that one a draw. Good playing Captain." She walked towards him, the predatory look back on her face.

"You too Lieutenant," he played along, pulling her back into his arms. This time he made the first move and gently kissed her, testing the waters. It wouldn't be the first time he'd been burnt by Kara. She flirted with guys like nobody's business, and left more than a few broken hearts in her wake. Lee's wasn't going to be one of them. If something was going to happen here between them, it was going to be something that lasted.

She responded eagerly though, deepening the kiss and running her hands along his shoulders to his neck, twining her fingers in the short hairs there. It sent a shiver through his body, and whatever mood he'd lost in finding the lights was more than made up almost instantly.

A few moments later they came up for air, and Lee moved so his mouth was against her ear. "Let's play another game," he whispered.

"What have you got in mind?"

"One word."

"One word?"

"We can only speak in sentences of one word at a time."

"And why exactly would we do that?" Her challenging smile again. (crap! she must know what it did to him!)

He licked her ear from the tip down to the lobe, eliciting a shiver of pleasure from her. "Because it's fun."

She pulled away a fraction and gave him that provocative smile again. "I think I like playing with you Lee Adama."

"Just wait. We haven't even started playing yet." There was no mistaking the hunger in his smile. Kara felt her insides melt, and she matched his smile with one of her own. It seemed the night was only going to get more interesting than the rest of the day had been.

Good. She was ready for some surprises.