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Who was I really?

Some say I was a good pharaoh,

Kind and generous as they come.

Others scoff and scorn-And say

I was evil, greedy, and dumb

I know not the truth,

Of what my past once held,

But I had to be good,

And I must prove that as well

But others tell a story

Of a heartless, cold, young man

Who ran the race for power

And destroyed his kingdom in the end

I cannot have been that man,

For power does not come to mind

When I run the race for good

To save the world, I'll die

For what has been destined, I cannot tell

For these memories, in me they swell

Growing in size, overwhelming my mind

Telling me not what I long to find.

These memories, they cloud my mind,

Circling in there day and night

Aching, yearning, trying to recall

Who was I really, and what will I become?


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