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Boys don't cry

I never cried before the war. Boys don't cry. But, this place, there is so much death and pain and when we go home they hate us. They call us baby killers! It hurts so much because it's true. I killed a boy, I killed him and now I am sitting on the step next to his mother. I'm trying to tell her how sorry I am. The words I am saying sound so hollow in my mind. I want my eyes to show to her my feelings but they're too blurred from my tears. I'm sobbing so hard now; I can't stop the tears or the shaking.

Mamasan, the boy's mom, is holding me. Whispering; telling me it's ok GI. I wish I could believe her. I know that it will never really be ok. When this never ending war, which has no meaning, is over, I will go home. To a world so different from the one I left. They will call me baby killer and I will square up to them in anger. Then the tears will start to make my eyes water as I slump my shoulders. The shame of knowing what they say is true will force me to bow my head as I walk away. I will force my self not to cry because men don't cry.

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