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Another Snape Courts Harry Fic

Harry's POV Chapter 1

Harry woke up after a thankfully Voldemort-free night and got out of bed. Once he'd woken Ron up he had a shower and dressed. They met Hermione in the Common Room. The Golden Trio quickly walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast.

As Harry was spreading jam onto his toast he noticed Hedwig fly in carrying a long, thin box. She landed in front of her owner and he untied the box from her leg. Gryffindor's Golden Boy sat silently staring at the package remembering the last time Hedwig had delivered a parcel to him. It had been four years since his godfather Sirius Black had sent him his Firebolt. Harry looked up. Evidently the rest of the school also remembered since everyone was staring at him.

"Well are you going to open it or just stare at it all day Harry?" Draco Malfoy yelled over from Slytherin, "We're all waiting you know".

This remark caused Harry to turn around to Draco, smirk and say "Well it is such a pretty box…"

Harry cast a scanning spell over the box, checking it for any curses. It was clean. Slowly he undid the ribbon, red around the white box, and opened the lid. He gasped. Inside the box were twelve perfect, long-stemmed, red roses.

"Oh Harry, they're gorgeous. Who sent them?" Hermione asked him admiring the roses.

The confused green-eyed Gryffindor looked in the box and over to Hedwig to see if there was a note. There wasn't.

"There's no note. Why would someone send me roses?" He asked bemusedly.

Suddenly Harry looked at his watch, "Damn its almost time for Herbology. We'd better get going guys," and sent his roses to the dorm, mentally vowing to find out who had sent them.

All day had to contend with people asking him who had sent the roses, did he have a boyfriend or alternately laughing at him. Ron had also given Harry something to think about. He told him that in the Wizarding World red roses were a symbol of love, even more than in the muggle world. Someone wishing to court the witch or wizard usually gave them.

That night Harry and Ron had a History of Magic essay to complete. Hermione of course had already finished hers and was putting the finishing touches on her Aritmacy homework. It was only when he climbed into bed and saw the flowers in a vase beside his bed he remembered that he hadn't thought about who could have sent them. I wonder if they will send anything tomorrow or was it just a joke.