Silverman could feel. He was cold. Very cold, actually. There didn't seem to be any clothes on his body, and he was lying down on some hard, flat surface. Then his stupor wore off and he realized the direness of his situation. Where am I? Shit. Crashed… we fucking crashed. Why am I naked? He opened his eyes, or rather, tried to open his eyes. He told his eyes to open but they didn't. He told his arms to move but nothing happened. Paralyzed, completely, from head to toe. He attempted to yell, and finally, something happened. An imperceptible hum arose from within his throat. Panic set in, and within his head he raged. The fuckin' stenches are gonna fuckin' mob me and fuckin' eat my fuckin' guts and… fuck. Inside he relaxed. No point spazzing out now. Maybe I won't feel the pain, if my back broke in the crash. Wait. I feel cold. Shit.

He heard hissing from left. Not human hissing, but it sounded mechanical. Pneumatic. The footsteps, and a pinprick in his neck. His fear abated. Did they find us? His eyes blinked open. He could move. He looked to his left at the person who entered through the pneumatic door. However, what he saw wasn't a person.

Some sort of… creature stood over his body. He was in a large room, the walls blackish brown, on a kind of elevated table. It reminded him of a surgeon's bed. However, that wasn't exactly what was on his mind.

"Fuck!" he screamed, and moved to roll away from the hideous creature. However, he found himself restrained by his wrists and ankles. His attempted roll turned into a fruitless struggle against the cold, hard metal. He thrashed his head around, and wound up doing nothing other than banging his head on the metal table he was on. There was no pillow. He stopped thrashing, and screamed again, bellowing at the disgusting creature, hoping to scare it away.

The horrible thing stood over him, watching all of this with no change of expression. However, Even if the creatures expression had changed, there is little hope Silverman would have noticed. The creature's face was decidedly alien, with four tusked mandibles that closed over where the mouth should be, a bald forehead frilled with small black spines, and as for hair, there were tentacles hanging from the back of its head that eerily resembled dreadlocks. It's skin was slimy-looking and wrinkled, and it's eyes… they glared down at Silverman with the intensity of hell. It was, at the very least, seven and a half feet tall, and sparsely dressed, while heavily muscled. In short, this was no stench.

"Shit…" said Silverman.

The creature barked at him, then growled. Silverman was transfixed. It was difficult to look at it's face, but the morbid curiosity compelled him to not look away. The pneumatic door hissed again, and another one of the creatures walked in. It joined the other one, and they began speaking to each other. Barks and grunts and low howls, but it was obviously communication. The new creature was dressed in a more flamboyant manner, and was a bit taller than the original one. Obviously, the new one was also the superior, because it smacked the original creature in the head and turned tail and left. The first creature walked back over to Silverman and started quickly typing on a keyboard in the table Silverman was on. He hadn't noticed the keyboard there before.

After a moment, the restraints on Silverman's arms and legs came off. Instantly he sat up and leapt to his feet, which left him standing about a meter away from the horrible creature which he had awakened to. The creature observed him and typed a few more things into the strange keyboard on the table. On close observation, no recognizable letters or numbers were on the keyboard. What the hell is this? Aliens? Figures they show up after the apocalypse.

The creature looked at Silverman again and tapped the keyboard. Almost right away four more of the aliens entered the room. This time, they were armed. They motioned for Silverman to join them. He did, with no argument. One of them prodded him with a spear, and he walked with them out the pneumatic door.

Never before had Silverman imagined he would see what he saw then.