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Ellie felt eternally distraught over her mutilation from the night before. Whenever she tended to her baby, she felt almost embarrassed in front of her. She attempted to hide her bare wrist from Roxy's sight all day long. It was just unbelievable that the stupid wedding invitation caused her to cut herself! She had been doing so well…

Tonight was Monday night; her "regular's" night. Once a week, a man who called himself "Tim" came to see her. He paid her for two hours worth of sex and then an hour or so of conversation afterwards. At first, they just went to hotels, but he had become comfortable enough with her to take her to his house. He had even given her his cell phone number so that she could call him and ask where to meet. It was strange that they didn't even know each other's first names.

Though their contact with each mainly consisted of solicited sex, their conversations were always interesting. Strangely, Ellie was falling for him and she thought he might just have been falling for her too.

Ellie wasn't sure of where to meet him tonight, so she dialed his cell phone number.

"Hello?" answered a man's voice.

"Hi, Tim," she replied in her most seductive voice. "It's…Ginger."

"Oh! Oh, hey," Tim said. "I was just thinking about where to meet tonight. How about….LaBelle River?"

"LaBelle?" she asked. "Isn't that a little….public?"

"It should be fine, just stay in the shadows by the trees," he suggested. "It's just…that's the easiest place for me to get to tonight."

"Aright," the red head reluctantly gave in. She realized that if she hadn't fallen for this man, she'd never have agreed to meet at LaBelle.

"So, LaBelle River at 8:30 PM," Tim said. "Bye, I….bye." And he hung up.

Ellie was stunned. Was he going to say that he loved her? Probably not, she reasoned, he was just using her for sex, right? Maybe he was beginning to feel about her like she did about him. Was it so impossible? They saw each other for at least three hours every week. He didn't even mind when her rates went from 140 to 180 to keep up with her rent. Did he love her? Was it totally impossible?

While debating this thought, Ellie realized it was already 6:30 and she hadn't even called her babysitter yet. She'd decided to stop using Alex because she asked too many questions and had become highly suspicious that her friend was, indeed, a lady of the night. However, the girl was too embarrassed to admit that she hooked for a living.

Her babysitter, Molly, promised to be there by 7:30. A few months beforehand, Ellie would have been at the corner at 6:00 to get in a couple of hours of hooking before meeting Tim, but she wanted to have all of her energy for him. Monday night had become his night.

The red head wanted to look very special for Tim tonight, so she dressed in a long sleeved shirt that covered nothing more than her breasts, her best black mini skirt, fishnet stockings (which Tim loved) and four-inch stiletto heels. After doing her hair and make-up, Ellie put on one of her jackets. Even though she was pretty sure Molly knew what she did, she didn't want her to be 100 sure.

By 7:45, Ellie was in a cab on her way to LaBelle River. When she got there half an hour later, she tipped the cab driver, then went to hide amongst the trees like Tim had suggested. The young hooker took off her jacket and waited patiently. For the most part, no one saw her, but when someone did, she got very disapproving looks.

After a few minutes, Ellie felt a tap on her shoulder. Thinking it was Tim, she concealed the joy on her face and turned to come face to face with a police officer.

"Excuse me, ma'am, what are you doing here?" he asked in a deep voice.

"I'm, uh, I'm," she was at a loss for words. She'd never been good at lying.

"I'm sorry, I'm going to have to take you in on charges for prostitution," the police officer said.

"But…but, aren't I innocent until proven guilty or something?" she pleaded. "Please, sir, I have a daughter!"

"We are allowed to hold you for up to 24 hours," was his gruff reply as he took out the handcuffs. Considering she couldn't get into any more trouble, Ellie went calmly. As they drove to the DeGrassi county jail for women, she spotted Tim's black Mercedes pulling up to the river.

After they got to the jail, Ellie explained that her name was Eleanor Nash and she was 18. She was told that her bail was set at 800 and was allowed one phone call.

In her cell, she paced back and forth, wondering who she could possibly call. The lonely girl couldn't call her mother for obvious reasons. Her only friends in the world were Marco and Alex, but she remained to prideful to admit why she was in jail. She couldn't ask Molly to come get her. Only one person remained in her mind; Tim.

Ellie got the warden's attention and told her that she was ready for her phone call. She was taken to the jail's phone. As Ellie punched in the digits that she had memorized, she prayed that he would pick up. By the fifth ring, she was ready to give up, but luckily, he answered.

"Hello," she said, trying to sound seductive despite how shaky her voice was. "It's Ginger."

"Ginger!" he exclaimed. "I was worried sick! Where are you?"

"I'm in DeGrassi county jail for women," Ellie replied. "I was wondering if you would bail me out?"

"Oh my Go—I am so sorry," he apologized. "LaBelle was too public. Of course I'll bail you out! Just tell me how much it is and your real name."

"My name is Eleanor Nash," the girl answered. "The bail is 800. Look, if you go to my apartment, my money is—"

"No, no," he interrupted. "I'll pay your bail. It's my fault you're in there anyway. Besides, I was probably going to pay you about 800 tonight anyway."

"Thank you!" Ellie exclaimed.

"I'll see you in 45 minutes," he replied before hanging up.

In a slightly happier mood, Ellie walked back to her cell and waited. An hour later, she was in Tim's Mercedes, leaving the jail. Molly was expecting Ellie home by 1:00 AM, so there wasn't really time to go back to his house for their usual routine. Since Ellie and Roxy had different bedrooms now, Ellie didn't see any harm in Tim coming back to her apartment.

When they arrived, Molly shot Ellie a disapproving look for bringing a man back to the apartment while her daughter was there. However, she was also rather relieved to be leaving an hour and a half early.

Roxy was already asleep, so Ellie didn't need to worry about her. She and Tim merely went to her bedroom and did what they were best at. After making love, Ellie lay in his arms, talking with him like she normally did.

During a lull in the conversation, Tim—whose real name turned out to be Anthony—took her head and turned it towards him. He looked at her seriously and said, "Ellie, we need to talk about something. Somehow, I've developed feelings for you. I never meant to; the reason I kept coming back every week was because I think you are a beautiful woman with an amazing body who's really good in bed. I would stay with you afterwards for awhile and talk because conversations with you are more stimulating than with any other girl I've legitimately or illegitimately dated. I've fallen for you and would like to start dating you exclusively. However, I'd be uncomfortable with you continuing in this…career path. I know it's good money and that 

you have a daughter to support, but I've gotten you a job that's probably up your alley. See, a good friend of mine owns a strip bar, and he's willing to see you and will more than likely hire you."

Ellie was taken aback. He did have feelings for her! After tonight, she was also a bit iffy to continue hooking. However, she was slightly offended that he thought that all she was willing to do for a living was to show off her body. Wanting to focus on the positives for once, though she shook it off. She had a boyfriend! And a slightly better job! "I would love to!"

Entirely happy, Ellie and Anthony fell asleep in each other's arms.

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