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A/N: This story is the sequel to my fic Animality. If you haven't read that one first, some aspects of this story won't make much sense. It's not required reading, but it might help. Now, on with the tale!

Ginevra Weasley was seated at the kitchen table in Number 12 Grimmauld Place flipping through a photo album. It was early January of her sixth year and the entire Wizarding World seemed to be on vacation. And why shouldn't they be? Her boyfriend Harry Potter had defeated Voldemort only a week before and that was something worth celebrating. Hogwarts was temporarily closed as wizard construction workers repaired the damage done in the battle. It hadn't helped that her older brother had turned into a dragon in the middle of the Great Hall and tore the roof off the place, literally!

In any event, Ginny was now looking through old pictures because she had noticed something that always seemed to elude them during the fact. A sleepy sound drew her attention to the fact that Harry had joined her in the kitchen and she smiled sweetly while waiting for her mother and Dobby to finish fixing lunch. After a few moments of silence, Ginny finally turned the album to Harry, showing him two of the pictures.

"Did you notice this before?"

Bleary emerald eyes turned to look at the album. "Notice what?"

"This!" Ginny pointed to two of the pictures, waiting patiently for Harry to notice what she was trying to point out to him. No luck.

"Wow, that was a long time ago... But I guess my brain is too sleepy to figure this one out, love."

Blushing slightly at the endearment, Ginny rolled her eyes and pointed again. "Why didn't any of us notice this before?" She asked and, before Harry could become further confused, she explained what disturbed her about the pictures. "Look at your wings, Harry! When you're in your hybrid form, your feathers are black and tipped with silver." She then pointed at the picture next to it. "But when you're in your pegasus form, they're silver with black tips. It's a big difference, yet none of us ever seemed to notice before!"

Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and yawning, Harry leaned closer to the photo album as Draco and Neville decided to arrive for lunch. "Well I'll be... Why didn't any of us notice that before?" He looked up and squawked, falling backwards out of his chair at the sight of Neville.

Neville laughed. "You know, no matter how many times that happens, it still cracks me up." His voice was deep and rumbled pleasantly as he chuckled and Draco snickered with him. Neville was still under the influence of the Animality potion he had taken over the Christmas Holidays to prepare for the battle against the Death Eaters and tended to startle people. After all, no one really expected Neville's form and the sight of an eight foot tall, heavily muscled, dark brown bear hybrid tended to startle people that weren't quite awake.

Still snickering, Draco said a thanks to Molly Weasley as she brought a plate of sandwiches over to the table. "Now I know why you never made it to the Alpha list in my pack instincts, Potter. If Longbottom scares you..."

Ginny somehow managed not to laugh as she helped Harry back into his seat.

Scowling, his cheeks flaming, Harry just flipped Draco off while Molly wasn't looking and reached for a sandwich. "So where are the pack Alphas anyway?"

Neville's brown fur covered his blush, but they could hear it in his voice. "Umm... Well, I walked by their room on my way down, I don't think they'll be joining us for a while."

Molly tutted, seating herself to take her own lunch before everyone else woke up. Dobby continued fixing sandwiches with an enthusiasm that exhausted even the youngest Weasley. Everyone paused to see what she was going to say about the situation. "I don't mind it and all, but it really is irritating when those three don't remember to use silencing charms."

A moment of silence before everyone laughed delightedly.


Meanwhile, upstairs a rather different activity was going on that those below had suspected...

"Right foot green."

Hermione stretched, reaching around Fred until her right foot was placed upon the green circle. "I can't believe this is what you two drug me in here for." It was hard to tell if she was amused or annoyed.

"C'mon, Wildcat. You know we've always wanted to play this game with you. Ever since you first told us about it..." George waggled his brows as he reached once more for the spinner. "Left hand blue."

Fred wormed around from his spot in between Hermione and George, straining for the blue circle. With only two more inches to reach, his right arm gave out and he collapsed causing all three to hit the floor with a thud.

Hermione cheered. "You know what that means... Shirt off!"

Scowling slightly, Fred tugged his shirt off. "Are you sure this is how Muggles play this game? I don't remember seeing anything about having to take off articles of clothing when you fall..."

"Of course this is how you play." Hermione's eyes sparkled and her mischievous smile prevented either twin from refuting her statement. "Ready for the next round?"



Late that afternoon, as Harry, Ginny, Ron, Draco, Hermione, Neville, Luna and Colin fixed up the dining room for yet another victory party that night, Sirius Black amused himself by pestering Molly as she and Dobby worked on preparing the feast.

"Are you sure you're not going to make a chocolate pudding?" Sirius asked for perhaps the fiftieth time in the last half hour.

"No chocolate pudding today. We had it at last night's party." Molly stirred the cookie dough she was mixing and turned to Dobby. "Dobby, dear... Do you know where the chocolate chips are?"

Dobby nodded enthusiastically before scampering off into the cupboard.

"Are you going to shape them like dog biscuits?" Sirius had only asked that one about ten times.

Molly refrained from smacking him upside the head. "Honestly, Sirius! How old are you anyway?" She continued to mix the dough.

"Old enough to admit that the occasional dog biscuit helps keep my teeth clean!"

That time Sirius did get smacked upside the head.

"Ow! Does Arthur know that you're hitting on other men?"

"Sirius Black if you don't get out of this kitchen and let me cook I we will be serving Sirius Steaks for dinner and no one will ever suspect!" Molly brandished a cleaver at Sirius, the bowl of dough now set on the counter as she glared at the tall, black haired man.

Sirius gave Molly a cheeky grin and snagged a bit of dough before scampering out of the kitchen.

Shaking her head, Molly looked around. "Dobby! Where are those chips?"

Dobby appeared, almost falling over in his enthusiasm. "Sorry! I had to look for them, they wasn't on the shelf." Dobby held out the bag and hopped up on the counter, mixing together another batch of cookie dough, this time sugar.

"Honestly, this place would fall apart without me here..." Molly smiled happily as she dumped the chocolate chips into the dough and mixed it together.


That night, before heading down to the party, Fred and George had decided to get some more work done on one of their joke products. It wasn't until they were putting things away that they noticed anything was wrong.

"Hey Fred... What happened to our Chip Off The Old Block Chocolates?"

Fred turned to at the question, spying the place on the shelf where the chocolate chip bag had been sitting. He thought for a moment before turning to look at his twin. "Mum was making chocolate chip biscuits earlier. You don't think..."

A grin formed on George's face, one matched by Fred. "Let's go down and see who ate them!"

Charging down the stairs and into the dining room, Fred and George froze at the scene. Alastor Moody stood stock still in the middle of the room, his good eye twitching as he neared explosion. Surrounding him were no less than a dozen, probably more, five to eight year old kids.

Some of the kids were crying for their mums, some were fighting, one bear-like little boy was screaming at the top of his lungs and a little black haired girl was chasing after a little brown haired boy that was wearing half-moon glasses and shrieking with laughter. A little girl with fluffy brown hair was showing something in a book to a little boy with black hair and eyes.

Alastor's magic eye spied the twins and he turned to look at them accusingly. "What did you do to them? They've been going on like this for twenty minutes!" A vein in his forehead looked as if it were about to explode.

Fred turned to look at his twin. "Um, Prints... Weren't those chocolates supposed to wear off after ten minutes?"

George's eyes, glued to what he assumed was the childish version of their girlfriend, slowly backed away from the room... "Tracks... I think we've got a big problem."

Turning, Fred caught sight of Mad-Eye starting to make his way around the kids and toward them. "Right... I see that you've got everything under control here, Moody... We'll just... Run along now."

Without giving the peg-legged ex-Auror a chance, the twins tore off in separate directions as they searched for the nearest exit points in the house!

A/N: :snickers: This idea came to me somewhere around chapter 12 of Animality and after writing that chapter I had the brilliant idea to turn it into the sequel. I hope everyone else finds it as amusing as I do!

Sneak Peek:

A bruised George placed the chocolate chip biscuits on the worktable while an equally bruised Fred retrieved their testing kit. "Those stupid chips should have worn off ages ago..."

"Yeah, but Dictator Mad-Eye won't let us leave until either we fix an antidote or it wears off." Fred paused, looking at the shelf thoughtfully. "What I don't get is why they don't remember they're older. When we tested them we didn't forget ourselves."

George shrugged, carefully cutting up one of the biscuits. He paused. "Wait.. Wasn't Sirius planning on playing a prank at one of the parties sometime this week?"

Fred snarled, eyes shifting to gold as his body bulked up into his large tiger hybrid form. "That just figures. We never tested how those chips might react to other prank type ingredients!"

End Sneak Peek Tune in next time!