-- Blur The Lines --

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It was a perfectly normal, dreary night, the kind of night Nagi loved. The sky was black and rolled with dark clouds. Soon, rain would begin thundering down around them, chasing the last of the stragglers off the streets. Lightning lit up the clouds, and Nagi smiled. The grin widened as thunder pushed its way across the inky clouds. It was going to be a huge storm.

Schwarz was out on a mission, and they were all in the car. They were traveling across the city to prevent the Weiss from destroying a particularly important building, and with it, some information needed by their employer - though if Weiss had anything to say about it, he wouldn't be their employer for long, but they still needed that information. Nagi sighed. Tedious details. It was always one thing or another that lead them face to face with their 'white' counterparts. The sigh became a chuckle. White. Nagi had the image of a bloodstained dove, and Schuldig twisted in his seat to smirk at him.

"I think you've just summed them up perfectly," he drawled. "A white dove, covered in blood..." Farfarello shivered next to Nagi, anticipating the fight between himself and Siberian. Nagi could have sworn that the two ENJOYED their weekly duels. Siberian was clearly losing his fear of the Irish madman, and in turn, Farfarello was learning respect for the way he fought. Nagi still found nothing entertaining about the littlest kitten, as Schuldig referred to him. The littlest cat. What did that make Nagi, he thought wryly. Turning his thoughts back to Weiss, he considered his 'opponent.' Omi, his name was, Tsukiyono Omi, and he had a royally screwed up family history. Even with the deal Nagi'd cut out with life, he still thought it was better than the one the Takatori's had been landed. The entire family was dead, save for Omi, and he denounced his membership to the bloodline. He'd had a death certificate drawn up for 'Mamoru' and everything, even placing a gravestone for him in the cemetary, not far from the Takatori shrine. Making a disdainful noise, he realized he still hadn't finished his analyzing of him. Blonde hair, blue eyes, five feet two inches, and weighed around 109 lbs. Deadly acurate with long distance weapons. Thus far, Nagi had seen him use a crossbow - two, really, for he had a small one and a larger one - darts, presumably filled with something, and a compound bow. He knew that the elder assassin was taking lessons in hand to hand combat, and was learning how to use a gun against his wishes. He knew that Omi had been abducted, and taken to Kritiker's corruption at a young age, learning how to kill before he could ride a bike without training wheels. A moment of pity for a life like that fluttered over him, and then it was gone before he could recognize what it was. To date, Omi had never once landed a single blow on Nagi, though he was sure he'd broken more than a few bones in the blonde. He clearly remembered seeing him limping around the shop after one of their battles, and another time he'd shown up with a cast on his arm to do some information retrieval.

Nagi knew where Omi was and what he was doing at all times, whether through careful manipulation of the security cameras that were around him all the time, or actually being there in person. Sometimes he had Schuldig check on them, just to make sure nothing had happened. It was a twisted sort of concern, but concern nonetheless. Schuldig humored him because he found it amusing that Nagi was so interested in him. This lead Nagi's mind down the path of the games he'd played with and on the Weiss hacker. He had at least an hour of thoughts to himself, and he figured that it would pass faster if he toyed with his favorite subject.

Omi was a fairly able hacker, better than Nagi at times, although Nagi's power over the machine outranked Omi's due to his gift. Nagi had been the one to transfer the images of Omi and Takatori into one on the computer using just his powers, and although he never understood how he'd done it - he'd never been to Rosenkreuz to learn what he could and couldn't do with his gift - he'd done it anyway. He didn't like what he'd been doing it FOR... He was helping to turn Omi's teammates against him, and Omi relied on his team like he relied on oxygen. But he'd done it. And later, when no one was looking, he'd filched the picture - a picture HE'D taken - and hung it in his room, next to his computer. No one but Crawford knew the whereabouts of the image, and no one but Nagi himself cared enough about it to worry.

Nagi allowed himself a smirk when he thought about the upcoming 'fight' between Weiss and Schwarz. The only two who were evenly matched enough to allow the word 'fight' to be used fairly were Farfarello and Siberian. Abyssinian and Crawford traded the advantages back and forth - Abyssinian had a better weapon, and knew how to use it, but Crawford knew when and how he was going to use it sometimes before the redhead himself did. Schuldig and Balinese were the same. Balinese was damn good with that wire garotte of his, but Schuldig's gift and natural speed gave him a distinct advantage. And Omi... Omi got himself severely injured trying to get within fifteen feet of Nagi. If he'd liked, Nagi could take all four of Weiss and kill them before they even had a chance to breathe. Crawford stopped him from killing Weiss, and something inside kept him from doing serious harm to Omi. Back to Omi...

His greatest discovery yet had come earlier that day while he was nosing around in the Weiss computer. Omi kept a journal online, on a site called livejournal, and he wrote in it every day, sometimes multiple times. It was set to 'Private' so that no one could read it, but Nagi had overcome that easily. He'd picked the date of their last fight, and read what he found.

:maaaa! Ken kun can be so silly sometimes! he was teasing me about the girl that followed me from school ('Girl?' Nagi thought. 'I don't remember a girl.. I wonder who she is...') and saying that she was cute. We should go out, he says! Go out! With a girl! She wasn't even that cute. Well, anyway... Aside from the instance with Kohana-chan and Kenkun, the day has been going fairly well. We have a mission tonight, but I'm not worried about it. Schwarz doesn't have a reason to be there, and maybe this time Nagi will let me walk away from the fight, instead of being carried away unconscious or limping if he does show up. Sometimes I think he goes out of his way to make things miserable for me. I know he's so much stronger than I am - than any of us, really - but does he HAVE to make it HURT so much:::

Nagi had lodged a mental note to ease up the strength of his attacks the next time they met eachother over a battlefield. He was quickly distracted by remembering what he'd read earlier, and didn't notice as most of the scenery passed by.

: Thinking of Nagi makes me wonder where he is, and what he's doing. Does he go to school? does he have a family? friends? does everyone consider him dead? I wonder if he has a life of his own outside of Schwarz.. I guess I'll never know. It's not like I can go up to him and ask him about his life. he'd probably kill me without a second thought. That scares me. I know he holds back when he fights. I know that if he used his full power there wouldn't be enough left of me to recognize to bury. Sometimes i feel him check his power... he hits me very hard, then it softens, like he realizes he hit me hard and is trying to apologize. It doesn't fit in with the image of Schwarz... compassion for the 'enemy' does not seem to be very high on their priority list. Not that we rank high as enemies, though. Nagi always looks bored, like he'd rather be doing something else than squishing me into a wall. Strange... I'd've thought he enjoyed it... he does it often enough. Back to what i was saying a minute ago, i think thats what scares me the most... That he'll kill me one day, and i'll never know why he looks so bored.. Never ask him about the things he likes to do, or how life with the rest of Schwarz is. I don't even know how old he is. Well, I'll write later. We're leaving for the mission.:

The time had been seven something. Around three-ish, there was another post.

:Nagi was there! I am happy that I got to see him, although I think that one of these days, he's going to break something inside me, and I won't wake up again. ('That bothered me,' Nagi thought. 'I don't want him to be afraid of me... it takes what little fun there is out of it...' He was happy that Omi was happy to see him though.) He didn't look bored for once. He looked angry. I wonder what set him off, because he hit me harder than ever, and didn't let go. ('Ah... I remember... Schuldig was teasing me about that girl Omi was seeing...') I wonder how I will explain the bruises to Kohana tomorrow. :

That was the end of it. Nagi seriously hated this Kohana girl. Schuldig had teased him about it when Omi'd met her, and it had pissed him off to the point that he ended up taking out most of his anger on Omi. And yet, Omi'd been happy to see him. An entry a few days before that one revealed that Omi had just learned Nagi's name. He'd heard Farfarello yelling at them, and correctly guess that he was Nagi.

Schuldig's smirk in his face startled Nagi out of his musings. "What?" he snapped.

"We're here," Schuldig said, lazily, and pointed to the darkened building. Nagi got Farfarello out, and stepped out into the damp night air. Lightning crackled along the edges of the sky, and the light drizzle suddenly took a turn for the worse, soaking Schwarz within a few minutes. They all trucked into the buidling, and according to Crawford's instructions, hid and waited for Weiss to come by.

Nagi was only waiting a few minutes, though he'd expected it to be longer, and he had his shirt off wringing the water out of it. The first sign he had that something was wrong was the clattering of a handheld weapon falling to the floor, and a strangled gasp. Glancing up, he saw Omi standing there, staring, his crossbow on the ground where it had fallen from numb fingers. He froze, surprised, and nearly dropped the wet shirt. The two boys merely stared at eachother for endless seconds, before Omi reached down and picked up his crossbow. He looked at it. Looked at Nagi. Looked down the hallway he was supposed to be going down, and then started walking. Nagi let him walk away, feeling put out of sorts by the whole thing. He put his shirt back on as Schuldig dropped by laughing hysterically. "You should have heard what went through his head, Nagi." he said, still trying to catch his breath. Nagi gave him a dirty look, and went on after Omi. Schuldig stopped him about halfway down the hall. "I'll take care of him," he said, smirking. Nagi tagged along, wanting to know what Schuldig could possibly be planning to do.

They came across Omi kneeling down in front of his computer, downloading a virus into the precious stores of information. He came to a sudden and complete halt as they approached, and Schuldig's smirk widened. "Want to know what he wrote in his journal tonight?" he asked Nagi. Nagi glared at him. "He's jealous of our strength," he said. It was all he got out before Omi jumped up, whirling around so fast he was a blur. He'd gotten his crossbow up and fired it before Nagi even had time to react. Schuldig stumbled, the bolt protruding from his shoulder, and cursed. "Nice shot," he said, and jumped at Omi.

Omi threw him off, using his own momentum to keep the telepath traveling over his head. Schuldig rolled to a stop, and came into a kneeling position. He ripped the bolt from his arm, and tossed it off to one side. Omi couldn't reload fast enough, and abandoned the crossbow in favor of dodging Schuldig's next attack.

"Why am I fighting you?" Schuldig asked, answering a thought. "Because I think it would be good excersize," he said chuckling. He moved behind Omi, who elbowed him, garnering a started grunt. "Clever boy," he said, and Omi turned, backing away, before Schuldig was behind him again. "But not clever enough," he said, and kicked him.

Omi went rolling, and lay on the floor for a moment, waiting for the starburst of pain in his spine to go away. After a few moments, he got to his feet, wondering why Schuldig had initiated such a strange fight. Schuldig chose not to answer this time, focused instead of landing blows on Omi's body. Several places were going to bruise, he knew that already, but he figured that would be the extent of his injuries, until Schuldig sent him flying again, and he felt the bones in his arm snap. He didn't get up again.

-You see, little kitty- Schuldig said into his mind. -We don't need Nagi's powers to beat you all... I didn't even use my gift for that, and you're a beaten little brat. Leave Nagi alone. He's not for you.- Omi struggled to his knees, coughing. Schuldig shut down his computer, and smashed it, and they left. Omi stared after them, wondering what the orange haired man had meant by his last comment.

Nagi wanted to know, too. Schuldig had been the only one to get any enjoyment from the whole night, as Crawford was furious. "What on EARTH possessed you to go against a DIRECT ORDER and attack him?" Crawford demanded. Nagi blinked. Crawford had told Schuldig not to..? And yet he'd done it anyway.

Schuldig made some sort of sarcastic remark back to him, something that Nagi didn't catch. He was reliving the night in his mind. He didn't know what to think of the mess the mission had become - Schuldig had done more damage in a few moments than Nagi had ever done in a month. Crawford told them that Weiss may yet prove themselves useful, and that they weren't allowed to kill or do any lastingly serious harm. He drew the line at broken limbs, which was something Nagi couldn't help anyway.

None of them saw the other car run the red light. They weren't even aware of it until it had slammed into the backseat of the drivers side, pushing Farfarello onto Nagi and crushing Crawford's legs in the front seat. Nagi's head slammed into the window with enough force to break it, and the shattering glass simply added to the cacophony of sounds. He blinked once, looking at all the blood everywhere.


Nagi awoke the next day with sun shining on his face, and he blinked away the sleep from his eyes. "Uwah..?" He looked around. He was in a bedroom - not a hospital room. He remembered the car crash, but most everything after it was a blank, until he woke up now. He looked around again. He was in a bedroom... But it wasn't his. He recognized a few of the things that were around - he recognized his school uniform, tossed hastily over the back of the computer chair. He knew that that was HIS computer, because the anime stickers he'd put on it were there, as was the picture of Omi he'd keifed. His things were in the room, but it wasn't his room...

He got out of bed and stumbled a bit. He looked down, and realized he had a cast on his arm. Maybe he'd been to the doctors after all. He walked out into the hallway after poking around his room for a bit. He discovered that he was on the third floor of what appeared to be a small apartment complex. What was this? Schwarz never stayed in anything so small! He heard what could have been a large crowd of people downstairs, and filed it away for future reference. There was another door, opposite from his and down the hall a bit, and at the end of the hall was a large bathroom. There were two of everything in the bathroom. Two towels, two toothbrushes, two toothpastes... Two sets of shampoo and conditioner. Nagi recognized Schuldig's towel and toiletries, and assumed that he was the one who had the other room. He went back into his room, and opened the closet. His clothes greeted him, and he changed. It was strange. The room had a lived in feeling to it, a comfortable air, nothing like it would be if he'd just been moved into it. Nagi absently wondered how long he'd been unconscious from the accident, and checked the calender. It was just the day after - who moved them in?

Once he was fully dressed, he wandered downstairs. The second floor was identical to the third, and Nagi didn't have to look to know that Farfarello and Crawford shared this floor. There was a room that Nagi hadn't previously noticed before and inside it was a decent sized kitchen, and a laundry room. Everything had an air of familiarity, even as it didn't make any sense. He continued downstairs, and was greeted by about twenty girls in various school uniforms. About fifteen of them squealed as he appeared there.
"NAGI! Oh, Nagi, are you feeling better? I heard about your accident, and I brought you flowers!" A cacophony of noise, all at the same time.

Crawford rose up out of the flood. "Buy something, or get out," he demanded, and Nagi oggled him. They were in a flower shop. They appeared to be WORKING in the flower shop. Farfarello lifted a tree of some sort, moving it out of the window display in the front of the store. This wasn't ANY flower shop... This was the Kitty in the House.


The next thing Nagi knew, he was back upstairs in his room, and Schuldig was standing over him smoking. "Hey, kiddo!" he said when Nagi opened his eyes. "We were all worried about you when you passed out like that. What happened?" Nagi blinked.

"Schuldig?" he asked, dazed. Schuldig grinned. GRINNED.

"The one and only. What can I do ya for?" Nagi scrambled up in the bed. "WHAT is going ON!" he demanded. "Why are we here? Why are we working at the FLOWERSHOP?" Schuldig's easy expression melted off his face.

"Are you alright, Nagi?" He asked. "I know Weiss dumped you pretty hard, but none of us thought that stupid kid had hit you THAT hard. We work here because its a cover up for our night job. We're not like Weiss," he said. "We can't just go gallivanting around doing whatever the hell we want to. Besides... It helps Farf out, thinking we can be normal."

Nagi was staring at him. Were they talking about the same Weiss here? "But..but... WEISS are the ones who run the flowershop!" he said. Schuldig gave him a pitying look.

"Get some rest," he said. "You'll need it." Nagi reached for his powers to give Schuldig an extra boost out the door, when he realized something. They weren't there.

It wasn't like when Schuldig had blocked them.. he'd still been able to feel the power, buzzing in the back of his mind.

There was nothing but silence.



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