-- Blur The Lines --

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After having righteous and well-deserved hysterics, Nagi finally managed to calm himself down. Schuldig hadn't come back... nor had he answered Nagi's mental summons. It was true. Schwarz was powerless. How did it happen? No one else seemed unduly disturbed by this fact. Maybe Weiss was playing some sort of trick..? No... THEY were the powerless ones. They couldn't do anything. Maybe it was some sort of hallucination.

A few hours later, the rest of his team filed into his room. Crawford had just taken his apron off, and he was messy. His hair was flipped off to one side where the apron had caught it, and he had dirt on his hands. Nagi tried to reconcile the image of dirty hands with the impeccably clean Crawford, and failed. He simply looked up at them.

"Nagi... Schuldig said you were freaking out earlier.." Crawford began. "I want to know why. He made it sound like you didn't remember where you were, or what we did. Did Weiss do this to you? Was it Mastermind?"

/Holy jesuz, they even got our code names/ Nagi thought. "No..They didn't touch my mind, I don't think.." he said. "I guess I must have hit it." Thats it. He hit his head, they all did. This is just some weird dream from the car crash, right? If it was just a weird dream, why did everything feel so real...? What if... His whole other life... The one he'd always known... Was the dream? And he couldn't remember his life before that dream because he had amnesia..

But the Silence... How could a dream be so real!

Crawford continued, smiling. "Alright. We need you on tonight's mission. Kritiker and Manx think that Weiss is likely to show up tonight, and we need all the manpower we can get." he said. Nagi nodded, not really understanding everything. He was going to go on a mission... Without his powers. How was he going to do that? He had to fight powerless and stupid, like Weiss did - used to. The thought was traumatizing.

Accepting the fact that he was stuck this way, he pushed away the despair, and followed them down into the basement. /So this is what Weiss does in their spare time.../ he thought. He remembered coming here once, to the back door. They'd known he was there, and he hadn't even had to knock. He was disappointed when Omi wasn't among those who answered the door, but he delivered his message, and walked away, heading back for Crawford's car. That was the first time he'd ever really gone TO the shop. Most times, he'd been content to watch Omi from the cafe across the street, helping him sometimes when he was lifting something heavy, or looked like he was about to fall over. Omi never noticed, and he'd been happy to do it, although it finally ended up that the waitresses knew him by name, knew what he was going to order, and left the table he usually sat at with a reserved sign on it, so that no one else would take it while he wasn't there. He found himself enjoying the visits, for the waitresses were nice and the stories they told made him laugh.

Nagi blinked, and realized that a red-haired woman was waiting for them. He recognized her, too; she'd shot Crawford when Crawford was about to shoot Sakura. Schuldig smirked. "Hiya, Manx. How's it going? Need anyone tonight?"

Manx sniffed. "Certainly not you, Schuldig," she said icily. Schuldig backed off, chuckling. He was, it seemed, happy to get a reaction out of her. Crawford and Farfarello rolled their eyes. Nagi had to do a double take. Farfarello had both his eyes... or at least, the eye patch was gone. His hair was messier, longer, too, and he didn't have any scars. Crawford was in a sweater and jeans. Briefly, Nagi wondered what Weiss would look like, if his team was so abnormal.

"Is Nagi ready for the mission tonight?" Manx asked Crawford. He looked to Nagi, who shrugged. "I guess," he replied. Manx sniffed again. Crawford sighed. "He's lost his memory, or had it scrambled, or something, but otherwise, he should be alright." Manx settled her sharp blue gaze on Nagi.

"Was it Weiss?" she asked. Crawford shrugged again.

"We'd thought he was fine, until he started rambling," Schuldig offered. Manx sighed. "Nagi, do you think you can go?" Nagi nodded, and Manx put a tape in.

"Men of Schwarz." A man popped up on the screen. /What the hell/ "Your targets are these men: Hiwatari Satoshi, and Niwa Daisuke. They have been running a drug ring for several years, and have recently added kidnapping children to the list of crimes. Hunters of the Night, Deny these evil beasts their tomorrows!" The screen clicked off. "Can I count on all of you?" Manx asked. They all nodded, and she handed out folders with additional information.

Farfarello knelt down next to Nagi. "Do you remember what to do?" he asked quietly. Nagi shook his head. "It will be your job to set up the mission. You are going to get online, and find out everything you can about these two men - what they do, where they go, where they sleep, and who they sleep with. From that, you'll need to figure out a date and time for our mission. Can you do that?" he asked. He sounded genuinely worried. Nagi nodded, and gave him a smile.

"I'll be fine," he said, and got up to move over to the computer. He'd be fine now... Computers were his element, and it didn't matter where he was, or who his team mates were, he'd be alright so long as he had a computer. He sat down, and began working.


Several hours later, he came back to them with a definitive mission outline. Farfarello smiled. "Good work, Nagi. We can move out tonight, then." Crawford smiled at him to.

"I'm glad you're doing better already..." he said simply, and Schuldig grinned at him. Nagi blinked. His team had never been this... supportive... before. Was this why Weiss meant so much to Omi? Because they were there for him? It made sense, somehow, and he pushed it to the back of his mind. He went upstairs, and found something that he'd never seen before. Under the bed, was a largish box, and he pulled it out, wondering what it was there for. Black greeted him. There was a black jacket, black jeans, black goggles, black gloves, black shoes... Next to it was a smaller plastic container with darts, another with crossbow bolts, and a crossbow that had been dismantled. Nagi nearly started hyperventillating as he realized what that meant. He remembered seeing a dart board in the closet, and pulled it out, hanging it on the wall. A space had been cleared on the opposite side of the room to where he'd hung it on a nail he found, and decided that it was there for that purpose. He pulled the darts out of a bag that had been laying next to the dart board, and held them. They felt a little strange, but as he held them, they became more familiar. He looked at the dart board. /I want to hit the center.../ he thought, and threw it. It was like somone else had taken over his arm. The fluidity of the motion, the ease with which he let go at exactly the right moment, and he watched as the dart struck the dead center of the board. /Beginners luck/ he thought. /A fluke./ He aimed for another square with another dart, and hit it, at the exact spot he'd told himself to hit. This wasn't going to be such a bad mission, after all...

The real test came when he pulled the crossbow out. He knew how they worked, but he'd never had the opportunity to use one before - at least, in memory - and he was pleasantly surprised when it came back to him easily. He unfolded it, making sure nothing was broken, and restrung it, testing the tension. Perfect, although he didn't know how he knew. He loaded a bolt onto it, and aimed. It was just like a gun, so even if the mysterious knowledge gave out on him, he'd still be able to fire it accurately, even without telekinesis to guide the shot. By the time he was done, it was time to go, and so he changed. He'd never had to change before... he just went with them in whatever he'd been wearing. Now he realized the necessity. Before, Crawford would know if something was going to happen, and he would move accordingly to avoid it. Schuldig knew when someone was thinking about doing something, and Nagi himself could simply shield from anything and everything if he so chose. None of them had those advantages, and there was a chance that they would get blood on themselves - hence, the change of costume. Looking closely, Nagi could see that there were already some bloodstains on the clothes he was going to wear, but they were faint and almost unnoticeable. Farfarello dropped by, and smiled to see him dressed already. He didn't know what to do with the goggles, and so he just let them rest around his neck. He loaded his clothes with as many darts as he could comfortable carry, and snatched a bag with the bolts for his crossbow. There was a belt that had been designed with this in mind, apparantly, because the bag hung neatly from one side, and once he folded the crossbow back up, it hung neatly from the other side. Feeling helpless, he sighed, and moved to go wait for the rest of them.

Crawford appeared first, looking less like Crawford than Nagi had ever seen him. He was wearing form fitting black jeans, boots, a muscle shirt, and he was buttoning up a trenchcoat. Crawford. Wearing jeans and a trenchcoat. You could have pushed Nagi over with a feather. The final straw was when Crawford strapped a sword to his back - a katana. Farfarello came down wearing his usual attire, with the exception of the leg bindings, which weren't there, and a pair of goggles pushed up his face to keep his hair out of the way. Schuldig sauntered down next in a dark green trench coat, and he was adjusting gloves under a watch...

Schwarz had become WEISS.


Omi sighed. This was the most boring thing he'd ever had to sit through in his life. He really couldn't care what the asshole wanted, he did NOT want to have to protect him. He gave him the creeps. Yohji's icy smirk was giving him the creeps besides. Hear something interesting? he asked the telepath, disinterestedly.

Why yes, I did. Schwarz will be here shortly. They're going to try and assassinate Niwa-sama and Hiwatari-sama, Omi felt the laughter ripple across his mind, and only years of practice kept him from flinching. A few minutes later, Ran glanced at them. Schwarz will be here in a few minutes. Be wary... Ken chuckled, and checked his knives. Satisfied that all thirteen of them were securely in place and easily accessible, he contented himself with glaring at their newest employers. Employers who were going to die, that night in fact. Ken blinked. They're here... whispered across the psychic link between the assassins, and he slunk off. Omi followed, allowing himself a little smirk. It was going to be an interesting night. There were guards EVERYWHERE, and Omi decided to give Schwarz a little welcoming present. With little less than a thought, the guards' bodies all twisted into unnatural shapes. Most died without even making a sound, the death swift. Yawning, he set himself up to wait for his 'opponent.' The orange haired one with the watch came first, looking around and wondering what the hell could have made such a mess out of the bodies they found littering the place. The leader, Crawford was next, his sword at the ready. "Weiss?" he asked.

"But why would they do something like THIS? Aren't these guys supposed to be their employers?" Farfarello was next, his hands by his side. He kept opening and closing his fist, thought, alternately sheathing and releasing the deadly 'claws' that were his weapon. Omi found himself glad of his PK, a power that prevented Farfarello from ever coming anywhere near him with the blasted things. Once the rest of them had moved on, his target appeared, holding the crossbow out defensively. Omi chuckled, and stepped out, crushing the headset with his powers. "Hello, little Bombay." he said.

Nagi's eyes went huge. "Omi?" Omi frowned. How did Nagi know his name..? "Wh..what are you doing here?"

Omi circled him slowly. "I came to play. Don't you wanna play, little kitty?" he asked. Nagi was having a hell of a time trying to reconcile this predatory manner with the soft blue eyes and messy hair he was accustomed to seeing on HIS Omi. The Omi he knew would be trembling right now, fearful of his life... Like Nagi himself was now. Omi looked him over with a bored interest. "You're looking well today," he said, smirking. Nagi tried to fire the crossbow at him. For a moment he was afraid he was going to hit him, because the bolt was aimed dead center for his chest, when it suddenly veered off and bounced away. "Awww," Omi said. "The kitty has claws. Better to declaw the little kitty before he hurts himself," he stated softly, and Nagi found the crossbow yanked out of his hands, and watched as it floated away. Was this how Omi felt fighting him? Like any moment could be the last he ever breathed? He knew that this Omi could kill him easily. He'd seen what the boy had done to the guards, and he knew what he had been able to do when the power had been his. Still, he faced Omi bravely, and tried to keep his fear off his face. The resulting look was one of determination. He recognized it easily... He'd seen it so many times on Omi's face just before he sent him careening into walls. As if it had been timed, Omi's eyes narrowed and Nagi felt himself picked up off the floor and thrown at the wall. He hit it with just enough strength to knock the wind out of him, and as he sank to the floor, he coughed, trying to breathe. Omi walked past him. "You're no fun," he said, and left. Nagi got onto his knees, and crawled over to his crossbow. It was unharmed, and he loaded it again, feeling breath returning to his lungs. He still didn't trust himself to stand, though. Peeking around the corner, he saw the Red-head... Aya?

"Ran" Omi got out, when he was slapped.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" Ran demanded. "What were you thinking, killing those guards?" He didn't give Omi a chance to answer, simply said something mentally, and stalked away. Omi glared in his direction for a moment, then stalked off. Nagi followed behind him, wondering where he was going.


Schuldig sat in the hospital chair, talking to Crawford. "They said Farfarello was killed on impact..." Crawford closed his eyes.

"I see," he said. "And Nagi?"


Omi cradled his arm close to his chest. It hurt so BAD... He bit the bottom of his lip, trying to keep tears off his face. '"Leave Nagi alone. He's not for you," he said...' Omi thought. 'What did he mean, he's not for me... I don't want him. He wants to kill me...'

Aya pulled up in front of the hospital. "We'll be back for you when you call," he said, and Omi nodded. He was used to just being dropped off. It was becoming routine now. This break wasn't as clean as the ones he normally came in with, though... The breaks Nagi caused had been done by his power, and were very neat, precise breaks. The one that Schuldig had caused had practically shattered the bone. He made his way into the hospital, and the nurse on duty greeted him by name. "Hi, Miss Hana." he said, and filled out the paperwork quickly. He was told to go down to radiation where they'd x-ray it to see how bad it was, and she clucked. It was already turning purple with bruising and swelling. He walked down the hall, when a name and a face suddenly sank into his mind, and he stopped, to see if he'd read it right.

"Naoe Nagi"

Omi frowned, and stepped into the room. Nagi looked like Aya-chan had for so long, unmoving, with a mask over his face to help him breathe.


"The doctors say it's unlikely he'll wake up. He stopped breathing when he hit his head long enough to deprive his brain of oxygen for a few moments. He's in a coma." Schuldig's voice was subdued. "Crawford, why didn't you see this coming?"


Omi sat down next to him. "What happened to you...?" he asked the comatose boy, not really expecting an answer.

"He was in a car wreck," a nurse said, coming in to check on him. Omi jumped. "Thank you, Risa-san," he said, and she hugged him. "Was he a friend of yours?"

Omi thought about the strange relationship Weiss and Schwarz had. "I wished he was..."


"I don't know," Crawford admitted, after a long silence. "There was nothing." He looked up at Schuldig, and Schuldig realized how much this had been weighing on him. Schwarz was unstoppable. They'd broken away from Rosenkreuz, defeated Estet, scattering it to the winds... They were Gods.. And now they'd been torn apart by something so human as a car crash.

Farfarello was dead. Nagi was in a coma, and Crawford was paralyzed from the waist down. Schuldig had walked away from the accident. It wasn't FAIR! Schuldig slammed his hand down on the small table. "This shouldn't have happend," he said. "This Should. Not. Have. Happened." His voice sounded strange... tight. His eyes were burning, and his throat was on fire, and before he knew it, he was leaning on Crawford's bed and tears were dripping down his face onto the pristine sheets.


Risa put her hand on his shoulder. "He'll be alright. We have some excellent doctors here. You need to get that arm checked out." Omi nodded, and stood, sparing another glance for the boy on the bed. Nagi had been with Schwarz. Where was the rest of them? Had they all been injured in the accident? "There were some people with him, weren't there?"

Risa nodded. "Three. Well... two..." she said, quietly.

"Two?" he asked. There were four of them. Nagi'd come in with two people... "Who died?" he asked gently. Risa sighed. She couldn't stand watching patients die. Watching life fade, and hearts stop. It was painful for her.

"He had white hair, and an eye patch. That was all I saw of him," she said.

"And the other two?" Omi pressed. "We weren't friends, but we... knew eachother.."

"The tall american probably won't walk again," she said. "The strange looking one with long hair was scratched, and has some bruises from the seatbelt, but other wise, he's fine."

Omi was silent, musing over this. Schwarz was ... gone. Decimated. Annihilated in a matter of seconds. It was strange to think of the powerful group being taken down by something like this. He wondered what would have happened to his own team in a similar situation. Yohji, walking away. Aya paralyzed. Ken, dead, and Omi himself in a coma, probably never to wake up. The thought made him want to start crying.

Nurse Risa dropped him off at radiology, and he waited for the doctor to put a cast on his arm.


Risa dropped by Crawford's room. "Crawford-san?" she asked. He looked up at her. "Yes?"

"I thought I would inform you that Nagi had a visitor..." Crawford blinked. Schuldig was elsewhere, smoking. "Who was it?"

"A young man by the name of Tsukiyono Omi. He comes in here alot with broken bones." Suddenly, Crawford knew why they'd crashed. He hadn't seen the crash coming because he'd been watching Omi visiting Nagi in the hospital, and was trying to figure out why Nagi was in the hospital. They'd all been thinking about Weiss. He sighed. They'd finally gotten their wish. Weiss had finally taken Schwarz down.



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