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Chapter One

Hermione Granger was sitting in the Room of Requirement which had taken the shape of a library. She would have used the normal school library but, it appeared that every seventh year seemed to have taken up residence there. It just wouldn't do when there were giggling teenagers around while she was trying to study for her N.E.W.Ts. So, there she was, sitting at a small desk with all types of books surrounding her while she studied for her Ancient Runes exam. After all, exams were only nine weeks away and time was a precious commodity at the moment.

She found her mind begin to wander as she tried to finish a sentence about the history of a Rune symbol, which signalled to Hermione that it was time to take a break. She glanced at her watch to find that dinner would just be starting and food was just the thing she needed to sharpen her mind up again. She hastily placed a highlighting charm on her sentence that she couldn't finish:

'Binding Rune – This rune is relatively new having only come about in 1976. It is a great source of magic for friends and family.'

There, that was all she needed to remember where she'd left off. She slammed the book shut as the sentence played over her mind in a flurry, like every other fact did when she was studying. It would soon find its place in her mind and would have another one whizzing around. She quickly put her notes into her bag and left the room with a quick glance over her shoulder to see the door disappear.

As Hermione speedily made her way down to the Great Hall, she found she felt odd. It was like the atmosphere was a little heavy on her. She looked around but no one was in sight, they were probably all sat down eating dinner now. Then something strange caught her eye when she reached the Grand Staircase. A door leading to an empty classroom, an ordinary door that she'd passed many times, no longer bore dozens of scratched initials in it. In fact, there couldn't have been more than seven sets of initials on there.

She gazed at it for a moment thinking of the possibilities that had made the door near enough new. Had Filch started a job and left it half done? Or had he replaced it and these people had hastily gotten to work to make their mark on the wood? With a shrug of her shoulders to herself, she pushed it to the back of her mind and continued down the stairs.

Halfway down, Hermione spotted the back of a familiar head; black hair going wild everywhere. She sped up a little to catch up to the lone figure while calling out his name, "Harry, wait for me!" Only he didn't wait. In fact, he didn't even turn around; he just kept walking down the stairs as though he hadn't heard her. "Harry!" she snapped as she got near to him. Finally, he stopped and turned round to face her. He waited until she had caught up to him but then she realised why he'd ignored her the first time; it wasn't Harry.

"Were you calling me?" the bespectacled young man asked with a cheeky grin. Hermione gasped as she looked at him. It was uncanny how much he looked like Harry from the front as well.

"Oh, I-I'm sorry," she stuttered while trying to recover from her shock, "I thought you were someone else. You look like a friend of mine."

"Maybe I can help you find him, what's his name?" he asked her while moving up to the step she stood on and draping his right arm lazily around her shoulders. She glanced at his arm in horror before shrugging it off. She eyed him up and down before realising that she'd never seen this person before.

"Have I seen you around Hogwarts before?" she questioned politely. She was still amazed at how much he looked like Harry. Everything about him screamed Harry, except his eyes and the increasing self assured attitude he had.

"Now that you mention it, you don't look familiar either," he told her with yet another cheeky grin, this time added with a wink. Then he suddenly clicked his fingers at her like he'd just remembered something, "You aren't one of those girls that were really ugly and then became really good looking, are you?" Hermione's jaw dropped open at his bluntness but then she quickly regained her composure.

"I'm sure I've not changed that much in the past couple of years," she snapped before charging down the stairs in annoyance. She heard his footsteps right behind her and felt very self conscious about it. As she reached the last flight of stairs, another young man popped out from the Great Hall into the Main Entrance. He had dark hair that came to just above his shoulders and he was quite tall.

"There you are, James, I was just about to send a search party out for you," the long-haired person shouted up to the cocky person behind her. Hermione froze on the spot causing the young man called James to collide into her.

"You see, I knew you wanted me from the moment I saw you," James cockily teased Hermione as he kept hold of her so that she could get her balance back. "Sirius, I have a new friend I want to show off to you," he called down tothe personat the bottom of the stairs without taking his eyes away from Hermione's gaze. She felt sheer panic flood through her entire body as what was happening hit her fully.

"Hi, I'm Sirius," the long-haired boy, who was now stood next to her on the step below, held his hand out to her. She was still holding on to James' arm while her gaze kept flickering between James and Sirius. Finally the enormity of her situation was too much to handle and she felt herself slipping into darkness.