Skating figures


15-year-old Syaoran is a has been ice skating since he was five, when his mother died he skated in her name,now living with his 15-year-old cousin and school super-stud Eriol and 47-year-old stepfather/Skating coach Himeko in a small house two blocks near an ice skating ring. Syaoran and Eriol are getting ready for the Japanese tryout tournament but Sakura, Touya, Yuki, and Tomoyo get in the way. But what happens when cold love is in the air?

December 10, Thursday

Young Syaoran Li was dreaming about skating in the single male world championship. It was his dream to be a world famous Figure Skater and he wanted to skate with all the best female skater, and practice with all the males.

Syaoran's radio came on playing jazz music. 'C'mon Syaoran you need to get up.' He thought looking at the clock it was only six. "Your listening to BBC 504.7 Jazz to lift you out of bed, now here's Jamie with the weather," The radio jingle came on and then the radio host named Jamie came on saying-or more like shouting- the morning weather.

"Wassup! This is your jazz radio host Jamie for the weather, and I just want to say dammit it's cold! It's lightly snowing outside, and it's a great time to get a coffee or something hot because it's that kind of weather, I feel really bad for the kids going to school today, the highest were going to have today will be thirty-seven and right now it's eleven degrees out there, so bundle up! The ice in the out door skating rink on Meji Road in frozen right down to the core so GO SKATE! If you like skating before school or most likely work, get down there!"

Syaoran shot out of bed and ran out his room to Eriol's. "Eriol!" Syaoran shouted making Eriol fall out the bed. "What?" Eriol exclaimed feeling paniced. Syaoran jumped on Eriol's bed. "We have to head over to the Ice rink, it's rock hard, I just heard on the radio." Syaoran said in pure excitement. Eriol groaned.

"You know I can't skate, I twisted my ankle the other day. I'll come but I'm only going to watch." Eriol said walking out his room and heading down the stairs to make some breakfast.

Syaoran on the other hand went straight to the bathroom and began washing up. Syaoran would go Ice skating even with a broke back, his Mother loved it so much. She wanted Syaoran to feeling the thrill and pleasure of Ice skating just as she did.

Syaoran never knew his real father very well but his stepfather, Himeko, was enough. Syaoran ran to his Stepfather's room and jumped on his bed.

Himeko just groaned and turned over on his left side. "Himeko, Eriol and I are going to go to the rink before school, is that okay?" Syaoran asked. Himeko made Syaoran to promise to tell him everywhere he went before leaving, he had a problem of going out really late and not coming back until he feels like it, but the only place Syaoran would go is the Ice rink. He did almost all his shopping online so he never really left the house unless he wanted to see a movie or something at school. "Yeah, make sure Eriol doesn't try to skate." Himeko said putting his arm over his eyes. "Oh, are we still having our skating section today?" Syaoran asked getting off Himeko bed.

"Yep." He answered with a yawn. Syaoran smiled widely and left his stepfather's room and into his room to get dressed. Eriol turned the TV to the morning news then walked into the kitchen to the refrigerator and got out some eggs, bread for toast, cheese, bell peppers, butter, and apple juice.

Eriol and Syaoran loved bell pepper and cheese in their omelets. It was their favorite. Eriol put a small slice of butter on his frying pan and let it simmer while putting the butter back in the refrigerator. He cracked the eggs as the butter sizzled. Eriol went back over to the frying pan and put the bell peppers in.

Syaoran came running down the stairs in his white school shirt and long black pants and his black vest that went with his white shirt. Syaoran picked up his white ice skates. Syaoran sat at the dining table with a plate in front of him. Eriol came in with the food and put it on his plate.

Syaoran said his grace and dived in the food wanting to get to the rink before school started. Eriol laughed and began eating. Syaoran swallowed the food in his month and looked at Eriol saying, "What?"

"Eating like that isn't good, you know." Eriol said cutting his omelet neatly. Syaoran gulped down his apple juice and got up with his plate and his backpack on his shoulders putting his dishes in the sink. "Got any dates tonight?" Syaoran said sarcastically. "Whatever, you're just pissed because all the cows come to my farm." Eriol said finishing his omelet.

"You refer to the girls at school as cows and you the farm. That's so disrespectful, maybe the school slut would love being called that." Syaoran said walking to the door getting his black down coat and began putting on his shoes.

"If you had a date, you would take them to the ice rink." Eriol brought up. "So, what's wrong with that?" Syaoran asked not knowing anyone who hated Ice-skating. "Never mind, I'll meet you at school and remember ignore all the students that make rumors about you." Eriol reminded him again.

Syaoran wasn't as popular as Eriol was at school. Since his mother died, people began thinking he killed his Mother with the blade of his skates and all sorts of stuff. "Sure." Syaoran said emotionlessly standing up and opening the door and ran down the stairs rushing to the rink."We still going to the rink?" Syaoran asked. "No, I forgot I have to do something, later"

Syaoran ran down the street seeing some students from the school but he was listening to them laugh at him running. No one ever knew that Syaoran was a figure skater and had the dream of being in a real tournament, his mother was in one and she only won once but that made her happy enough before she died.

Syaoran finally got to the Ice ring and stopped at the manager's door and knocked. The manager was a woman and fat but she was a sweet person.

"Syaoran!" She said getting out of her set and kissing Syaoran on the cheek and Syaoran kissing her cheek too. "Great to see you, can I get a run in before school?" Syaoran asked. "Hmm, let me think, sure but make sure you get to school on time," She said.

Syaoran smiled and hugged the manager named Karen. "Thanks love ya," Syaoran called running out to the bench taking his skates off his backpack. Karen knew what he liked hearing in the morning when he skated so she played Keane: Somewhere only we know. Karen pushed play and Syaoran skated to the center of the ring slowly.

Syaoran skated down and turned around with the beat and then stopped and spun slowly touching the ice. He skated down the far end of the ring and did two butterflies in a roll then skated to the other end and turned his skates making his move in a zigzag way.

Syaoran listened to the music pick up and did a triple loop and then slowed down and began spinning really fast making his hands move like a pattern and when the music stopped he slid across the ice. Syaoran's heart was beating like crazy. Then he heard Karen clapping and cheering. Syaoran got up and bowed as if he were really at a tournament making Karen smile.

"That was great," She said. Syaoran smiled and whipped the small sweat running down his forehead. "Ah, that was just my short program run."

"Thanks, I better get to school, I'll see you this afternoon," Syaoran said getting off the ice and walking (In his skates) over to the bench taking them off and putting his shoes back on feeling the cold winter air touch his feet. Syaoran-waved good-bye to Karen and ran to school which was only ten minutes to home room.

Syaoran ran through the gates and then stopped in the halls walked toward the stairs that headed to the second floor where his locker was.

"Look that's Syaoran, the guy I told you about last week, I heard that he beats up his cousin, Eriol for money." A girl said to her friend walked past Syaoran. Syaoran sighed. 'That's a new one.' He thought. Then the cheerleaders walked in Syaoran path making him stop. Syaoran thought the cheerleaders as demon of hell sent to kill him slowly.

There were Sakura, Tomoyo, Rika, Chiharu, Nikki, Mya, Rae, Sohi, and Lameki. Syaoran never was a favorite of school but if he wasn't in school he'd be skating. "Well, well, isn't it our favorite person, Oh my bad we don't have freaks on are lists," Rae said making the squad laugh.

"Morning Rae," Syaoran said dully.

The squad laughed again. "You sound like you just started puberty," Mya laughed.

"So who you kill this time, I heard that you killed your mother or she at least killed herself at the sight of you." Tomoyo said coldly. Syaoran looked up at Tomoyo and slapped her hard across the face making the whole school go quiet. The cheerleading squad was in shock. "You don't know anything about me, I've had it with you and your shitty month, you well never know my mother!" Syaoran shouted making Sakura jump.

Then principle Yuhiko came running hearing what happened from a student. Tomoyo looked at Syaoran wanting to beat the tar out. "Syaoran Li, I'm appalled at what I heard, you really should be nicer," He said.

Yuhiko does yoga so he's never really anger just disappointed. "Detention this afternoon, Syaoran." He said with a smile. "What! I have something to do this afternoon." Syaoran protested. "You should have thought about it before slapping Miss Daidoji." Yuhiko said walking away. Syaoran stomped. "You can take detection and stick it up your skimpy ass!" Syaoran yelled as Yuhiko walked away smiling.

"Oh, I guess you can't be man slut after school," Tomoyo said flipping her hair back. Syaoran did the middle finger at Tomoyo and walked away to his locker swearing under his breath. School hadn't even started and everyone was in his face.

Syaoran walked to his locker when Eriol came by with seven girl and three of his other guy friends that he went to parties to. "Syaoran, heard what happened, are you nuts?" Eriol said sounding like he was against Syaoran for slapping Tomoyo in the face. Word spread fast in that school for some odd and unknown reason. "So, Now I have to cancel my appointment." He said getting out his English books.

Syaoran never told anyone that he Ice skated, he like keeping it to himself since that was almost the only thing the student body couldn't bash him about. "I'll tell Himeko, don't worry." Eriol said to Syaoran softly. Syaoran rolled his eyes and sighed: "Whatever."

"Oh, I have a surprise for you at lunch okay, see you fourth period." Eriol said walking about with giggling girls and smirking guys. "Asshole." Syaoran mumbled slamming his locker shut and then a "Nerd" came past. Her name was Macy, she was Syaoran's only real friends, besides Kiwi of course, Kiwi was super pretty and super popular, there friendship was on total down low, so no one knew.. "Hey," Syaoran said hugging Macy.

A group of guys went past and started laughing. Macy was a very shy girl, Syaoran was trying to teach her to be stronger and stand up for herself, but it was harder then it sounded. "Syaoran, I heard what happen with the cheerleader, oh Syaoran I wish I was there," She said smiling.

Syaoran and Macy shared first and second period together. "I'm glad your on my side, my own cousin thinks I'm crazy." Syaoran said as they walked down the hall slowly to there class up ahead. "Are you still skating at that party to night, I called Mari, she felt a little sick, I think she got the flu." Macy whispered. Syaoran nodded.

"Oh it's nothing she's always so nervous when we do a show, but she gets really loose when she on ice, that's why I love it when she's skating." Syaoran said opening the English classroom door for Macy making her smile. "Oh look it's Macy and The freak." Said a football jock.

"Don't call him a freak!" Macy bellowed out blushing at her action. Syaoran was a little shocked himself since she finally was learning not to take crap from anyone. "What cha goin' do, beat me with your text books," The jock teased. "No, but I did hear your mother is dating your coach so you can stay on the team." Macy said and walked off with Syaoran who was laughing, leaving the football jock speechless.

Syaoran and Macy sat in the front of the class side by side to each other. "Wow, you've been practicing." Syaoran said whipping the tears from his eye from laughing. Macy blushed and nodded.

Then three cheerleaders came in snickering and laughing. "Hey Syaoran, how's your mother? she finish flipping fried rice at the Palb." Sakura called making her friends laugh. No one in the school knew that Syaoran's mother was dead. Macy looked over at Syaoran who had a sad look on his face from the insult.

"It's okay, well get them back." Macy whispered to Syaoran patting her back. Then Miss Xi came in the class room blushing from the book she was reading. It was called Waiting. A really mushy romance novel that she was making the students read as required reading.

"Good morning class," Miss Xi said dreamily putting a bookmarker in her book. "Today we shall be reading chapter seven of Waiting, so lets started with Sakura, please start."

Sakura stood up holding a copy of the romance novel in her hands and began reading chapter seven. "'Lino, I have decided I can not stay, my heart can't take it anymore, I want nothing to do with you anymore.' but Same's heart it longed from Lino, she wanted him around her to ease the pain that was in her heart.

Lino turned to Same and sighed. "Same, I well never let you go. You don't want to go because of me you want to go because you know your in love with me." Lino said trying to hold back the feeling of love that was around him-'"

Sakura read on for another few minutes making Syaoran began to day dreaming about Ice-skating flushing out her ugly voice from his head. Syaoran blinked and looked at the clock. "Syaoran Li! It's your turn." Miss Xi said nearing yelling. Syaoran stood up and heard Macy whispered where he was supposed to read.

"No, no, no, in front of the class, I need you in front of the class for this part." She said. Syaoran groaned and walked to the front of the class with the book in his hand. "Okay, now you may begin." Miss Xi informed Syaoran. Syaoran sighed and looked down at the book and began reading. " 'Same I don't care if you leave me.' " He started as if he were acting it out. " I well wait for you, I'll never forget you," Lino's heart raced as Same neared him foolishly. 'I'll wait for your kiss forever,'

" 'Lino please, I can't, I have someone who loves me.' Same confessed. Syaoran sighed and looked at his watch and then to the students. Macy was crying. She loved reading romance novels. " ' Damn Misho! I love you more then he well ever will, I'll wait for you, but I well miss you, I'll miss your smile, I'll miss the way you smell, I'll miss your touch and your voice,but most of all I'll miss you lips.' " Syaoran slowly stopped and gulped hard, he was blushing. he could feel it.

" ' before you leave let me kiss you again as if I gave you your first kiss all over again.' Lino and Same slowly kissed each other with love and longing in their kiss. Same may have not wanted to leave but this love that she was sharing with her first kiss and love would be right.' " Syaoran stopped at the sound of Macy and Miss Xi clapping.

"Oh Syaoran that's beautiful, have you ever considered joining the drama club, your emotion felt so real," Miss Xi exclaimed as she stopped her applause. "No, I have some other stuff to do," Syaoran said walking back to her seat. For the past ten minutes they read on and stopped midway to chapter Eight. The bell rang and Macy was blowing her nose from crying.

"Okay before everyone leaves, I want you to write a poem or anything about your favorite characters in Waiting by next thursday, since you all are going to that ski trip." Miss Xi shouted over the bell and the talking students.

Macy and Syaoran linked there arms and walked over the classroom first. "Syaoran that was great, how can you do that?" Macy said hopping. "Just think that you're the person in the book and then just go for it." Syaoran exclaimed. Macy smiled but then her smiled faded when Eriol walked past flirting with some girls.

"Your cousin's bastard." Macy said angrily. Macy never liked Eriol she always thought was him as some and I quote "Bitch ass pimp" It was sad really, she nearly smacked Eriol when he first started flirting with her.

"I know, But he's all I got here, my sisters are in China with this whole woman rights things and he's all I got, I'll just talking to him about his nasty habits." Syaoran protested. Syaoran wasn't really one to protest for Eriol since he never really cared what Macy thought about, Eriol, I mean. sometimes or more like most of the time Syaoran agreed with Macy. Syaoran and Macy held hands and walked to there second period math class. Macy was best at math, Syaoran was okay at math but not the best. Macy almost comes over everyday at his house and helps him study. Macy and Syaoran now sat behind each other in the middle row.

And once again Tomoyo was in Syaoran class. Naturally Syaoran ignored her like always but she walked over with a nasty grin on her face with her seven boyfriends behind her laughing about a joke someone said. "Hello Li, looks like your ugly girlfriend laid out on of my friends, you mind explaining?" She said sitting on his desk. Syaoran stood up and looked at Tomoyo without friend of the seven big guys behind him. "Macy is not my girlfriend and not I'm not explaining anything to a slut like you, so move your fat ass off my desk, I have work to do," Syaoran said anger in his voice.

Out of all the people in the whole student body, Syaoran hated most of all the cheerleaders and jocks. But basically he hated everyone in the school except or course Macy, Eriol was another story.

Tomoyo was at a lost of words and just scoffed and got up. "I'm going get you back for slapping me, Li." She said walking away. Syaoran sighed and let his head fall on his hard wood desk when the teacher came in. Mr. Mage was his name. Most of the teacher (except for Miss Xi) hated Syaoran. Macy was always with him when he was being bullied. Syaoran never fought, he just ran except for one time in the fifth grade. He beat some sixth grader that was bugging him until he was knocked out.

"Syaoran Li, did I say to rest?" Mr. Mage bellowed at Syaoran making him jumped lifting his head. "No, sir." Syaoran answered annoyed. "Then next time you do it your doing three pages of Trig." He said slamming his stick on the black board making everything jumped. Mr. Mage was just broke his marriage with his seventh wife, believe it or not but he was always hung over because of it.

For the remainder of math class they were going threw and I quote: "The square root function"

Again Syaoran sucked at it but as the class went by he slowly answered the questions since Macy and Syaoran were the only one's to raise there hands wanting to learn something unlike the other students. At the end of the Syaoran bumped into his Ice-skating partner Kiwi. She's a very sweet girl, about a foot shorter then Syaoran and very small with long black hair and soft pink lips but they turn red when Syaoran and her get on the ice from the cold. "Syaoran, I can't do it, I'm nervous. I threw up two times today I can't do it." Kiwi said fast and nervously.

"Don't worry, just remember to breath, or else your going faint," Syaoran said that last part under her breath. "I heard that and okay." She said walking off the her English class. "Oh I can't wait to see you tonight on the ice, your very strong with all the threw and everything," Macy said smiling. Syaoran grinned liking the praise he was getting from his friend. Syaoran and Kiwi were pair figure skaters, they had been working on it for years then one day they were doing lifts and triples loops and everything "Are you still going to Marks club friday night, my mom said I can't go unless someone comes with me." Macy said stopping at her locker. "I'm not sure, I have to ask Himeko," Syaoran said.

Syaoran tried the hide the sadness from Macy and her Mother. Syaoran still missed her mom but he never really knew his father which made him feel empty. Macy looked over at Syaoran seeing what she called 'The look'. "Oh God, Syaoran, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." Macy said trying comfort Syaoran. Syaoran cried on her shoulder when he found out his mom was dead he didn't talk to anyone but Macy about how he felt. Eriol was to busy to even care that his Aunt died. Eriol didn't find out until the funeral. "It's okay, I have to get use to it, Macy." Syaoran said trying to hold back the sicken throb in his chest.

Macy nodded and then the bell rang. " Well, I'll see you at lunch," Macy said hugging Syaoran good-bye.

Finally Lunchtime had rolled on. Syaoran liked lunch time, it gave him thirty minutes to talk his friends. Kiwi on the other had never sat with Syaoran because she was popular but she text messages him on his cell phone with build in camera. Macy and Syaoran sat at their table all the way in the back of the cafeteria and began to eat. Syaoran brought fried rice and spicy chicken tenders, Macy brought fruit and juice. Syaoran and Macy always shared their food together.

"So, how did you history class?" Syaoran asked. Macy was blushing, watching some boy named Venice, he was French and very handsome. Syaoran looked to Macy then slowly at the French boy and smirked. "You like him?" Syaoran asked with somewhat amusement in his voice. Macy blinked and looked away. "No, I was thinking that's all." Macy lied. "Macy, Macy, Macy, Venice is in my gym class after lunch, I can get him to ask you out for Friday night in case I can't come." Syaoran said teasingly but truthfully.

"Really! I mean no I'm cool with hanging with you, are you going ask Kiwi?" Macy asked trying to keep calm. "Macy, stop. Sometimes people need other people to hang out with or date, I'm just your friend remember, it's not like I going beat the shit out of him." Syaoran exclaimed. Macy nodded.

Eriol and some other people he was hanging out with came over to Syaoran table looking somewhat pleased. Syaoran looked to Eriol and rolled his eyes. "Hi Cuz," He said smoothly. "My name is Syaoran," He said annoyed at how Eriol acted at school. "Well, here's you surprise." Eriol said slapping down a school news paper. The school news paper was called Either news. Syaoran looked down at the paper that was in the middle of the table. "Oh great, thanks, Eriol." Syaoran said with sarcasm in his voice.

Eriol sighed and picked up the news paper and opened it to page two. "Here, I posted you." Eriol said. Syaoran took a large sip of the orange juice that Macy gave him (Since she brought two). Syaoran's cheeks were puffed from the juice and then looked at the paper. Syaoran's eyes widened and then his sprayed out his juice on a girl that was walking past. "WHAT DID YOU DO!" Syaoran shouted. No one seemed to mind at Syaoran shouted.

"I posted you in the single and looking for a date ad, I picked out the picture, like it?" Eriol said with a smile on his face. It was a picture of Syaoran without a shirt on with a little smile on his face in his favorite green pants and wet hair. Eriol took that picture when Syaoran and Eriol had the house to themselves about four weeks ago.

"I don't need a date, I might turn out like you a farm, I don't want that," Syaoran said looking down the info. "I'm sexy and I like girl with hot bodies and light pink lips and medium breast?" Syaoran said outraged. "I don't like girl like that, and how in the world did you get that in without the principle seeing it?" Syaoran asked looked down the page some more.

"Well, Syaoran, no girl want a dude who doesn't like some kind of breast size." Eriol said with a laugh. Macy looked down at her chest and sighed. "Syaoran what do you think my breast would rank?" Macy asked blushing. "Macy, I'm a guy remember, ask Kiwi." He said looking down at the last part of his bio.

"I'm not sixteen," Syaoran said simply. "So just a minor mistake, don't worry, it had your cell phone number and email, you should be getting calls soon." Eriol said. "Oh and another thing I invited Sakura and Tomoyo over for dinner." He said. "Eriol you know I hate cheerleaders, It's my turn to cook dinner and I don't want to cook for moneys," Syaoran protested with anger in his voice.

"Syaoran you never know until you try, Sakura and Tomoyo are cool." Eriol said taking Sakura and Tomoyo's side. "Fine but I'm not cooking and I'll be home late, I have to out somewhere with Kiwi." Syaoran said giving in but not feeling any better about it.

"Syaoran I've been meaning to ask you, are you dating Kiwi, cause someone told me that you kissed her on the benches at closing time at are job," Eriol said slyly. Syaoran blushed and yes it was true but he wasn't going to tell him. "No." Syaoran said a best he could trying not to give himself away. "Cool, I'll see you. Oh and keep your phone on, the girls will be coming in." Eriol with a laugh as he walked off with his friends. Macy was still looking down at her chest. "Macy stop." Syaoran said taking another gulp of his juice.

Lunch was over and time went forward, Syaoran was trying to get the right moment to talk to Venice. But it was harder then it looked. Syaoran was in the locker room changing his clothes, Venice was about seven locker down from Syaoran. Syaoran sat on the bench and tied his shoes trying to think of something to say that would go toward Macy. Venice smiled and walked over to Syaoran. "Hello Li, how are you doing?" He said nervously and Syaoran thought he was supposed to be nervous.

"Great, how about you? You seem nervous." Syaoran answered feeling a little more relaxed that Venice was the nervous on. "I was wondering if you were going to Mark's party tomorrow?" Venice said with a sigh. Syaoran looked down at his hands they were a little sweaty. "I think so, I have to ask my step dad." Syaoran answered. "'Cause I was wondering if it was all right if I could go with your friend Macy. That is if you and Macy aren't dating or anything." Venice said the last part really fast with some disappointment in his voice.

'this is rather odd.' Syaoran thought. "I wanted to get you permission, since she's your only friend here." He said. "Great she wanted to ask you anyway, and if you stand her up of do anything she doesn't want to, you knew those nasty rumors about me cutting people's head off with Ice skates?" Syaoran said putting his arm about Venice shoulders. Venice just nodded. "Well, you might be the first." Syaoran whispered. Venice nodded. "I'll never do any on that, I swear." He said. Syaoran smiled and shock Venice had which he forgot it was sweaty.

Syaoran, Macy, and Kiwi took the long way to Syaoran's house. Kiwi and Syaoran had an Ice-skating audition for couple-skaters. Syaoran on the other hand was pissed when he had detection. He didn't get detection much, the maximum rate of his detection in a year was about two. Syaoran felt kinda of weird with Kiwi next to him. Syaoran had kissed Kiwi two days ago. She was feeling really bad about herself since her sister (Ossy) broke her leg during soccer practice, that same day Kiwi and her sister got into a fight about how Kiwi promised to get her tickets to her ice-skating auctions with Syaoran. So she told Syaoran about and then they just kissed.

Syaoran looked over at Macy who writing something down. "Oh Macy I forgot to tell you, I talked to Venice at gym today and he wanted to go with you to the party tomorrow night, here's his cell number." Syaoran said handing a red piece of paper to Macy. "OH MY GOD!" Macy squealed, making Syaoran and Kiwi's ear's hurt. "Oh Syaoran, you didn't have to," Macy said blushing from what was happening. "It's nothing," He said with a small smile.

Macy put the paper in her pocket and then walked another way. "I'll meet you guys there." Macy called leaving her two friends. Kiwi smiled and waved laughing at how Macy was acting. "She's very strange." Kiwi said with a smile. Syaoran nodded. "Are you nervous?" Kiwi asked. Syaoran scoffed. "Me? nervous-yes." Syaoran said looking down at the snowing sidewalk. "I hope we don't screw up, we really need this." He exclaimed.

Kiwi nodded. "Syaoran?" She began. Syaoran looked over to her as he walked slowly threw the snow. "About that kiss the other day, I-" She was cut off by Syaoran.

"Don't worry were still friends, even if we did kiss." He said.

Kiwi smiled, both Syaoran and Kiwi were feeling more relieved then ever. "Cool." She said.

Syaoran and Kiwi stopped at his house, he was getting his costume for his Ice-skating auditions. "You want me to come in?" Syaoran asked. "I'll just me a second." Syaoran said opening the door. Kiwi walked in behind him as he took off his boots. Himeko was sitting at the table with his laptop. "I'm home!" Syaoran called running past. "I heard you got detention," He called from the dinning room. "I'm pretty sure Eriol told you," Syaoran said running up the stairs to his room.

"Yeah, you smacked some girl named Tomoyo Daidoji, right?"

"It felt great,"

"Glad to hear it."

"Are you coming to see Kiwi and I skate?" Syaoran asked getting his sports bag. "No, sorry Syao. I have a meeting for this little girl in one hour and I need to be ready. Her Mother wants her to-" Himeko stopped when he noticed he said the word 'Mother'

"No, that's all right, I better get going, don't wanna be late. Oh and were having guests for dinner." Syaoran said walking to Kiwi who was quiet the whole time. "See ya, Mr. Himeko." Kiwi said opening the door with Syaoran right behind her.

Time came and passed again. Syaoran walked Kiwi home and then walked home himself in the snow. It was nearly dark and Syaoran wasn't really looking forward to dinner. Syaoran was limping up the stairs of his house to the front door hearing faint laughing. Syaoran put the key in the lock with a smile his face. Syaoran swung open the door and yelled: "I ranked second!"

Tomoyo and Sakura were there as expected but not this early. "Oh Syaoran, welcome back." Eriol said. Syaoran frowned at Eriol and walked over to his stepfather. "Excuses us for a second." He said pushing his stepfather out the dinning room. "Syaoran what the hell is your problem?" Himeko harshly whispered in the kitchen shutting the door. "Kiwi and I are in, we ranked second," Syaoran said with a huge smile on his face. "That's great." Himeko said hugging his stepson. Himeko them looked down at Syaoran's ankles. "Your bleeding, what happened?" He asked.

"Nothing, I didn't tie my skate tight enough." He said. Himeko pulled a stool toward and Syaoran sat down taking off his sock. Syaoran's feet didn't stink for some reason, it was something of his mothers gift, I guess. Syaoran looked at his sock it was a little blood stain on it. "Shit." Syaoran muttered. "It doesn't look to bad, it'll hurt for a good while, but if you want it to heal pad it with something soft in your skate and tie your skates tight." Himeko reminded Syaoran for the 100th time. "Okay, okay." Syaoran said annoyed at how many time he told him.

Eriol in the meantime was pouring Tomoyo and Sakura some tea. "So ladies, have you ever Ice-skated?" Eriol asked slyly. "Sometimes, why?" Sakura answered. "Well, why don't you come to the skating rink on Meji Road, I can get you in for free." Eriol said smiling. "That great!" Tomoyo said smiling sweetly making Eriol blush a little. Syaoran and Himeko came in. Syaoran was still limping a little. "You guys down mind sushi and chicken fried rice for dinner?" Syaoran asked dully. "Sounds great, I'll help you." Sakura said smiling. Syaoran heart leaped. What was she going to do? Chop his head off with a chef knife.

Syaoran turned and went into the kitchen with Sakura behind him. "What happened to you ankle?" Sakura asked in her normal snotty tone. "None of your business." Syaoran said opening the refrigerator. "Great place you got here, I thought you'd be living in the basement talking to rats." Sakura said with a giggle. Syaoran turned around to her with a knife in his hand. "You don't say anything about me in my house, got it. Your so lucky my stepfather is here and if he wasn't I'd kick your ass across the street, so if your going help, help but don't get in my way." Syaoran said. Sakura rolled her eyes and walked out the kitchen.

Syaoran sighed and walked looked at the picture on his mother that he took out of his pocket. "See Mom, you tell me to be nice, I guess it's true when someone says, nice people finish last." Syaoran said to the picture.

Syaoran was in the kitchen along cooking dinner. He felt like crap but them he felt really good. Kiwi and Him were going to compete in a real tournament. Syaoran sighed and them the phone rang. Syaoran picked up the wireless phone and answered. "Hello?" Syaoran said dully as he was cutting the sushi. "Syaoran it me, Mark, are you coming to the party? I really need you there man." Mark was about seven months older then Syaoran but they were pretty good friends. "Hold on," Syaoran put the phone and the counter and opened the kitchen door. "Himeko, can I go to Mark's party tomorrow night? He really needs me there." Syaoran said. "Okay," He answered.

"Wow I didn't know you were invited to Mark's party." Tomoyo said. "Oh I'll be there all right, but I'll be a ghost in the wind, you'll never notice me." Syaoran said coldly going back in the kitchen slamming the door. "Eriol go see what's wrong with Syaoran," He said. Eriol sighed and got up. "Mark, why the fuck do you have to invite them?- Tomoyo and Sakura, you know I hate those girls." Syaoran said nearing whispering. "Fine, and he said I could go, call Kiwi, thanks, okay, bye." Syaoran put the phone down and sighed. "Syaoran, what's wrong with you?" Eriol asked confused at the sudden change of his cousin.

"Go away, Eriol." Syaoran said putting four sushi's on each plate. "No, not until you tell me what's wrong." Eriol protested. Syaoran slammed down a cup and fell to his knees with his hands covering his face. Eriol walked over to Syaoran slowly. "Syaoran why are you acting like this, this isn't like you." Eriol said seriously. Syaoran sniffed holding back tears and ran his hand threw his hair feeling frustrated at his weakness. " 'Isn't like me' you don't even know me, you invite the two people I hate most in my life to this house, where I can get away from them." Syaoran whispered. "Syaoran there not bad people," Eriol said going down the Syaoran level. Syaoran sat on the kitchen floor with his back pressed against the cool stove. Syaoran turned off the flame on the front of the stove and sighed.

"You don't hang out with me like you use to, we are family, and the only thing you worried about is some dumb ass girls in school, your not my friend or my family." Syaoran said looking to Eriol with anger in his face. "The only person I can really talk to is Kiwi, she's a real person unlike the too-faced bitches you hang out with." Syaoran said. Eriol got up. "Well, I'm sorry you feel that why," Eriol walked out the kitchen. "He's fine, just tied. School and everything." Eriol lied.

Syaoran got up and whipped a tear that fell. 'I wish you were hear Mom and dad.' He thought. Syaoran walked out the kitchen with five plates on a huge platter. "Wow, that looks great, Syaoran." Himeko said. Himeko second favorite thing to do beside skating is eating. Syaoran sat each plate on each side of the table. Syaoran sat in his mothers place. "Thank you for inviting us," Tomoyo said to Eriol. "No problem," Eriol said smiling. Syaoran looked at his food and then his cell phone rang. "Hello?" He said. "Oh, hey. Yeah, what happened, your joking right. I'll be there." Syaoran hung up his cell phone and got up running toward the door. "Syaoran where are you going?" Eriol called. Syaoran ignored his and got his Ice-skates and ran out the door with his down coat.

Someone pulled a prank and defrosted the Ice-skating rink in the middle of the day. Syaoran ran as fast as his legs could carry. Syaoran said Kiwi running to. "KIWI!" Syaoran called running fasted. "Are there any people on the Ice?" Syaoran asked finally catching up to her. "Yes, a whole family of eight." Kiwi answered. Syaoran and Kiwi stopped and slipped on there skates and unplugged the heater.


Syaoran looked it was a little boy about ten slipped into the ice cold water. Syaoran yanked the last plug out of the circuit. "Hold on Honey!" The ten year old boy's Mother called. Syaoran jumped on the Ice and skated to the far end where the boy was. Syaoran dived on the ice and grabbed the boy's hand. "I got ya." Syaoran grunted slamming the picks in his skates in the ice and began pulling the boy.

"C'mon kid, pull." Syaoran said. The ten year old boy pulled his body was half way in the freezing water. "Syaoran!" Kiwi called skating over to him. Syaoran pulled the kid out the water and you could feeling everyone relieved. Then applauds came to Syaoran and Kiwi's ears as they pulled the family off the ice. Syaoran had the kid on his back. You could feel him shacking. Syaoran put the shacking down and on the snowy ground and put his coat on him. "You all right?" Syaoran asked. The kid nodded. "I'm just cold." He said Syaoran smiled seeing his family run over to him. "Oh Leo, I'm so glad your all right." His Mother cried. The Mother bowed to Syaoran and Kiwi thanking them over and over. "Oh, it's no problem." Kiwi said blushing. "What is your names?" The father asked.

"I'm Syaoran Li and this is my friend Kiwi Ard." Syaoran answered. "Thank you both, we don't know how to repay you?" He said. "Don't worry about it, saving a life is enough." Syaoran said. Kiwi nodded. "Thank you Mr. Li." The little boy said. Syaoran and Kiwi took off there skates and put there boots back on and walked away. "Well, that was exciting." Kiwi said smiling at Syaoran with her arm linked around Syaoran's. "A lot better then what I was doing. Eriol invited, Tomoyo and Sakura over for dinner and I'm pretty sure you know I was pissed. "Syaoran said.

"I know." She said. "I can't believe were in a real tournament," Kiwi squealed. Syaoran smiled. "Yeah," He said. "Oh Mark called me and said that you were going after all, that's great." Kiwi said. "Yeah, but Tomoyo and Sakura and there other smutty friends are coming too." Syaoran said with anger in his voice.

"Don't worry about them, and do you know you left your coat, you better get home before you catch a death." Kiwi advised. "Better dead then alive, I guess, I'll see you tomorrow." Syaoran called running off.

Syaoran got back to the house and Tomoyo and Sakura were still there. "Syaoran where did you go?" Eriol said with anger in his voice. "I don't know I was sleep walking." Syaoran said sarcastically taking off his shoes and heading for his room. "Syaoran!" Eriol called. "What?" He answered how annoyed and not caring if he was being disrespectful to the guests. "Aren't you going to stay?" He asked. "I have my wed site to worry about." Syaoran said walking up to more stairs.

Eriol got out his seat and walk to the staircase. "Syaoran your embarrassing me." Eriol whispered. "Read my lips, I don't give a shit." Syaoran walked up the stairs ignoring Eriol's calls and then slammed his door. "I'm really sorry, Syaoran acts a little weird." Himeko said. "Why?" Sakura asked. "Well, my aunt died a while ago and he really isn't over it, he doesn't like talking about it." Eriol said sitting back down.

"Oh." Both Tomoyo and Sakura said looking at each other. "Well, my Mom died too, I still miss her and everything but I know she wouldn't want me to be sad," Sakura said smiling even though she felt bad for Syaoran now. "Anyway, we should go, if was lovely of you to invite us." Tomoyo said getting up.

In the meantime Syaoran was in his room typing his audition on his computer dairy. He had a wed site of ice skater, and Michelle Kwan was his favorite female skater. Syaoran would put new images on his site every other week he posted his mother up too. Syaoran's mother had many fans as a skater, she almost went to the World tournament but she died as you well know. Syaoran saved what he wrote and looked out the window seeing Sakura and Tomoyo walking down the street.

Syaoran looked back at his computer and then someone knocked on the door. "What?" Syaoran called softly. Eriol opened the door. Syaoran looked at Eriol and Himeko who was behind him. "You made an ass out of me!" Eriol bellowed. Syaoran ignored Eriol and began typing new events on ice skating. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Eriol yelled again. Syaoran saved what little he wrote and turned of his computer. "What do you want?" Syaoran said turning around in his chair that spun.

"I want you to get your act straight, you embarrassed me in front of the most popular girls in school!

"I don't care!" Syaoran yelled back.

"Eriol, Syaoran, will you to stop, you're supposed to be family." Himeko stepped in the fight.

"Family? You wanna talk about family? The only family I have are my sister not this 'I'm a farm' guy here, we use to go skating, and have fun until you got noticed my this dumb girl and became 'popular,' I rather be dead then be around you!" Syaoran yelled.

"Well, I don't care, I have a life now. I don't have to do everything you do any more." Eriol shouted back. Then Syaoran and Eriol shouted back at each other some more until Himeko cut in. "STOP IT!" He yelled.

"Eriol go to your room." He ordered. Eriol gave Syaoran a nasty look and walked out of Syaoran's room. Syaoran walked to the door behind him and slammed it. "Syaoran come here and sit." Himeko ordered. Syaoran sighed and sat in his bed with Himeko. "Syaoran why are you acting like this? Yes, Eriol is a little strange at times but look you can't keep fighting him," He said.

"You should see how he acts when his in school, I hate him. I don't want him as a cousin or an anything any more." Syaoran said harshly. Himeko sighed and shock his head.

"Syaoran, I know your still hurting about your mother, I loved your mother too but you have to let it go,"

"You can't let go of someone you love." Syaoran said seriously. "Why aren't you going to tell me what your really upset about." Himeko asked. "I'm not telling you anything, it's not going to make me feel any better, Macy and Kiwi is the only one who understands me and treats me like a human instead of a monster in school, at least Kiwi skates with me unlike that bastard Eriol." Syaoran said.

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