Skating Figure

Chapter: 22

Tuesday, July, 7

On Tuesday morning Eriol, Tomoyo, and Sakura were having breakfast. It was quiet until Eriol turned on the T.v. "Eriol's there's nothing on in the morning but news." Sakura complained. "I know, I just want to see that the weather is today." Eriol said turning up the volume.

"Good morning, your watching 88 news, I'm Pu-lang Xi, on today's top story, it's finally on the shelfs on local stores, The super rich teenage heart-throb, Syaoran Li, has a four page long interview in the China Girl magazine,"

Sakura and Tomoyo dropped there spoons and ran out the hotel room in there night clothes. "Women." Eriol muttered putting a piece on his pancake in his mouth. "Also including hot sexy photo's of Syaoran's buffed great body, I wouldn't mind my daughter going out with him." The News woman joked.

Tomoyo and Sakura came crashing in the room making Eriol choke on his food. "Oh my God!" The two girls squealed. "Here's Mai with more on this hot interview."

The reporter was outside of Syaoran's Penthouse/slash Hotel. "Thanks, Pu-lang, Right now I'm outside Syaoran Hotel & Penthouse suite, where the line for the China Girl magazine seems to have come all the way here, let's hope there enough to go around, back to you."

Eriol muted the T.V. looking to Tomoyo and Sakura who gasped. "I didn't know Syaoran looked that good with paint on." Tomoyo said smirking. "What?" Eriol cried. "Don't worry, Eriol. I picked you didn't I." Tomoyo said smiling. "Gimme that." Eriol said snatching the magazine out Sakura's hand and looking to Syaoran who had green paint on his arm, chest and back, and a little on his face. "That little man-slut." Eriol said turning the pages seeing him with a hot teen model what was on his back as he smiled holding her up by her legs.

Eriol picked up his cell off the table and speed-dialed John, Kiwi, Macy, and Garry. "Did you guys get it?" Eriol said over the five way calling. "Yeah, that's what I said." Eriol said over the cell getting up from the table. Sakura and Tomoyo wolfed down the rest of there food and went to Tomoyo 's room locking the door.

Tomoyo changed the page seeing Syaoran painting The teen models legs. Sakura blushed but was mostly jealous. "Oh God, Syaoran is so going to be popular in his school." Tomoyo said grinning looking to the model and Syaoran sharing a strawberry with there lips nearly touching.

Sakura looked the to title and began reading:

The Real Syaoran Li

ChinaG: So Syaoran how do you feel being consided one of the hottest single guys in Hong Kong?

Syaoran L: Chuckles Well, I can't say much, It's odd with a bunch of girls chasing after you, and the really funny part is that some of them have boyfriends, which makes the guys pissed, if you know what I mean.

ChinaG: I heard you weren't too popular in your old school, is that true?

Syaoran L: Yes, that's true, I was called a freak because I wasn't graveling at the Cheerleaders and jocks feet, Hell I even tried be nice when I was new there, the only real friends I made was Kiwi, my former skating partner, and Macy who was treated like me but she was shy and never really spoke about it.

ChinaG: Do you ever think that you'll skate anymore?

Syaoran L: Oh, Yeah. Figure Skating is apart of my life and will always be, I can't just give it up, it's like giving up your common sense.

ChinaG: Okay, Everyone wants to know, who is planning your sweet sixteen party?

Syaoran L: My best friends are doing a surpise party for me acutally, I don't know where it is, so I just have to wait.

ChinaG: You Excitied?

Syaoran L: Yeah.

ChinaG: Okay, something simple now, What is your favorite color?

Syaoran L: Green.

ChinaG: How do you like a girl's hair done?

Syaoran L: Laughs simple huh? Well, It's really doesn't matter really, but I like it down, it's natural.

ChinaG: You seeing anyone special?

Syaoran L: sighs Not really, but I think I want to.

ChinaG: Everyone is talking about your super hot picture with teen model Dove May, have you ever went out and how do you feel with her going to a girl school that's right next to yours?

Syaoran L: Yeah, we went out a few times, nothing serious though, and I think her going to a girl school next to me is cool, I mean, we could get to know each other better, like normal people.

ChinaG: What's you favorite kinda of music?

Syaoran L: Oh, theres so many, um . .if I had to pick a few, It would be R&B, Rock, Dance music, and the romantic stuff just in case.

ChinaG: Favorite Ice cream?

Syaoran L: Chocolate, all the wat.

ChinaG: Your greatest romantic fantasy?

Syaoran L: Chuckles Mmm, good question, Now that you ask that I don't really have any that come to mind as romantic, I always wanted to kiss while it's snowing with someone speical to me, My sister Ming said she kissed her last boyfriend while it was snowing and the snow melted, I'd like to see if for myself.

ChinaG: Are you bring a Date to your party?

Syaoran L: No, not really, but I do have someone waiting for me there.

ChinaG: Have you ever french-kissed anyone lately? All the girls want to know that.

Syaoran L: Laughs I might have, But, no.

ChinaG: What's your room like?

Syaoran L: Green, green spring free bed, shaggy green carpet floor, mini-walk in closet, nightside, large window, nothing a normal guy wouldn't have.

ChinaG: What your favortie body parts on a female?

Syaoran L: Laughs I knew you were going to ask that,

ChinaG: It's my job Laughs

Syaoran L: Well, The hands, the face, and skin.

ChinaG: Whoa, very hot! Okay where is your favortie place to find peace?

Syaoran Li: The ice skating Rink, when I was in Japan, I use to go to the rink that was down the street and skate, Miss Karen, The owner, was nice enough to let me skate before school.

ChinaG: What would be the biggest turn on to you?

Syaoran L: Well, A girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind and say how she really feels about things, you know, Someone you can really relate to and well be there the second you want her to, I find that a turn on.

ChinaG: How would you feel if a girl that you liked was caught kissing your best friend?

Syaoran L: Oh man, I don't know, I never been in that clingly before, I guess I would feel betrayed, hurt, I don't know, I know I would feel pissed though.

Sakura stopped reading and blushing. "Tomoyo, I kissed Syaoran the other day." Sakura whispered making Tomoyo smile. "You like him, why don't you tell him? You never know, he might like you too." Tomoyo advised.

"Please, Syaoran isn't looking for someone like me, A cheerleader with zero brains, zero looks, he gave me this super expensive dress to wear to his birthday, but I don't know If I can wear it for him, he doesn't love me or even like me like that, and I want him to I do, really I do, but I can't do it." Sakura said with her voice breaking up dropping the book feeling tears run don her cheek. "I'm so confused, Tomoyo." She cried.

Tomoyo eyebrows wrinkled with concern and worry. "Sakura, it's okay, your not a bitch to him, he wants you to wear this for him, do it for him, Okay, I know your stronger then this, you have to show him that you love him sooner or later, If you don't it'll be too late, That's why I'm with Eriol, he loved me and I loved him, I told him." Tomoyo said patting Sakura back. Sakura nodded.

Sakura sniffed and whipped her tears. "Okay, I'll go see him today and then later help me find a gift for him, I want to get him something perfect." Sakura said standing up and grabbing her towel and going to the bathroom to get ready.

Eriol came in Tomoyo's room laughing. "I know, I'll go see him today . . . Okay . . . bye." Eriol said turning off his phone and walking to Tomoyo who picked up the China Girl magazine. Tomoyo stood up and Eriol wrapped his arms around her making her giggle. "Hey." Tomoyo said turning around and looking into Eriol's eyes. "What?" He asked. "Eriol, you know I love you, right?" Tomoyo asked smiling to Eriol wrapping her arms around his neck. Eriol held Tomoyo closer to him. "I know, And you know I love you too?" Eriol asked making Tomoyo smile. "Yes."

Tomoyo stood on her tip-toes and kissed Eriol with passion and then hugged him tightly.

Syaoran sat at his desk talking to John again about his kiss with Sakura the other day. He couldn't get his mind off it.

"Dude, if she kissed you she must like you." John said on the other line. "And how are you so sure, I don't even know how I feel about her, I'm stuck, I like her, but I don't know if I like her-like her, you know, I'm so busy with running the business and everything is just confusing, What if she doesn't like me and what if she tells me what am I supposed to say if I'm confused?" Syaoran said quickly in a panic.

"Dude, slow your roll, damn, this is like a soap opera. Just think about it, it's not like she just going to suddenly appear at your office door." Syaoran's PA speaker beeped. "Hold on." Syaoran told John. "What?" Syaoran said with a sigh. "Master Li, Sakura Kinomoto, is there to see you."

"John, you jinked me, she's at my office door!" Syaoran shouted. John laughed. "It's funny how that works out." John said with a chuckle. Syaoran looked at his watch it was eleven in the morning. "Shut up, I'll call you back." Syaoran said hanging up.

Syaoran pushed his Pa speaker button. "Let her in." Syaoran said standing up and walking to the window losing his tie that was annoying him. Syaoran sighed and looked the city in his view as Sakura walked in the room. "Hey, Syaoran." Sakura said nervously. Syaoran turned around and sat back down in his desk chair. "What's up?" Syaoran asked looking to Sakura as she sat down.

Sakura was wearing jean capri's with a tee-shirt holding a small demin handbag and wearing paltform sandals. "Um, Syaoran I wanted to talk to you about the other day." Sakura said slowly blushing. Syaoran spun around in his chair facing the window making a fist vowing he would get John back for this.

"I'm sorry, I kissed you, It was kinda spur of the moment, and . . .and I'm sorry, how I acted." Sakura said quickly. "I guess, we both overreacted a little huh?"

Syaoran chuckled looking to a bird flying past the window. "Teenage horomones." He said. Sakura smiled. "But I liked it." Sakura said not wanting Syaoran to think it was a terrible kiss. "I'm just sorry." Sakura whispered. Syaoran crossed his legs and sat back in the chair with his hands laced. Syaroan turned around and looked to Sakura firmly. "My fault completely, I'm sorry."

Sakura laughed. "Hell, it's both are fault."

Syaoran nodded and chuckled. "Let's try to control ourselves." Sakura stated and Syaoran leaned back in the chair and nodded. "Deal." Syaoran said smiling. "Master Li, John's on line one." Cho said opening the door. "Tell him I said I'll call him back." Syaroan said looking to Cho annoyed. "Yes sir." She said leaving the room. Cho entered the room again. "Um, Master Li, Excuse me but, Kiwi is on line five, Macy is on line two, John is still on line one, and Garry's is on line six." Cho said. Syaoran nodded and sighed opening all the line his friends were on and putting them on speaker phone. "Wassup?" Syaoran said. "YOU SLUT!" They all cried. Syaoran sighed knowing they were about the photos in the magazine.

"Dude that Dove chick is smoking, is she single?" John asked excited. Sakura laughed. "Too bad you aren't single." Kiwi said. "Sakura is in there with you right?" Kiwi asked. "Yes." Syaoran answered rolling his eyes. "HI SAKURA!" They all said. "Hey everyone." Sakura said back smiling. "So I heard Syaoran got you this rocking pink dress." Garry said making John laugh. "Please, that's not the half of it," John said.

"Say a word and I'll make sure my bodyguards get you." Syaoran said coldly. John gulped. "Anyway, I can't wait to see you in it, are you going to wear it to the party." Macy asked Sakura. "Yeah." She answered. "That's besides the point, what are you doing on the cover of China Girl with a perfect head shot and then showing your bare chest?" Kiwi shouted and Garry and the other shouted in a Agreement

"IN PAINT!" Kiwi shouted. "Um . . . they suggested it, and I thought the paint effect would be really cool anyway." Syaoran exclaimed blushing. "And your not ashamed?" Macy asked. "Nope, totally normal." Syaoran said.

Cho knocked on the door and opened it. "Master Li, You step-father is on line ten." She said. Syaoran sighed. "Tell him I'll talk to him later, I'm busy." Syaoran said and Cho nodded shutting the door once more. "Man, he must have just seen it on the internet." John said laughing. "Oh, piss off, your jealous because I'm single and all the squirrels want me." Syaoran grinned making Sakura blush.

"Screw you man, I got the better looking girl." John said. "Aw, Jo-jo." Kiwi said. Garry and Syaoran laughed. "Shut up, I think it's sweet." Macy said. "I'm with you on that." Sakura said. "I gotta go guys, don't forget were having dinner at ZI." Syaoran mentioned. Syaoran friends said there good-byes and hung up.

"Jo-jo, my Goodness." Syaoran muttered leaning back in his chair rubbing his temple. "Dinner?" Sakura asked. Syaoran nodded and yawned. "Yep, it's about this thing at the acabamy." Syaoran exclaimed. "Syaoran, Um . . ." Sakura paused looking to Syaoran looking at her intently listening to her. "Nothing, I better get going." Sakura said standing up and smiling. Syaoran stood up and bowed respectfully to Sakura who bowed back. "See ya later." Syaoran said sittting back down at Sakura walked to the door and slipped her shoes on and left.


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