Skating Figure

Chapter: 30

Saturday, September 20

If things couldn't get any worst on Syaoran's part he was wrong. The Press had a field making his break-up with Mei and Garry in the hospital and sudden rumors that he was going to be skating agin the biggest thing since Final Fantasy. Syaoran looked at the gossip paper and sighed throwing it to the side. He, Syaoran, John, Kiwi, and Macy were at the hospital visiting Garry. He was getting along much better although he was getting really sick of eating crackers and strawberry Jell-O.

"Man, to make matters worse." Syaoran said leaning back in the chair. Sakura picked up the newspaper and read: "Syaoran is intending on defending the great elders of the Li clan so that he can be able to guest star in a figure skating performance this coming winter." She paused and looked to Syaoran who groaned putting a pillow over his face.

"Are you really?" Kiwi asked excited. John and Kiwi hadn't spoken of looked at each other in weeks and didn't intend to. But Kiwi still wanted to explain to John what happened. "Yes, I was asking them if I could go with you and do one more season, but I'm still trying to get them to agree." Syaoran said in a muffled voice with the pillow still to his face. Kiwi squealed with happiness. "Yes, I was so sick a Hidajo dropping me." She sighed. "What about Mei?" Sakura asked looking to Syaoran. "Break-ups I can handle but what I can't handle is them putting in my friends and personal affairs with the elders in the papers." He said seriously.

John sighed in the corner looking at a magazine warily. "Well, let's just hope things get better." Macy softly smiled holding Garry's hand. "Well, I won that poem contest and I'll be sighing autographs in two weeks." Garry grinned. "Yes, I forgot about that." Kiwi said. "And guys," Syaoran said looking to everyone seriously. Sakura looked concerned as she looked to Syaoran. "What?" She said. "I'm leaving for China agin." He said looking down. Sakura looked away sadly. Macy, Garry, John, and Kiwi just protected . . .in shock: "What!?" They all said.

"Why are you going?" John asked. "I have to go to the elders and do some family stuff, but I will be skating this winter, hopefully." He said quickly. "How long are you staying?" John asked. "Until around Christmas time." He said in a slightly mumble. "Christmas?" They all said this time. "I'll be back, I told Himeko, and his cool with it, My sisters and clan expect this . . .thing of me so please understand." Syaoran pleaded.

John sighed and returned to his book. "But before I go, which is in three day, I want to know why John aren't you talking to Kiwi?" He asked. "Because I have nothing to say to her." He said simply not looking up from his book. "I heard about Nick." Syaoran said. John gave Kiwi a dirty look and then looked to Syaoran. "Then you know why I have nothing to say." He said back with more anger and annoyance.

"Would you at least let me explain?" Kiwi cried looking to John. "I don't want to hear your bullshit, I had enough of it," He said folding his arms. "It's not bullshit, you just never want to listen." Kiwi shot back. John stood up with his arms still folded. "Well, then let's here it, how you didn't kiss Nick and how he just magically jumped on your lips." He said.

"John stop." Syaoran sighed. Sakura looked to Garry was who listening along with Macy. "Well, I was waiting for you at the pool like you said and then Nick came in doing some laps in the pool, I commented on his swimming and him he started going on about you and I. Then he said that you had taste and he kissed me. I didn't kiss him back, I swear John." Kiwi exclaimed. "Am I supposed to believe that?" He asked with a frown.

"John, Mei was with Syaoran, and Nick I can't see why you can't believe what Kiwi just said his that type of guy." Sakura said. "Yeah, Mei's a slut." Macy said. "Maybe a little beyond that for her age." Garry muttered making Macy give him a look. It was silent, they were waiting for John to say something but he was silent. "So you didn't kiss him back?" John asked a little softer. "Yeah, he tasted like dog food." She said. "Eww." Sakura muttered lightly.

It seemed like Kiwi and John were only in the room for a moment. John looked to Kiwi softly. "So you weren't cheating on me?" He asked dumbly. "Duh, I wouldn't do that, I love you just the way you are." She smiled. John chuckled. "Can I take back everything I said?" He said nervously. Kiwi smiled and gave John a small wink. It was silent once more and then suddenly Kiwi jumped on John knocking him down kissing him furiously. "Oh John." She sighed while kissing him. Syaoran made a face. "C'mon guys get a room." He said throwing his pillow at them on the floor.

John and Kiwi sat up and stood slightly embarrassed at there little out burst. "Anyway, I'll be leaving soon as I said and I just want to let you know that I'll be sending something to you guys soon." Syaoran finished. "It's a surprise." He grinned standing up. "Where are you going?" Garry asked. "I have to finish packing sometime soon." He said opening the door and walking out without another word. Sakura sighed.

Later that day Sakura decided to call Syaoran to see if he was done or not, she was ready to tell him how felt she, she had too. The phone rang for a while before it was answered. "Hello?" Syaoran said on the other side and then Sakura heard something crash and Syaoran shouted. "Ow." She heard Syaoran say faintly on the other side. Sakura smiled. "H-hello?" He said agin. "I thought I was a clumsy one." She teased. "Sakura, hey." He said and tripped agin. "Syaoran?" Sakura asked a little worried now. "Sorry, I'm tripping over my bags, I'd never thought I had so much junk." He said lying on his back.

Sakura smiled blushing at Syaoran smooth voice. "I called to see if you wanted to talk at the park at the swings, I wanted to tell you something important." She said seriously. "Oh, it's that important that you have to tell me face to face?" Syaoran teased making Sakura laugh. "Yes, actually." She answered. "Okay, I'll meet you in ten." Syaoran said and they both hung up.

Sakura walked to the park slowly thinking of how she was going to say how she felt without seeming like a complete moron. Sakura looked ahead seeing Syaoran sitting on the swing listening to music as he gently swung back and forth. Sakura sighed. 'Okay, this is it Sakura, just say nothings stopping you now.' She thought as she waved to Syaoran and walked over. Syaoran turned off his Apple Ipod and smiled to Sakura. "Hey." He said as Sakura sat on the other swing.

"It's a good thing you call, I wanted to ask you something too." He said looking to Sakura who sighed. "What's wrong?" He asked seeing the worry in Sakura's eyes. Sakura turned to Syaoran and nodded to herself. "Syaoran, I never really told you how much I really appreciated you being my friend and everything," Sakura paused. Syaoran gave his a fond smile as if understanding her. "And we both know we've been jerks on both parts," She continued with a small laugh. "But there something I think you should know, I should have said something before, but I was afraid, Syaoran I lo-" Sakura stopped seeing Ryo her ex-boyfriend coming over.

"Sakura!" He called. Syaoran looked to Ryo and then to Sakura. "Excuse me just a minute." She said standing up and folding her arms and walking over to Ryo. Syaoran waited in the distant's as Ryo knowing Sakura was about to say something important from the way she looked.

"What are you doing here?" Sakura asked looking to Ryo and then to Syaoran who just watched still. "I've been looking for you, I wanted to ask you something." Ryo said smoothly taking Sakura's hand. "What?" She said snatching her hand back. Ryo sighed. "Look I know we had a ruff start but I wanted to know if there's still anything left to save, I wanna take you out." He said with a confident smile. Sakura groaned. "Ryo, you messed up you chance the first time, I don't have time to play games with you." Sakura said turning away from Ryo but he grabbed her wrist hard.

Sakura looked to Ryo hand and then winced. "Let go of me." She said trying to take back her wrist. "Sakura, why won't you take me back, I didn't mean what I did." Ryo said gripping as wrist harder. Syaoran stood and walked over to Ryo giving him an evil glare. "I suggest you let her go before you go home in a box." Syaoran threatened and Ryo let go. Sakura took a step back and rubbed her stinging wrist.

"Piss off, kid, I don't have time for you." He spat. Syaoran rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers. "Puka, take him for a walk." Syaoran said. "Puka?" Ryo said backing up and hitting something firm. Ryo turned looking up to a huge Russian man who was wearing a black suit and a frown on his face. "Next time you come near Sakura, I'll know." Syaoran grinned and waved him hand and Puka picked up Ryo making him spin.

Syaoran turned to Sakura and looked to her wrist. "You okay?" He asked. Sakura giggled and nodded. "You really have people keeping an eye on you." She said and Syaoran shrugged. "My sisters suggest it." He said. "So what were you going to say?" He said looking to Sakura intently.

Sakura stopped and thought for a moment. "It's nothing." She smiled although she was disappointed inside and Syaoran nodded. "What were you going to ask me?" Sakura asked Syaoran trying to stay cheerful so not to worry him. "Oh, right, I want you to skate as much as you can for as long as I'm gone, I have a surprise for you." He smiled. Sakura nodded. "Now Promise." He said holding up his pinky finger and Sakura nodded and wrapped her pinky finger around his. "I'm going to miss you." Sakura said trying to hold back tears. Syaoran nodded. "I'll miss you too." Syaoran said.

"Well, I see you before you leave?" Sakura asked. Syaoran shook his head. "I have an early flight so this is going to be the last time I see you until Christmas." He said. Sakura nodded feeling a tears escaping to her cheek. "Hey, you don't have to cry." Syaoran said softly whipping the tears her Sakura cheek. "I-I'm sorry, It's just I hate it when you have to leave." She said with a sigh trying to control herself. "It's okay, we'll see each other agin." Syaoran said pulling Sakura into a hug. Sakura hugged Syaoran back and smiled into his chest. "I know." She whispered. Syaoran let go of Sakura and smiled. "Come, lets see a smile." He said teasing her and Sakura smiled to Syaoran. "I have to get going, I have some people coming over to get my bags." He said. Sakura smiled still and nodded.

"Remember what I said, okay?" He said. Sakura nodded and Syaoran turned running off. "Have a safe trip, Syaoran." Sakura called waving and Syaoran waved back.

Sakura went home feeling heavy hearted and regretful for not telling Syaoran, for all she knew he might come back to Japan with another girlfriend. Sakura opened the front door and took off her shoes slowly. Touya was watching t.v. in the living room. "Sakura, it's late, where were you?" He asked turning off the t.v. looking to his sister with a frown. Sakura completely ignored Touya and walked up the stairs mournfully.

"Sakura?" Touya called a little worried. Sakura opened her bedroom door and went to her bed crying, she just couldn't help it. Touya opened the door looking to his baby sister. "Sakura, what happened?" He asked softly walking over to her handing her his handkerchief which she took sitting up. "As if you would care?" Sakura said coldly with her tears still spilling from her eyes. Touya wrapped his arm around his sister. "I'm here aren't I, if I didn't care I would still be down stairs watching the weather." He said kindly. Sakura looked up to Brother and hugged him crying in his arms. Touya softly rocked and soothed her. "Tell me what's the matter." He said. Sakura nodded and looked up to him.

"Syaoran's leaving for China agin and won't be back until about Christmas, and I wanted to tell him something." She said blushing a little at the thought. "You love him don't you?" Touya said seriously looking to his sister. Sakura looked to Touya surprised and then nodded. "I knew it." He sighed. "How?" Sakura asked. "Almost you everything you said was about Syaoran this and Syaoran that, it was kinda obvious." He said. Sakura nodded. "I wanted to tell him but Ryo got in the way." She said. "Ryo!? That bastard from before." Touya said with anger.

Sakura nodded. "But Syaoran took care of him but I didn't get to tell Syaoran how I really felt." She said. "Touya I know you don't like him but I just want you to understand." She pleaded. Touya nodded. "I only hate what his putting you through, look Sakura you may not want to hear this but Syaoran may like you and all but you two might never be because of his life, but when you do tell him expect the unexpected, okay?" He said kindly. Sakura nodded finally stopping herself from crying. "Now, let's get some pudding, Dad left some before leaving." He said ruffling Sakura's hair. Sakura smiled and walked out her room with Touya to the kitchen.

Sunday, December 20

It had been months since Sakura saw Syaoran. She got letter and email's from him ever other week and sometimes they spoke over the phone. Sakura started taking skating lessons and practicing every day like Syaoran asked. She could even do a triple toe and a double loop and some spins too. She was in the best shape she could ever be. Macy and Garry were getting along famously and Eriol and Tomoyo were still hot. Sakura and Tomoyo were still cheer leading and Touya was still looking out for his sister. There bound became strong after that talk about Syaoran and Sakura's feelings.

Sakura was on the ice rink skating round with the people doing small spins and just skating But her feelings for Syaoran hadn't changed, almost every night she was dreaming about him and hoping that she wouldn't punk out about telling him how she felt. Sakura skated off the rink and went to the stands taking off her skates.

"Excuse me madam, are you Miss Sakura Kinomoto?"

Sakura turned and looked up seeing a prep looking man holding a gold envelope "Yes." She answered slowly pushing back her honey colored hair that was a little longer. "This is for you, Miss Sakura, have a nice day." The prep man said handing Sakura the envelope and bowing lowly walking away with his head high and his back straight. Sakura shook her head and looked to the seal on the letter seeing it was a Li dynasty seal. "Syaoran?" She said and hurriedly opened the letter that was in a fancy writing with tickets inside. Sakura looked to the ticket and began reading the letter which read:

Dear Miss Sakura Kinomoto,

You are our V.I.P guest at the National Ice Rink in Toyko by special invitation of Syaoran Xiao Lang Li of the Li Dynasty for a night of entertainments, this ticket will give you full access to the event with a backstage pass. The special event is on December twenty-second at 8pm, you may bring two guest of your chose and you'll be escorted to the event by limo,


Master Syaoran Xiao Lang Li.

Sakura opened her cell-phone and called John and the others but they wouldn't answer. Sakura looked to her watch and smiled.

Later Sakura made her way back home to find her brother talking on the phone with Nakuru. Sakura smiled and stood in the door way. "Baby, I gotta go, Sakura's giving me a look." Touya said hung up the phone and turned in attention to his little sister. "What?" He asked moving over on the couch as Sakura sat down next to him. Sakura didn't say anything but she handed Touya the invite she got. Touya read down the invite and closed it. "Well, looks like you'll be doing something on the twenty-second." He smiled. Sakura nodded. "I want you and Dad to come with me." Sakura smiled. Touya sighed and nodded. "And try not to kill Syaoran, I still have yet to tell him how I feel." Sakura said. Touya rolled his eyes and nodded. 'ding dong!' the door bell sounded. "Not even a smack?" Touya asked and Sakura got up giving him a look.

Sakura opened the door and looked to the tall figure standing at the door in a turtle neck navy blue sweater and black sunglasses since the snow was so bright and white. "Can I help you?" Sakura asked looking to the figure. "Well, I am insulted, and to think I thought you were my friend."

Sakura gasped as Syaoran Li took off his sunglasses grinning to Sakura. She couldn't believe it was Syaoran, his hair was longer and hung in his face and he was a little taller and leaner. "Syaoran!" Sakura squealed and hugged him, Syaoran hugged her back and smiled. Touya stood up hearing Sakura's laughing happily. Touya stopped at the door seeing Syaoran. Sakura broke the hug and looked to her brother. "Syaoran." He said calmly. "Touya." Syaoran said back kindly and extended his hand.

Touya sighed and shook his hand. "Well, looks like the Christmas time really does bring out the best of people." Syaoran smiled. Touya sighed and walked back into the living room picking up a book. "Oh, C'mon let go for a walk, you have to tell me everything." Sakura said bursting with joy grabbing her coat and boots as it began snowing agin.

Sakura shut the door and took Syaoran's hand and they began walking. "I got your invite, what's happening at the National Ice Rink?" Sakura asked and Syaoran smiled a little and looked to her. "Oh, that's the surprise, can't spoil it, can I." He said. Sakura groaned. "Your evil." She teased. "So, how's everything with you?' Sakura asked looking to Syaoran fondly as she was swung her arm still holding Syaoran's hand.

"Well, for starters, I'm skating agin." He said. Sakura squealed even louder making Syaoran's ear pop a little and she hugged him. "Oh, I'm so happy for you." She smiled. "If you smiled any wider your cheeks might lock in place." Syaoran teased. Sakura laughed. "I know, I'm just so happy to see you, I missed you." She said softly. Syaoran smiled. "Well, I could tell." He joked and Sakura playfully hit his shoulder.

"Also, we found out who drugged Garry's medicine," Syaoran said seriously. Sakura looked to Syaoran listening. "I thought it would be him, it was Venice as revenge." He said. Sakura sighed. "What happened to him? I haven't seen him in school." She asked. "He got deported and went to a jail in France, he can't come to Japan anymore, I made sure of that." He smirked. "Have you seen the others?" Sakura asked and Syaoran nodded. "They'll be at the event." He said. Sakura smiled. "Well, I haven't been doing much but I have been skating and I can do a double-loop, a triple-toe, some spins and turns, I've been really improving I even took some lessons, I never knew how expensive they are." She said. "Wow a whole triple-loop in such a short amount of time." He smiled proudly to her. Sakura just nodded. "Oh, and I still have to get my mother something for Christmas, I'm going to visit her soon." She said. Syaoran gave a small laugh. "Yeah, me too, I have to give something to my parents." He said.

Sakura gave Syaoran's hand a small comforting squeeze. "I'm sure there both proud of us." She said and Syaoran nodded. "So, any new girls in your life?" Sakura asked in a teasing tone but she just wanted to make sure they would have to go threw another girl thing when she was planning to tell Syaoran how she felt.

"You're a nosy little thing aren't you." Syaoran laughed and Sakura smiled sweetly. "But to answer your question, no. I'm officially busy for the rest of my life, I don't think causal dating is coming my way any time soon." He sighed.

"Don't worry, you'll find some time." She assured him.

Syaoran and Sakura walked around the neighborhood in the snow telling each other how everything went and what they were looking forward to doing for Christmas and new years, when it was around dinner time Syaoran and Sakura headed back and the snow was picking up. Syaoran and Sakura stood at her door. "When will I see you agin?" Sakura asked smiling. "Tomorrow, at my usual rink. you can show me those moves of yours." Syaoran smiled. Sakura nodded. "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow." She said and hugged Syaoran tightly and let him go as he headed down the stairs.

"Sakura?" Syaoran said turning making Sakura stop her from opening the door. "Yeah?" She asked looking to Syaoran. "You look great." He grinned and Sakura blushed. "Thanks, so do you. Good night." She said. "Night." Syaoran waved and waited until Sakura was in the house and then he walked off.

Sakura closed the door and blushed smiling. 'He looks even better with his hair longer.' She thought. "Sakura, is that you?" Mr. Fujitaka called from the kitchen. Sakura took off her boots and coat and walking into the kitchen. "I'm back." She smiled. "Oh, I heard that Li fellow is back from China, have you talk to him yet?" Sakura's Father asked. Sakura smiled and nodded. 'I'm meeting up with him at the Ice rink to show him what I learned." She said. Mr. Kinomoto nodded as he was making rice balls.

"Also he invited up to this surprise event, were V. I .P guests." Sakura added. "Mmm, that sounds interesting." Fujitaka said looking to his daughter. Sakura looked to her Father confused. He seemed happy but he seemed to be wanting to tell Sakura something. "Dad?" She asked. Fujitaka sighed. "I know this is all so sudden but," He smiled and looked to Sakura as Touya walked into the kitchen. "Were going to Paris for a family vacation after new year's." He smiled. Sakura gasped looking to her Father who was smiling. "No way!" She squealed and turned looking to her brother who gave a grin and shrugged.

"It's going to be none stop family fun, no work, no school, just us." He said happily. "Ohh, I better brush up on my french." Sakura said hugging her Father and then her brother he was excited but remained content.

Sunday, December 21

The next morning Sakura dressed in her jeans and a really thick heavy sweater as she walked to the rink in the snow, it was deep so she had on her boot over her jeans as she carried her ice skates. Sakura crossed the street seeing the plump lady Mrs. Karen smiling to Syaoran and hugging him. Sakura smiled and waved as Syaoran noticed Sakura coming over. "Morning!" He called. "Good Morning." Sakura smiled standing in front of Syaoran now. "You ready?" Syaoran asked standing in his skates and walking over to the Ice rink. Sakura nodded and quickly went to the bench and put on her skates.

Sakura went to the ice looking to Syaoran who was skating in a small circle and then coming to a stop. "Okay, miss Kinomoto, lets she what you got." He grinned. Sakura smiled and turned on her skate blade and skated around the rink picking up speed. Sakura then lifted her leg as she looked like she was flying on the ice. Sakura moved her upper body a little lifting herself and looping her index finger under her skate blade and she was in a spiral sequence. Syaoran smiled and clapped as Sakura stopped. "Good, lets your spins." Syaoran continued.

Sakura didn't say anything as she continued to go around the rink picking up speed and going into a simple spin then a sit spin and then back to a spiraling spin making complex patterns with her arms and then stopping by putting the pick of her skate in the ice. Syaoran applauded once more smiling. "I'm impressed. Now lets see your loops and whatnot that you've been boasting about." He teased and Sakura laughed panting a little.

Sakura once more went around the rink with speed and she timed it right and did a perfect triple toe and then went into a double loop. Sakura smiled. "What do you think?" Sakura panted skating back over to Syaoran who was smiling. "Good job, I wasn't expecting all this." He said. "And what were you expecting actually?" Sakura asked. Syaoran shrugged. "Can you do a lift?" He asked. Sakura blushed. "A little, I had some lessons, like four or five." She answered.

Syaoran nodded. "How about a star lift?" He asked folding his arms. Sakura shook her head. "The last time I tried to do a star lift, I almost broke my neck." Sakura said. Syaoran nodded. "Well, you do trust me right?" He asked seriously. Sakura blushed once more and nodded. "So let's try it, I'm sure you learned the hand positions right." Syaoran said skating backward. Sakura nodded. Syaoran and Sakura skated side-by-side and went they got to a equal speed Syaoran lifted Sakura by her hands and his hand on her hip and Sakura held onto Syaoran tightly and he spun slightly after a moment Sakura flipped down and they both stopped. Sakura looked to Syaoran shocked.

"We did it." She smiled. Syaoran nodded. "See that wasn't so hard." He grinned. "Do you ever eat, you feel lighter then Kiwi." He said looking to Sakura making her blush. "Yes, actually I do eat." She smiled. Syaoran laughed and took Sakura's hand and then began to skate around the rink with the music that Mrs Karen was playing.

It was the most wonderful Christmas miracle Sakura thought as she skated with Syaoran laughing and catching up with him. Later Syaoran and Sakura were walking around the park laughing and talking about anything, she told him about her going to Paris and he was just a delighted. "You goin' love it there, all the art and lights. It's beautiful." He said "Really?" Sakura asked. Syaoran nodded. "And the bread is to die for, and the coffee, perfect." He said. Sakura smiled thinking of Paris and the things she wanted to do there.

"So you goin' tell me what's happening tomorrow?" Sakura asked walking backward in front of Syaoran. "Nope." He said with a smirk. "Just a hint." Sakura pleaded. "There's going to be food there." He said. Sakura sweat dropped and lowered her eyes. "Duh, of course there's going to be food." She said. "That's your hint." He teased. Sakura huffed. "Your so mean."

Syaoran nodded. "I guess I am."

Sakura and Syaoran took a bus to the mall to finish up some Christmas shopping. "So what did you get me for Christmas?" Sakura smiled. Syaoran laughed. "You just want to know everything don't you?" He said. Sakura smiled sweetly and Syaoran shook his head. "I won't tell you, it's like opening a birthday present ten months before your birthday, it's wrong." He said. Sakura sighed. "Not even a hint." She whined. "Sakura." Syaoran said looking to her firmly. Sakura rolled her eyes. "Fine, but I still have to get something for my brother." Sakura said looking to the store window selling clothes and whatnot. "Maybe you should get him a punching bag, he always wants to fight." Syaoran joked.

"Not a bad idea, he can put your picture on it." Sakura said turned walking into a sports store. "I was joking." He called and sat on the bench outside. After about ten minutes Sakura was holding a wrapped box. "They wrap gifts for one yen." She laughed. Syaoran yawned and ran his hand threw his hair. "Isn't that heavy?" Syaoran asked getting up. "No, it's one of those punching bags that blow up with air so it's light." She said and Syaoran nodded. Sakura and Syaoran finished up there shopping and Sakura invited Syaoran over for dinner although he wasn't going to stay too long.

Sakura and her Father were in the kitchen working on the soup. "I can't believe I have a billionaire in my dinning room." Mr. Fujitaka said looking to Sakura as he was mixing the soup. Syaoran was watching T.v. silently with Touya, although Touya kept giving him this blazing look. "Dad, shh." She blushed. "Sakura, you really know how to pick them." Mr. Fujitaka went on. Sakura rolled her eyes. "His my friend, Dad." She said. "Well, I pretty sure you didn't wish that the way you look at him so fondly." He whispered looking to Sakura with his cunning eyes. "Dad." Sakura whined.

Syaoran cell went off and he got up and excused himself. "Hello? . . . damn Bi I told you I was busy . . . . well you tell the prick that I'm going to be late! . . . no, I won't do that . . . . Fine, you tell him that I'm on a break and I already have my quad done of piss off!" He shouted and hung up his phone.

Syaoran looked up seeing Touya, Sakura, and Mr. Fujitaka looking to him. "Um, family business, my assistant can be a real pest sometime." He said with a nervous laugh. Mr. Fujitaka just nodded and went about his business. Sakura gave Syaoran a look and he shrugged.

Later after dinner was served and desert was being prepared Syaoran was chatting and laughing with Sakura while Touya watched them closely. "And what else," Syaoran thought after telling Sakura about his chase away from the reporter. "Oh, the camera dude actually got on top of the car and I hit the break and he flew off, really, he flew off into the fountain that was like twelve feet away it was crazy." He laughed. Sakura smiled and looked to Touya who looked to his sister concern. "And the worst part was he actually got a picture." He said. "Wow, that must make these camera's even better then I thought." Sakura said with to Syaoran.

Mr. Fujitaka came in with chocolate pudding and a scoop of vanilla Ice cream on top. "Wow, it looks great, Mr. Fujitaka." Syaoran commented with a watery mouth. "Sakura said you loved chocolate so I thought, way not pudding and Ice cream." He smiled. Syaoran smiled to Sakura and then dived into his pudding. "Mmm, this is good." Syaoran said. Sakura smiled as she took a small piece of the vanilla ice cream.

After desert Syaoran had to go he said his good-byes to Touya and Mr. Fujitaka who couldn't stop bowing and shaking his hand. "I'll see you at the Tokyo rink tomorrow night." Sakura smiled as Syaoran opened the door to the Limo. "See ya then." Syaoran smiled and Sakura gave Syaoran a quick hug before he got in the limo and drove away. Sakura waved for a moment until the limo was around the corner.

Monday, December 22

"Tomoyo, I'm panicking. I don't know what to wear!" Sakura said over her cell phone on the afternoon of the party. "I can't find anything that not, Ah. Tomoyo I need your help." Sakura said. Tomoyo was laughing on the other line. "Tomoyo?" Sakura asked as she stopped her frantic search for something to wear. "Oh, Eriol stop." She laughed. "Tomoyo?" Sakura growled. "Eriol stop it, I have to help Sakura." Tomoyo said on the other line laughing trying to sound serious. "Tomoyo, if you not going to help me just hang up." Sakura said angry.

"No, Sakura I'm going to help you. Eriol go away." She said. Sakura heard Eriol groan on the other line. "I'm sorry about that, I'll be right over." Tomoyo said hanging up. Sakura sighed and sat on her bed. Ten minutes later Tomoyo came up to Sakura's room. "Okay, I'm here." Tomoyo smiled holding a suitcase. "Are you moving in?" Sakura asked as Tomoyo put the suitcase on the bed. "Sakura, your so dense, these are some of my designs I made for you recently, I thought you'd be needing something sparkling and glamorous to wear so I did these." Tomoyo said opening the case. Sakura looked down to the folded clothes and smiled. "You really are the best." She said. Tomoyo smiled and flipped her hair back. "Just see what you like." She said although she wanted to boast some more.

Sakura got up and looked at the clothes closely. "I want something perfect to wear, because tonight . . . I'm going to tell him." Sakura said with confidence. Tomoyo looked to Sakura surprised. "Are you really?" Tomoyo asked. Sakura looked to her friend and nodded smiling. "I'm going to tell him I love him, I have to. I can't keep it bottled up inside anymore." She said. Tomoyo beamed to Sakura. "Well, you better look harder, I won't have you looking like a prune when you tell Syaoran, Oh this is so exciting." She squealed.

The Limo finally arrived at Sakura's house and Touya and Fujitaka were dressed in there best suits and Sakura finally picked her outfit. Sakura was wearing a hunter green velvet off the shoulder dress that came with a really warm shawl and she wore a sparkly diamond necklace that she loaned from Tomoyo with really dark green heals that almost looked as if it were black and she had small diamond ear rings. Sakura lips fashioned a dark pink glossy lipstick while her eyes shadow was a skin like color so it gave her a natural glowing look. Sakura got into the limo with Touya next to her looking to his sister.

Sakura looked up to Touya as Mr. Fujitaka shut the limo door. "What?" Sakura frowned to her brother. "What's that smell?" Touya said sniffing the air. "It's me, it's called Vanilla Fantasy." She said. "It's sweet." Sakura's Father smiled adjusting his tie. Sakura smiled fondly to her Father while Touya sat back and folded his arms. "All this for a stupid boy." He muttered. "What was that?" Sakura said sharply. "Nothing." He sighed and looked out the window seeing snow falling.

When they arrived at the rink it was crowed with people screaming and cheering. "Oh, God it's like there going to be celebrities here." Sakura gasped looking out the window nervously. The limo door opened and Sakura got out first with the help of a valet. The place was bright and camera's and reporter were everywhere. Sakura smiled as the camera's flashed and fans were screaming like mad people. Touya took Sakura's hand making sure she didn't get lost in the crowd of reporters calling them over.


Sakura stopped and looked to Tomoyo and Eriol who were three feet away from them. Sakura smiled and let go of her brother's hand and hugged her friends. "You guys look great." Sakura commented. Tomoyo had her hair in a simple bun and she was wearing a shimmer black dress with short sleeves and a small cropped wool jacket with black heels. She was wearing some lip gloss and light eyes shadow. Eriol was in a suit, all black, with a tie that had a pair of ice skates in the cornet with his hair slicked back.

"C'mon, Syaoran's back stage." Eriol said looking back. Sakura looked to her Father and he nodded and Tomoyo took Sakura's hand and the three got into the building and headed the back way to the back stage area. Sakura and the others opened the door to a crowd of shouting people running and tripping and naked. Sakura gasped seeing a men running in his towel. "Over here!" Eriol called standing by someone.

Sakura and Tomoyo came over though the crowd and saw Syaoran smiling with a hair stylist behind him. "Master Syaoran, sit down please." She begged and Syaoran sighed sitting down. "Wow, Syaoran you look. . . " Sakura paused looking at the costume he was wearing. "Surprise." He said looking to Sakura with a smile. Sakura smiled back. "Your preforming." She said. "Yep, it's more of less a charity performance with other skaters, kinda like a play with if you get my drift, Miss Kai don't put anything sticky in my hair last time I couldn't get it out when I washed my hair." He said looking bored and the stylist nodded.

"Wow, this is going to be exciting." Sakura smiled. "Well, you know me always over the top." He said as Miss Kai pushed back his hair and put it in a small pony tail. "You guys looked great." Syaoran said looking to Sakura, Eriol, and Tomoyo. "We know." Tomoyo boasted with a cocky smile. Syaoran rolled his eyes and smiled. "Syaoran I can't find my tights."

Kiwi came into view and she smiled to the others. "Wow you guys look like diamonds." She said. "John has them." Syaoran said with a grin. "Oh! he is such a guy." Kiwi hissed and walked passed them to find John wherever he was. "Where's Macy and Garry?" Eriol asked looking around. "Oh there in the stands already, they seemed to be getting along really great." Syaoran said. "Done, Master Syaoran." Miss Pai said and Syaoran stood and nodded at his reflection. Syaoran was wearing sparkling green suit with his skates. "Syaoran you look like a Christmas bulb." Tomoyo laughed. Syaoran made a face. "Well, it's not my fault I hate wearing this is itchy." He said scratching his arm.


John and Kiwi came into view. Kiwi had her boyfriend by the ear. "This is serious I told you about being so gross." She said snatching her skating tights from him. John rubbed his ear and laugh. "If that skirt was any short it would be serious." He called making Kiwi blush walking away to a dressing room. "Oh hey!" He smiled. John was wearing a black suit with a red and sliver tie, it was screaming Christmas Tie. "Man you guys looked tight." He commented. "Thank you." Sakura giggled.

"Syaoran!" Himeko called. Syaoran sighed. "I gotta go, you guys. The show is about to start." He said walking off. "Syaoran." Sakura said taking his hand making his stop. "Can you meet me later somewhere private I have to talk to you." She said. Syaoran smiled softly and nodded before walking away. Sakura's heart began racing she had to keep it together. "C'mon we better get to our seat." Tomoyo said looped her arm around Eriol.

As they went to the stand they had the first row were was cool as the ice was being cleaned Sakura saw it sparkle. Macy and Garry were looking great. Macy was in a very sexy red dress she designed that had a wide ribbon around the waist she said it was her Christmas special. Garry was looking good in his suit with a gold tie. Touya and Sakura's Dad were sitting on the end with Syaoran's sister were wanted to which there seats with Mr. Fujitaka to seat next to Touya.

Sakura looked to the program paper. It was like a play. The light dimmed and the speakers turned on. "Good evening ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the third annual Tokyo Christmas charity performance." Everyone applauded."All charity goes to the hospitals and orphanages all over Japan. Please look at you program papers for more information on how to donate."

Tomoyo smiled to Sakura and Eriol took Tomoyo hand. Sakura looked to Garry and Macy who were taking pictures everywhere. Oh, and of course Tomoyo had her camera. Sakura looked to her Father smiling at Syaoran sisters and speaking to them. "Ladies and Gentlemen please take your seats the performance is about to began."

Sakura cleared her throat and looked to the program sheet. It read introduction. Sakura's heart was racing as this was one of the biggest night of her life. The light dimmed and you could see people rushing on the ice putting what looked like set pieces down. After a few moments really cheery loud music began to play with light flashed as the skaters came out:

Machi ni dekakeyou Hitori de ita tte kurai dake desho
Ruupu shite ochikonde nao sara ah nayanjatte
Soto ni tobidasou Shinpai iranai
Oomukashi kara chikyuu datte mawatte 'ru
Kitto tsuki datte mawaru yo

The skaters danced on the ice smiling and passing each other and touching hands as if seeing friends. Everyone was in different colors bright and dark. Sakura could see Syaoran to the left dancing with Kiwi who was in purple.

Brand-New Love Song Hare-Hareruya!
Minna hajikete Aishiaou
Tanchou na nichijou Tsuujou na kanjou
Mamoranakucha dame na koto itsu mo aru

Machi o miwatasou Denwa ya konpasu mo mirai no tobira
Kakurete 'ru sagasou yo Kono yo wa takarajima sa
Issho ni habatakou Tanoshii koto shiyou
Oomukashi kara yoru wa akeru hi wa noboru
Zettai taiyou wa terasu no

The Male skaters took there partners and did star lifts. Sakura blushed at the ease Syaoran had picking up Kiwi and everyone landed and changed partners doing ice dancing spins and twizzlers. It was like dancing sparkles.

Groovy Love Song Hare-Hareruya!
Ya na koto wasure Aishiaou
Doujou na genjou Ganjou na yuujou
Ugokanakucha dame na toki itsu mo aru

Dancing in the street
Grooving to the light through the night

Everyone took each others hand and formed a large circle and want around the rink and the girls took the girls hand and went to the pond of the rink in a circle.

Brand-New Love Song Hare-Hareruya!
Minna hajikete Aishiaou
Groovy Love Song Hare-Hareruya!
Ya na koto wasure Aishiaou
Brand-New Love Song Hare-Hareruya!
Ashita no tame ni odorou
Groovy Love Song Hare-Hareruya!
Ugokanakucha dame na toki itsu mo aru

Yasashiku narimashou
Sunao ni narimashou
Yasashiku narimashou
Sunao ni narimashou

Yasashiku narimashou...

As the song ended everyone stopped spinning and the lights dimmed and a beam went on one of the female skaters. "My name is Christa. And recently I've been having this funny feel . . . like something's going to happen. Also my friends say I'm acting like this is because I haven' had a real boyfriend in six years."

Everyone laughed and 'aw' for the poor girl. Sakura smiled seeing Syaoran skating to the character Christa. "I'm Vlad, and funny thing is I can't keep the ladies away from me." Sakura blushed. "Well in theory anyway, okay I'm lying." Syaoran said quickly sitting on the ice sighing. Everyone laughed agin. "My friend Vlad has been my friend since I came to this place, he was always so nice to me and my friends keep saying I like him. But I'm not sure, now I'm a little nervous around him and I'm pretty such he thinks I'm weird."

"My good friend Christa is a really sweet girl, she's funny, she nice, and she has a great personality and I like her a lot, I can't stop thinking about her sometimes. My friends think I'm crazy and they say I can pick any girl, but I want Chista. But how can I tell her how I feel without messing up our friendship."

The light dimmed and Syaoran and the other skates who Sakura found out her real name, Parr Kida, from the program paper. The lights came back on and Kiwi was in the middle of the rink wearing a fairy out fit. She was cupid in the story. Classical music play as she moved forward gracefully. As the music swelled Syaoran and Parr were back on the Ice alone with some other skaters. This time Syaoran was wearing black and Parr was wearing a blue outfit. They were skating together as if they were friends.

When you love someone so deeply
They become your life
It's easy to succumb to overwhelming fears
Blindly I imagined I could
Keep you under glass
Now I understand to hold you
I must open up my hands
And watch you rise

Syaoran took Parr's hand and spun her around and then they pushing off skating with themselves after they didn't notice each other.

Spread your wings and prepare to fly
For you have become a butterfly
Fly abandonedly into the sun
If you should return to me
We truly were meant to be
So spread your wings and fly

Syaoran and Parr met back up and he took her hand and they went into a graceful and dangerous death spiral. They came back up from the death spiral and circled around each other smiled and they once more skated away from each other. Later in the show the love interest, Chista, gave up on Syaoran and went with this other guy which was killing Syaoran and so he told Parr that he loved her and would fight for her because the guy she was with would never love he like he would. It was romantic you even heard Tomoyo squeal silently with happiness. Tragically Parr wouldn't take Syaoran back so in the end he ended up killing himself. Sakura was somewhat shocked.

But Parr did feel bad and the show on ice was a huge hit. It was funny, powerful with drama, romantic. Sakura loved it. Touya actually applauded too which also made Sakura happy.

As the After party was taking place the reporters were asking left and right what Sakura was wearing she told them and they went crazy not knowing Sakura wasn't a famous person. Sakura was seated in the center of the room with the others and his brother and Father as the food was being served. "I can't believe Syaoran can act." Garry laughed. Macy nodded as she took a sip of her lemon and water. "I thought it was so romantic." Tomoyo sighed. "You would." Touya said back. Tomoyo smiled proudly. "I thought it was colorful, the designers for the costumes were beautiful and witty, I loved it." Macy commented.

"I just hope I don't have to do this agin."

Everyone turned looked to Syaoran in a snazzy black suit with a silk green tie. His hair was pulled back slightly out of his face giving him this natural sexy confident look. Sakura blushed. "Wow you look great." Macy said standing up and hugging Syaoran and then touching his tie. "Oh, Silk." She sighed loving the feel on her fingers.

"Okay, Mac." Syaoran said pushing her hand slowly away from his tie. Macy laughed and sat back down. Kiwi and John arrived finally together. Kiwi was wearing elegant red dress that had a long sleeves and a bare back. "Kiwi!" Tomoyo smiled looking her dress. "That was so hard, I haven't skated that long and that hard for a long time." Kiwi smiled. Jazzy Christmas music started to play. Syaoran grinned and offered his hand to Sakura.

Without saying anything Sakura smiled and took his hand making their way to the dance floor. Syaoran gave Sakura a little spin and took her hand with one hand and his other on her waist as they dance to the music slowly. "So what do you think?" Syaoran asked looking into Sakura's eyes making her blush. "I thought it was great, Romantic, playful, angsty. You really out did yourself." She smiled. Syaoran chuckled. "Mostly I was just glad to be on the ice agin, I thought I was going to die." He said. "I was happy to see you happy out there, you looked like you were breathing agin." She whispered softly looking to Syaoran seriously.

Syaoran looked down and then back to Sakura. "I guess I kinda was." He whispered back in the same tone pulling Sakura closer to him. Sakura rested her head on his shoulder. "I glad you came back." She whispered to him. "Me too." He said with a sigh. Sakura and Syaoran danced for a while longer and then suddenly Sakura remember what she had to do. "Is there some place we can go private?" Sakura asked a little nervous. "Um . . . okay." Syaoran said slowly and took Sakura's hand and they went back stage and then to the empty dressing area and in his dressing room.

Syaoran shut the door and walked past Sakura and sat down. "So what wrong?" He asked looking to Sakura causally. Sakura took a deep breath. "I been meaning to tell you something," She began. Syaoran leaned back looking to Sakura still. "We've been friend for a while and I really appreciate that you accept me as a friend instead of a bitch with pom-pom's." She said and paused trying not to laugh, but be serious.

Syaoran laughed a little. "Well, you got that right." He sighed. Sakura rolled her eyes. "But that besides the point." She said and was about to continue but a knock was on the door making her frustrated since every time she tried to tell him she was always interrupted or too scared but she was ready now, and this happens. "Come in!" Syaoran called. A butler peeked through the door and then opened it completely and bowed.

"Master Li, your sisters are looking for you now." He said. "Tell them I busy and I'll be with them soon." He said and the butler bowed and left the room. "You were saying?" Syaoran said looking back to Sakura who took another deep breath and continued. "And I knew about Mei cheating on you for a long time." She said. "What?" Syaoran said looking to Sakura confused. "I felt like I should have told you the moment I saw then on the bench but I didn't want to hurt you, I felt terrible." She said looking down ashamed.

"Sakura why didn't you tell me then?" Syaoran asked with a slight pang of anger in his tone. Sakura shook her head. "I just couldn't." She said. Syaoran sighed and stood. "And for a long time I've been confused about why I didn't tell you, but I figured it was meanly because I didn't want to hurt you and I was also hurt myself when you came back with a girlfriend and not telling me right away that you were seeing someone, it's like I got my hopes up and then they shattered agin."She paused looking to Syaoran. "Hopes?" He said confused.

"It took me a while to figure this out and I wanted to tell you that I-"

Syaoran phone rang making him jump because he was hanging of Sakura's every word. Syaoran took his cell out of his pant pocket and once he did Sakura snatched the phone. "Sakura!" Syaoran said reaching for it. "No I'm not going to be interrupted agin, I've waited a long to tell you this." She said frustrated avoiding Syaoran's moves. "Sakura I just need to take this call." He said reaching for it but Sakura moved away.

"NO! I've waited to long to tell you I'm in love with you!" She shouted. Syaoran stopped reaching for the phone looking to Sakura shock and the phone stopped ringing. "What?" He said not believing his ears. "I'm in love with you Syaoran, I can't think of a plainer way to say it, I've loved you for the longest time and I was jealous of Mei because I thought she wasn't good enough for you, I love you. I loved you since you gave me my first kiss, it felt right. It felt like I wasn't be stupid about some guy. I don't love your money or you social stance, I love you, your skating, your whole being." Sakura paused feeling tears welling in her eyes.

Syaoran was absolutely shock, he stood looking to Sakura star struck. "I remembered when I saw you for the first time on the Ice, I wasn't excepting you of all people to be able to do what you did. I know you think I'm crazy for telling you this now of all times but I wanted to tell you before some other beautiful girl came into your life." She finished and handed Syaoran his cell.

Sakura whipped her eyes with you messing up her make-up and took a few steps back. "Why didn't you tell me before, Sakura?" Syaoran whispered trying to shake off the shock. "I was afraid what you would think of me." She said looking down agin ashamed. "I always thought I wouldn't be good enough, or pretty enough, or smart enough." She stopped herself for continuing. She was also jealous of the other girls that got to be with him. "Why would you think that?" He asked sounding frustrated.

"It's just all the other girls were pretty and knew what to do, and I was clueless and selfconscious about what people thought of me, especially you Syaoran." She said. Syaoran walked over to Sakura and lifted her chin. "So they were pretty girls . . . but your beautiful Sakura, you should never doubt that. I never thought of you as any of those things, I liked you just they way you are, silly, talent, smart, beautiful, adventurous. You know, I would like to see those other girl pull off full cheerleading tumbles and triple loop on the ice any day." He smiled. Sakura smiled and looked away from Syaoran as he took her hands.

"But Sakura, I've been meaning to tell you something too," Syaoran paused looking to Sakura seriously. Sakura looked into his brown eyes feeling her heart beating a million miles an hour. "I love you too," He said. Sakura's heart stopped beating so fast and she heard him say those words. "But," He trailed. "'But?' why's there gotta me a 'but'?" Sakura whined being silly. Syaoran chuckled lightly. "We can't be together." He finished.

It was as Sakura thought, rejection. Sakura sighed disappointed and looked away. Syaoran could feel Sakura's disappointment. "Sakura, you have to understand why we can't be together," He paused. "Why is it so hard, we love each other. What more is there?" She asked turning away from him, angry and sad. "Because, I would never see you, my life is too hectic right now, we would never be along together." He said sadly. Sakura sighed. "Well, at least I told you that's all that matter." Sakura said and reaching for the door. Syaoran took Sakura's arms stopping her from getting to the knob.

"Sakura, Please understand." He pleaded as Sakura felt his hand touch her waist and bring her so close to him that her back rested on his chest. "Then can I ask you this?" Sakura said turned around facing Syaoran completely. "If things were different, would we be together?" She asked. "Yes, and the first real date I've take you would be to a play and a romantic dinner." He smiled. Sakura blushed and looked down.

"Then could I say good-bye." Sakura whispered looking up to Syaoran who nodded. Sakura's heel's still made her short but she didn't have to stand on her tips toes to kiss Syaoran. Syaoran leaned down and there lips touched lightly and softly. Syaoran hands went to Sakura's waist and then up her back and returned to her waist. Sakura wrapped her arms around Syaoran's neck as they teased each other with small kisses. Finally Sakura and Syaoran kissed each other with the passion they held back so long. Sakura blushed guiltily loving the feel of Syaoran's lips and how deeply he was kissing her.

Syaoran and Sakura parted into small kisses and went into another kiss that was even more powerful and passionate then the first. Syaoran held Sakura closer to him never feeling like this before. He was excitement and pleased, he wanted to be with her so badly but knew he couldn't completely but this kiss told it all. Syaoran and Sakura parted once more. Syaoran kissed Sakura once more on the lips and then the side of her neck that smelled sweet from her perfume. Syaoran never wanted to forget it. Sakura's hand touched Syaoran's hair as she closed her eyes and savoring another kiss Syaoran placed on her neck. Syaoran went back to her lips and they kissed once more.

Sakura didn't want to lose her breath to and end the kiss, but Syaoran and Sakura finally broke away. Syaoran was the first to sigh. "Wow." He said not looking to Sakura who bit her lip still wanting to taste Syaoran. "Thank you." Sakura blushed and caressed his cheek. Syaoran took Sakura's hand and kissed her palm. She felt the tickle of his lips and blushed even more. "That was amazing." He said. "I've never been kissed like that before." He said almost excited at the thought. Sakura smiled. "Well, we better get back to the party." She smiled. "Sakura," Syaoran said pulling her agin away from the door.

"Thank you for tell me, I'm glad you did." He said. Sakura smiled and kissed Syaoran on the cheek. "Your welcome."

Syaoran and Sakura returned to the party not as a new couple but as friends once more even though they didn't want to be more. Touya said the happiness and disappointment in Sakura's eyes but she still looked to Syaoran as she always did with they same sparkle of love in her eyes. Tomoyo knew right off they didn't hook up but they were okay with it.

But completely Sakura understood why she couldn't be with Syaoran. And she loved him even more for caring about that part of them not being together. Later that year Sakura went to Paris and wrote to Syaoran every day she was there. And Syaoran got to skate agin but he still ran the company with ease, and the help of her sisters Sakura still wanted to be with Syaoran of course. He was her first real love. But she would always remember that day walking home from school. The day that started her journey. The skating figure.


Well, that's the end of a great story, I really enjoyed working on it all this time. I thank everyone to the bottom of my heart for reviewing and sticking with me. I really had a lot of fun. Hopefully everyone understood the ending and liked it. Thanks for everyones reviews you've all been great.