Halloween Revenge

By: Lady HexaKnight

Chapter 1: The Devious Plot

The night was clear as the first quarter moon of October shined over Toontown. Nothing stirred in this great town of toons; not even a little toon mouse. But something was happening not far in the great mountains just north of there. Dark silhouettes flocked to a castle of hellish plight and gathered in a room of green candlelight.

"Well, I'm glad to see that you decided to come," said a feminine but cold voice. The lights brightened.

In the room was a cauldron laid empty. Shelves of book cluttered, dusty, around the room with titles like: 'Bewitched the Mind and Soul,' 'Wicked Poisons of the Imposable,' and 'History's Cursed and Valued Treasures.' In the far corner of the room, a fire burned well while a horned figure stared into the green flames.

"Well Maleficent, some of us did have plans!" said another feminine voice.

Maleficent looked up. "Indeed, Cruella… But I think you'll enjoy what I have in stored."

"Well come on then, you said it was important. It's got to be better then reckon havoc on the little Pan brat-"

"Or that no- account street rat!"

"Patience, Hook, Jafar. I will reveal my plan in due time but first, we have to wait for our other guests to arrive. Ahh-"

The door flew open and two figures walked- crawled- into the room. One was an obese woman with tentacles all around. The other was the blue- flamed God of the Underworld.

"Ursula, Hades, glad you could join us," said Maleficent as she walked over with her staff in hand. "Now that everyone's all acquainted for. I will gladly tell why I called for all of you. I have a plan that I think you all will enjoy."

"And what is your plan?" asked Cruella.

"I hope your plan involves revenge because that's all I'm in the mood for," grumbled Ursula.

"Why yes, it is revenge."

"Revenge! Revenge on whom?" asked the Captain. His face was filled with excitement.

"Why on Mickey of course," Maleficent smiled. "For ruining our most celebrated holiday three years ago."

Jafar laughed. "My dear, I love how your twisted little mind works!"

"Whoa! Whoa! Time out here! Mickey, as in Mickey Mouse!" started Hades, in a disbelieved way. Maleficent nodded with a cold smile. Hades looked like he was in shock. "No! No way!"

"Why not?" asked Jafar.

"Well he- Whoa! I don't have to explain myself to you…. Hey you know what, I'm out of here." And with that, Hades enveloped into flames; disappearing from the room leaving scorch marks on the floor blew.

"Ack…. We don't need him! Tell us about your plan," said Captain Hook, still looking excited.

"My plan is evil and simple. Why don't we turn him into one of us. A Villain."

"And what would be the purpose of that," said Ursula, folding her arms.

"If we turn Mickey Mouse, one of history's treasured heroes, into one of us then children would cherish and idolize the villain more then the egotistical hero," said Maleficent with another cold- hearted smile.

"And how are we suppose to do that? Mickey will not turn voluntarily," said Cruella with a little sarcasm.

"We all know he won't turn voluntary," Maleficent started, "so I've invited an old friend of mine from Eastern Europe to give us a hand-"

As the villains talk on about their plan, something was happening in the great Toontown. A weary house stood alone at a corner of an eerie street, abandoned.

The paint was so old that the sun bleached it black. An old, crooked tree is all that's left of a once beautiful garden. Outside the once white picket fence stood a tall, slim figure claded in black. It seemed to be carrying what looked like two traveling bags.

The figure looked up to the old house and smiled. It's white teeth shined as the moon glowed above. Then it moved through the paint peeled gate and went up the cracked walkway to the door. The door opened by itself as the figure approached the porch. It walked into the old house as the door closed on itself.

And for the first time in many years, there was a light in the window.