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What a Feelin'

Robin didn't like waking up late. It always meant that there was something on his mind. Usually, he would be up around six in the morning, simply to see the sun rise. After that, he would read the morning paper while he ate his breakfast, enjoying the peace that came with being alone in the Tower. When the team had first come together, he had insisted on early morning training sessions before breakfast, but as he spent more time away from Batman, the strict, regimented side of him had deflated considerably.

That was mostly thanks to Starfire. Now, she was an unpredictable one when it came to what time she woke up. The others were like clockwork; Robin always knew the order of things. First Raven would get up and, after some herbal tea, head to the roof or the window of the lounge area for meditation. True, since the Trigon incident, she had spent less time meditating, simply because it wasn't needed. However, she still enjoyed the excuse to tell everyone to be quiet.

Next would be Cyborg, who had set his recharging station to wake him up at eight. How Robin envied him for being able to simply set a time for his body to wake up. He felt none of the fatigue that Robin did when he forced himself to get up early. At first, the half robot had gotten up much later, but that had led to constant arguments with Beast Boy about the nature of breakfast, and, after a particularly terrifying display of anger from Raven, had decided to get up earlier so he could make whatever he wanted.

Beast Boy, of course, had tried to get himself up early to stop the crime against nature that was frying bacon, but couldn't bring himself to get up so early after the first week or so. Naturally, the green changeling was always the last Titan to get up, usually looking like he had spent the night sleeping upside down. Of course, that was actually the case occasionally; depending on what animal he had decided to sleep as the night before.

And then there was Starfire. Sometimes she would be up before Robin, sometimes she would get up after Beast Boy. The times that Robin enjoyed the most were when she would get up after himself but before Raven. Of course, he enjoyed any opportunity to be with her, but there was something different about spending time with her when it was just the two of them. There was no chance of some immature snickering from Beast Boy or an embarrassing comment from Cyborg; it was just he and Starfire, sitting down to breakfast.

There was another small part of him that enjoyed the illusion that it was just them in the Tower, as if they were a…

Robin always paused at this thought. He didn't know what to call himself and Starfire. They certainly weren't just friends, not any more. Hell, Beast Boy had called them a couple once. Sure, it was an offhand comment, and they were trapped in an elevator shaft at the time, but it had made Robin think about it for quite some time. Not to say that she wasn't always on his mind.

But that was not the case today. Today, he was up late. How late, he wasn't sure. But he just knew in his gut that he was up much later than usual. Turning over in his bed, he saw that it was nearly midday. Leaping out of bed, he grabbed the clock and inspected the time more closely, as if it would help him turn time back.

Midday? MIDDAY?

He cocked an eyebrow. What could have him so worried that he would sleep in so much?

It was a fact with Robin that if something was on his mind, he wouldn't be able to sleep. However, if there was something his subconscious mind was dwelling on, he would sleep longer and more soundly than ever before. Robin had asked Raven about this before, and she had answered that his subconscious mind was most likely trying to tell him something through dreams… usually something important.

The Boy Wonder frowned. His dream hadn't been particularly elaborate. He was floating in space, flying towards the sun. As he got closer, he didn't feel any heat; he just felt more and more at ease the closer he got to the blazing ball of gas.

Then he had woken up.

Sighing, he made his way to the bathroom to splash some cold water on his face, hoping it would allow him to think more clearly. He removed his mask as he looked at himself in the mirror. There was most definitely something there. He hadn't noticed anything yesterday, but there was something that he wanted himself to know. The cold water did him some good as he splashed it around his face and his neck. He stared at his reflection, using his best 'interrogation' stare.

"What is it? What do you want me to know?"

He cocked an eyebrow at the scowl that looked back at him.

That's my interrogation face? No wonder I need to wear a mask.

After drying his face, Robin put said article of clothing back on to his face and made his way to his room to get changed. He decided to proceed with his day as normal. If it was important, it would come back to him.


Starfire licked an orange thumb and turned the page of the magazine laid on the table, leaning on her right arm as she scanned the page for anything of interest. She had never understood the purpose of licking ones thumb before turning the page of a piece of literature. That is, until she got a paper cut. On Tamaran, the pages of books were made of a much softer and smooth substance; it was impossible to damage oneself with Tamaranian 'paper'. Earth paper, on the other hand, was so cold and stiff by comparison.

She hummed a tune as she absent-mindedly flipped the pages of the magazine. She was bored. Starfire was rarely bored in Titans Tower, but today was an exception. There was little to no noise in the Tower. Cyborg and Beast Boy had gone out for the day, having seen a commercial for "the most powerfully comfortable chair in the world: the 'Comfort-o-Matic 3000'." It boasted that it could make one vibrate so fast, they could pass through solid objects. The technical aspects had intrigued Cyborg, while Beast Boy was simply interested in being able to vibrate through walls. He had been fascinated by the subject ever since they had met Kid Flash.

Raven, meanwhile, was away helping Thunder and Lightning with a mission. Beast Boy and Cyborg had already left when they had gotten the call, and Robin and Starfire were asleep at the time. So, after leaving a note, she had gone to help Thunder and Lightning against some strange villain who could sing so loud as to destroy whole buildings. And so, Starfire and Robin were the only ones left in the building. At least, she assumed Robin was in the building. Starfire had become curious as to Robin's non-appearance, and so had gone to his room to find him.

She smiled at the memory. She had seen him splayed out upside down on the bed, his arm and leg dangling off the side of the mattress. Unable to resist the temptation, she had run to her room and grabbed her camera, keeping the moment preserved forever on film. Although, she would never actually tell Robin she had such a picture, nor would she ever dream of showing anyone else the photo. Robin was so easily embarrassed by such things.

As her eyes scanned the next page, she saw the words 'Superhero' and 'gossip' and immediately stopped her humming. There were various articles spread about the magazine, ranging from Superman being gay to Kid Flash and Jinx being spotted at a small Bistro in France. She saw that the older heroes like Green Arrow were relegated to the left, while the younger heroes were on the right. Not knowing much about the heroes on the left, she decided to concentrate on the right.

One section was about the Teen Titans themselves, the article in question being a small Q&A on the Titans, where people could write in with a question and the magazine would answer it. Starfire wondered how the people who made the magazine could have such knowledge of them, but decided to let it pass.

One question read:

Q: Are Beast Boy and Cyborg a couple? They do spend a lot of time together.

A: They are confirmed as being a couple, yes.

Starfire giggled out loud at that. She would have to show it to them when they returned.

Q: What's going on with Robin and Starfire?

A: We think that they're a couple. The signs are there. Perhaps we'll see something happen on Valentine's Day.

Starfire put a hand over her mouth as she gasped. Valentine's Day… she had almost forgotten. A quick glance over at the calendar confirmed that it was in fact Tuesday the fourteenth: Valentine's Day. She wondered if Robin was planning anything. He always seemed so aware of things around him; it would be highly uncharacteristic of him to forget such an occasion. That is, if she was the one whom he wanted to spend his Valentine's Day with.

At that moment, Robin stepped through the door, looking highly troubled. Starfire didn't like that look. It brought back memories of the days when he would obsess over Slade… She shook the thought from her head. Robin had become much better since those early days. Compared to how he was when they first formed, he was the most sociable person in the world. His expression changed for the better as he looked over at her.

"Hey, Star." He looked around the room curiously. "Where is everyone?"

"Cyborg and Beast Boy are out finding a chair, and Raven has left to help Thunder and Lightning on a mission."

The Boy Wonder nodded and made his way over to the cabinet where the cereal was kept. As he pulled a box from the cupboard hanging overhead, he paused.

"On second thought…" he turned to face the Tamaranian. "How about we go out for lunch, Star? Just the two of us."

Starfire smiled excitedly.

This must all be part of his plan for today! He does wish to spend Valentine's Day with me!

"That would be most enjoyable, Robin."

The Teen Titan leader smiled and walked over to the table, taking a seat next to his Tamaranian friend.

"What are you up to?" he said, curiously looking over at the magazine. Starfire quickly slammed it shut.

"Nothing," she said, not wanting to mention Valentine's Day. It would spoil Robin's plans if he thought he'd been found out. Robin smiled.

"C'mon… what are reading?" he said, reaching for the magazine. She slid it further from his grasp.

"Nothing," she repeated as she stood, lifting the magazine as she went. Robin continued to reach for the magazine, smiling as he did so.

"Now there wouldn't be something in there you don't want me to see, would there?" he asked, as a playful smirk spread across his lips.

"Of course not, Robin," Starfire replied, backing away from the fast approaching Titan. He thinned his eyes and the smile grew.

"I think there is…"

Suddenly he reached out for the magazine, falling over the chair between them as he did so. Toppling forward, he took Starfire with him, and the pair fell into a tangled mess on the floor. As Robin opened his eyes, he realised his head was nestled in a most awkward place on Starfire's chest. Unfortunately, his legs were still tangled with hers and the chairs', effectively pinning him to the floor. He looked up at Starfire, who was also blushing furiously, an awkward smile on her face.

"Heh… sorry… I'll just… uh…"

Slowly, he managed to negotiate his legs out and slowly lever himself up off the embarrassed Tamaranian. The two got to their feet and stood opposite each other.

"Yeah… well…"

"I… yes…"

Starfire picked up the toppled chair and placed it gently back upright. They stood in silence. Robin cleared his throat and awkwardly pointed to the door.

"Shall we-?"

"Please," Starfire interrupted quickly.


As the pair walked down the street, Robin couldn't help but be happy at the lack of attention they were getting. Though they were still celebrities of a sort in Jump City, they weren't the spectacle they used to be. Not that the people of the city didn't still ask them for autographs now and then, but the stares were all but gone, the amazed gasps and points happening less and less. The only people who came up to them were tourists and people who had been saved by them at one point or another. Nothing made Robin feel more worthwhile than someone thanking him for saving their child or partner.

He looked over at Starfire as she walked alongside him then down to her idly hanging arms. He suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to hold one of her hands in his, entwining their fingers together. Robin frowned at the thought. Where had that come from? Mentally dismissing the thought, he berated himself for thinking he could do such a thing so brazenly.

"Shall we eat at the Pizza Palace today, Robin?"

The Boy Wonder looked over at the Tamaranian stood next to him. Scratching his chin in thought, something in his subconscious mind told him that he should pick somewhere else. Somewhere more quiet. Not quite knowing what his mind was up to, Robin just decided to go with it. His instincts didn't usually steer him wrong – why would they start to do so now?

"No… I think we should eat somewhere different." He thought on the matter, and then snapped his fingers. "I've got it." Without a thought, he grabbed Starfire's hand and led her away. His eyes widened beneath his mask.

What the hell are you doing? You were just saying how you couldn't just go up to her and grab her hand! Now you're leading her somewhere!

Starfire, meanwhile, was ecstatic. He was holding her hand? Where had that come from? She was so overjoyed, she didn't notice that they passed a furniture store that advertised the 'Comfort-o-Matic 3000'.


Cyborg leaned forward threateningly. "What do you mean 'you don't have it'! You said you did!"

"Yeah, dude! That's false advertising! We could sue your sorry butt!" Beast Boy added, his small fang seemingly jutting out more.

The store attendant looked around the store nervously, gesturing for Cyborg and Beast Boy to calm down. "Sirs, if you could please be a bit more quiet, I'll-"

"You'll what? Huh? Get me the chair!"

"I'm sorry, sirs, but the 'Comfort-o-Matic 3000' is a very popular item! We're sold out!"

Cyborg thinned his eyes. "Fine. But if we find out you were holding out on us…"

"We'll be back," Beast Boy finished.

The two nodded at the store attendant then turned to leave. As they went, they saw Robin and Starfire holding hands as they walked past the store window. Cyborg and Beast Boy froze and looked over at each other.

"Nah," they said simultaneously, shaking their heads.

They shot a warning glare at the store attendant before continuing on to the next store.


Starfire brought her gaze away from the window as her sandwich arrived. Taking in the smell of the fresh food on her plate, she smiled in anticipation and contentment. She looked up at the Boy Wonder sat opposite her, who seemed to be staring straight at her, resting his head on his hand.

"Robin? What is wrong?"

Robin shook his head and cleared his throat, his face going a deep shade of red. "I… uh… I was just…"

His sandwich arrived.

"…wondering where my sandwich was."

Starfire smiled and nodded, taking up her own food. He was looking at her. She wondered how many times he had looked at her when he thought she wasn't looking. The thought made her blush slightly, and she looked down to avoid Robin's gaze.



"Is… something wrong? You haven't touched your sandwich."

She shook her head vehemently. "No, nothing is wrong. See?" she grasped the sandwich and gobbled it up as fast as she could, leaving Robin staring, quite amazed at the display of speed eating.

"Right," he said, a smile spreading across his lips. A thought suddenly occurred to him. His subconscious was working over time today. "Say, Star… you want to go somewhere after this?"

The Tamaranian girl smiled nervously. "Like what?"

"I dunno… a movie, the park…" his eyebrows rose as he thought of something else. "How about a movie and the park? By the time we're done, it should be about time for dinner."

"And then we will go somewhere for dinner?" Starfire asked, thinking she was finishing his plan before he could say it. She was expecting him to say 'exactly' or something along those lines.

"Yeah, sure. That sounds nice."

Starfire smiled.

It must be part of his plan; feigning ignorance in chances of surprising me.

The Boy Wonder pointed to his sandwich. "Just let me catch up with you with my lunch, and then we'll go, okay?"

Starfire's smile increased. "Okay."


It hadn't taken long for Robin to finish his sandwich, and soon enough, he and Starfire were off to the cinema to watch a movie. The Boy Wonder was slightly wary of going to the movies at first (some of their more avid fans seemed to frequent the place), but his fears were unwarranted. As soon as they entered the foyer, they quickly realised that it was full to the brim with avid science fiction fans, all dressed in various colourful articles of clothing that made Robin and Starfire look perfectly normal.

The Tamaranian leaned over to talk to Robin, keeping her eyes on the podgy masses of people dressed in strange costumes.


The Boy Wonder was also keeping eyes straight forward, sending threatening glares at any of the men who were looking at Starfire in a certain way.

"Yes, Starfire?"

"Why are all these people dressed in such a strange manner?"

Robin looked around the foyer, attempting to ascertain exactly what the cause of all the oddly clad people was. As he saw the banner overhead, he smiled.

"It's a Clash of the Planets prequel."


"It's like a sequel, but it happens before the events of the first movie."


An eyebrow rose on Robin's face, accompanied by a quirky smile. Noticing this, Starfire smiled.


"It's just… strange. I've never heard you say something like that."

"Like what?" she asked, cocking a red eyebrow.

"Like Raven."

The two smiled and laughed at that, all thoughts of the hordes of science fiction fans surrounding them gone. Robin threw a cursory glance over the crowd.

"I don't think we're going to get in at this rate."

Starfire frowned. "And I was looking forward to the popcorn, too."

The Titan leader smiled mischievously. "We could still get some popcorn and take it out with us."

"But… Robin…" Starfire said, pointing to a sign above their heads that read:

All food purchased must be consumed on the premises.

Robin's smile remained. "So?"

Before Starfire could respond, Robin had already grabbed her hand, and led her into the crowd, navigating his way through by holding his other arm out in front of him. The science fiction fans around them scowled at Robin's rude intrusion, and then stared leeringly at Starfire as she passed. She didn't like the look in their eyes.


And neither did Robin, apparently. Starfire turned to look at whoever Robin was glaring at. She turned to see a masked Thunder Trooper hopping back nervously, putting his hands behind his back as Robin walked towards him. His voice was panicked and muffled as Robin looked him eye to eye. Starfire looked down and saw that Robin's hand was still protectively encompassing hers.

"What?" the Trooper protested, gesturing wildly. "I wasn't the only one looking at her!"

The Boy Wonder just glared at him, saying nothing. The Trooper tried his best to remain strong, but Robin's glare had brought even the most hardened criminals to their knees weeping. One slightly overweight science fiction fan wasn't going to stand a chance. He yelled out suddenly.

"All right! I reached for her butt! I'm sorry!"

Robin's scowl increased. "Don't tell me," he said, moving so that Starfire was once again in the Trooper's line of sight. She assumed he had turned his head to look at her, the way his helmet bobbed.


Robin's scowl deepened further. Starfire didn't even think his scowls could go that deep. "Sorry, what?"

"Sorry, ma'am."

"Right." He turned back to Starfire, once again smiling. "Come on, Star." And, in a most unexpected move, but his arm around Starfire's shoulders, ushering her away from the leering crowd. The Trooper waited until the two were out of earshot, and then turned to friends.

"I could have totally taken him. I mean, who does he think he is? I think that costumes' gotten to him, he thinks he's Robin or something."

As Robin and Starfire walked over to the popcorn counter, his mind was racing, although his face remained neutral.

What in the name of God are you doing? You've got your arm around her! Where the hell did that come from! She must think you're such a chauvinist… take your arm off her. Now.

The arm remained.

Arm. I mean it. Move.

He couldn't get the offending appendage to move. He realised that the reason he couldn't remove it was because he liked it. He liked the feeling of protecting her, of holding her close to him. But still… there was a part of him that felt like he should remove it. It felt like he was taking advantage of her. And if there was one thing he couldn't stand the thought of doing, it was taking advantage of Starfire. Her, who was so honest and kind… and wouldn't dream of doing such a thing to anyone else.

That was it. He resolved to remove the arm, when something incredibly unexpected happened. He felt her arm slip around his waist. He looked over at her, but she was looking forward, inspecting what kind of popcorn to get.

Okay, Robin… calm down… just check before you do anything…

Gradually turning his head, he looked down over his nose to see that she had indeed put her arm around his waist. Hell, between that and his arm around her… he looked up in alarm.

We look like a couple.

"I believe I will have the salted," Starfire said, before looking over at Robin. "Robin? What will you have?" she asked, squeezing his waist slightly.

"A couple…!" he said suddenly. Seeing the alarmed look on the faces of both Starfire and the popcorn vendor, he cleared his throat loudly. "Uh… th-that is… a couple of… uh… popcorns… would be… good… um… yeah."

Starfire smiled. "I know that, Robin. But what kind of popcorn would you like?"

"Oh!" he said, laughing awkwardly, his thoughts gradually gaining in coherence. "I… uh… salted… is good."

The Tamaranian girl nodded. "Very well." Turned to the vendor. "Two salted popcorns, please."

Once they had received their popcorns and paid for them, the two turned, their arms still around one another. As they looked back at the crowd, they saw that it had increased ten-fold, effectively blocking any way of them getting out. Robin looked over at Starfire, and realised that as a result of their having their arms around each other, their faces were incredibly close together.

"It appears we are… stuck," Starfire said slowly, and Robin tried not to react to the feeling of her breath on his face.

"Uh… yeah," he breathed back, when his leader side kicked in. "I mean… um… you could fly us over."

Starfire nodded, but didn't move. Neither did Robin. As much as he wanted to leave, he was enjoying the closeness too much.

"I suppose I should…" she said, nodding upwards.

"Yeah… I guess you should," Robin replied.

Reluctantly, he slowly removed his arm from her shoulders, and she did the same from around his waist.

Damn, it almost hurts.

She extended her hand to him, and he gladly took it, feeling his feet rise off the ground. He struggled to keep his popcorn level as he rose further into the air, and from the rain of popcorn onto his head, he could tell that Starfire was also struggling. The crowd looked up in a stunned silence as they flew overhead, the Thunder Trooper from earlier fainting as he realised that he had almost touched the real Starfire's butt. Not to mention that he had almost been skinned alive by the real Robin.

Being a fanboy was a tough life.


Since the movies were a failed plan, Robin and Starfire had decided to adjourn to the park with their popcorns, sitting on a park bench as they ate and watched the people go by. The whole time, Starfire was feeling almost giddy inside from what had happened at the movies. The way that Robin had sprung to her defence was wonderful in itself. The fact that he put a protective arm around her shoulder was… unspeakably good.

On Tamaran, the males were always very forward, and their intentions towards respective mates clear. Robin had initially confused her with his coy interactions with her to the point of frustration on her part. She felt glad that he was finally more comfortable with showing it, although he seemed almost fearful to come close to her after the incident. Her return gesture of putting her arm around his waist had been a complete impulse. She hadn't thought about it and debated it, she had simply done it. And, judging from his reaction, she was more confused that ever about Robin's intentions towards her.

The Boy Wonder finished off the last crumb of his popcorn and scrunched up the box. Spotting a trash can some distance away, he carefully took aim with the ball of crumpled cardboard in his hand and threw it at the trash can. It only just overshot the mark. Sighing, he looked over at Starfire.

"I'll pick it up before we go." He looked over at her container of popcorn. Seeing it was empty, he nodded his head towards the trash can. "You want to try?"

Starfire nodded and pounded the cardboard container into a small, scrunched up ball. Taking aim just as Robin had done before, she threw the cardboard ball at the trash can.

It went straight in.

And Robin's jaw hit the floor.

"Well… uh… good aim."

Attempting to seem as though he wasn't bothered by her so easily beating him, he laid back on the bench, letting his arms dangle around the back of the wooden chair on either side of him. Starfire considered how he was sat.

Does that mean I should do something? Perhaps rest my head on his shoulder. That is what I have seen many human couples do.

She mentally dismissed the idea.

Robin and I are not a couple.

But he became protective of you at the movies.

He becomes protective of everyone in his team. That is what a leader does.

He put his arm around you…

Starfire still wasn't sure.

And left it there.

Now she was sure. So as not to appear obvious, she scooted slightly closer to Robin, but not so close that he would wonder what she was doing.


She paused. Had he spotted her?

"Yes, Robin?"

"Do you…" he shook his head. "Gah… never mind."

She looked over at him, concerned. Not forgetting her original intention, she moved ever so much closer to him.

"Robin? What is it?"

"I…" he sighed. "It's not important. Forget I said anything."

"Robin. You are my best friend. If you cannot tell me, I have no choice but to think that we are no longer best friends." She stared at him. "And you do not want that, do you?"

Robin smiled fondly. "No, Starfire." He looked over to her. "I really don't."

She nodded, all business. "Very well. Then what is troubling you?" she asked, moving slightly closer. The sun was now setting in the distance, and Starfire almost gasped at the beauty of the pinkish clouds and the orange sky as the sun fell in the distance. Robin let out a deep breath through his nose.

"It's not really troubling me… I just… do you… ever think about the future?"

She cocked a red eyebrow. "The future?"

"Yeah," the Boy Wonder replied, nodding. "Like, where we'll all be in a few years time. I wonder what'll happen to the Titans…"

She was close enough to make the move… but she was reluctant to do so. "I believe we will be together."

Robin's eyes almost bulged from his mask. He looked over at her. "We-we what?"

"Us. We and our friends. We will be together."

"Oh," Robin replied, and then laughed. "Oh, right…"

"Why? Do you not think so?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I do. At least, I hope so… but, I meant… like… where do you see Beast Boy in a few years time, for example?"

"I believe he will still be around Raven."


She nodded. "Although they may not be… together… they will still be around each other. In many ways, they require the others' presence."

"I think so too…" Robin said, nodding. "What about Cyborg?"

"I believe he will have a family. With many children. He seems so well prepared to be a father."

Robin nodded, and then looked away from her, concentrating on the sunset before them. "And… you? Where do you see yourself?"

Looking out to the slowly sinking sun herself, she instinctually moved next to Robin and leant over, resting her head on Robin's shoulder.

"With someone close to me," she said quietly. When Robin didn't respond, she decided to speak up. "And you, Robin? Where do you think you will be?"

Again, there was a long silence between the two. Robin sighed.

"I think I'll be with someone close to me, too," he said quietly, without a hint of nervousness or awkwardness in his voice.


Both Robin and Starfire leant back in their chairs, smiling with satisfaction.

"You know… it's strange."

Starfire looked over at him with a cute quizzical look. "What is?"

"You'd think that… after eating such a huge meal, I'd feel really bloated. But I feel just right."

The Tamaranian smiled. "I feel just right, too."

Robin looked over at the waiter and raised his hand for the check. Nodding, the thin man had returned in no time, and Robin had paid. As the two left the restaurant, Starfire looked around curiously.

"It is most busy, yes?"

Robin nodded. "Yeah…"

Suddenly, another inspiration struck him. "Hey, Star… you want to dance?"

Starfire smiled and nodded. "But… where, Robin?"

The Boy Wonder pointed to a hilltop in the distance – the same place they had fought Thunder and Lightning that long time ago. Starfire looked back at him incredulously. Robin took her hand and looked into her eyes.

"C'mon… trust me."

He had no idea where he was getting such confidence from. If this was all down to his subconscious, he had to remember to thank himself during his next dream. Starfire gripped his hand and pulled him upwards, flying them up and over to the hilltop that overlooked the city. As they landed, Robin looked around the green and brown landscape, making sure there was no-one around. The last thing he wanted was some strange birdwatcher or something recording them.

Starfire stood next to him, a confused look on her face. Noticing this, the Boy Wonder smiled. "What's up, Star?"

"Is it not traditional for humans to dance to music?"

"Right you are, Star," he said, smiling as he reached into his belt. He pulled out his Titans communicator, and held out his other hand, gesturing for Starfire to give him hers. Moving his hands too fast for her to see, he linked the two together.

"I usually have these hooked into the police frequencies, but I can tune into the usual radio stations too…"

Music emerged from the communicators. He looked up at Starfire and smiled.

"…and by linking our communicators together, I can make it loud enough to dance to." He paused. "But not too loud, though."

He went through the channels until he found a song he thought was right. A smile spread across the Boy Wonder's face as found the right song. After setting down the communicator, he stood and offered his hand to Starfire, pulling her away as they danced.

"What is this song, Robin?"

"I'm not sure… but it's called 'Sunrise'…" he smiled. "…so I think it works."

Neither knew how to dance properly. They hadn't when they had danced after the Kitten incident. But that didn't matter to either of them. They simply swayed to the music, feeling it flow through them as they danced above the lights of the city, glittering like the stars that always made Robin think of the girl he was holding in his arms now. The stars that made Starfire think of Robin, and all the times they had looked at the stars together.

They danced along to the music.


The Boy Wonder lay down on his bed, staring up at the roof with a huge grin on his face. This had been one of the best days he had had in a long time. He honestly couldn't remember a day when he had gone to bed feeling this good. Briefly looking back over the day, Robin realised he had never found out what his subconscious mind was trying to tell him. Maybe he had somehow accomplished it during the day…

But if that were the case, Robin would have remembered it when he did it. His earlier happiness fading, he sprung to his feet in frustration.

What was it?

As he paced the room, he glanced over at the calendar, continuing on. He suddenly back-pedalled and looked at the calendar again.

February 14th? FEBRUARY 14TH?

He quickly ran from the room, heading for Starfire's.

I can't believe I forgot! Starfire must hate me for forgetting!

He knocked on the door furiously, and Starfire opened it, an angry look on her face. When she saw who it was, she smiled.

"Robin! I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful Valen…" her face became one of concern. "What is wrong?"

"I… I just wanted to say…"

Starfire cocked her head to the side, her green eyes sparkling in the darkness. Reaching out, he cupped her face in his hand, and she moved into his touch, stroking his gloved wrist with her hand. He moved forward…

A high pitched scream from the left interrupted them, Beast Boy running down the corridor on their left.


Next, Cyborg rolled past, sitting on a 'Comfort-o-Matic 3000' with a suitably horrified expression on his face. The chair seemed to be moving along of its' own volition, vibrating with such force it was moving itself along.

"I KNEW THOSE MODIFICATIONS WERE A BAD IDEA…" he yelled, his voice shaking with the chair as it buzzed past.

Raven was next, floating by with a look on her face that silently communicated what she said next.


Robin looked back to Starfire and reached out for her hand. He brought it to his mouth and kissed it lightly.

"Happy Valentine's day, Starfire."

They pulled each other into a heartfelt embrace, each resting their heads on the others' shoulder.

"And to you, Robin."

The two separated slowly and reluctantly. Keeping their eyes locked on one another, they turned and walked in the general direction that Beast Boy and the others had gone, their hands entwined with one another's.

"So… is this where you see yourself in the future?" Robin asked, smiling as he squeezed her hand.

Starfire smiled back, returning the squeeze.

"Yes. It is."


(A/N: Just so you know, Robin and Starfire were dancing to 'Sunrise' by Norah Jones.

Happy Valentine's Day, peeps.)