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Starfire threw herself on her bed, her eyes spilling with the unshed tears she had been trying to control. Why did she have to come? That blonde haired girl who had captivated everyone with her beauty- especially Robin. She had seen them on the roof just minutes ago. Tears welled up in her eyes as she went through that thought again for the third time since it happened…


"Friends, where is Robin? I have been searching all day and yet he still seems to be missing."

"Roof," Raven told her blankly, not even glancing up from her book. When she did, Starfire had already rushed upstairs.


"Ohhh, Robbie. I'm sooooooooooooo glad I'm here with you. Tell me I'm pretty."

He looked down as he stared into her deep blue eyes. "Supergirl, your not pretty. You're beautiful. Everything about you. I love you so-"

He was cut off as her lips crashed forcefully onto his, giving him a handful of shock at the moment. But after a few moments, Starfire, who had been watching through the crack of the slightly open door, saw that he began to return the kiss.

Starfire gently closed the door and ran down the stairs with tears in her eyes, tripping as she went. She rolled down the steps and crashed into Raven, who was about to yell until she saw the hurt in her eyes.

"Starfire, what's wro -"

She suddenly felt a flash of scenes as they flickered into her mind, feeling just as much hurt as Starfire was feeling at the moment. She gasped softly as a tear began to form at the corner of her eye.

"Starfire, I…I'm so sorry you had to see that. Do you wanna talk or something?"

No answer.

"We…we can go to the mall if you want. Get some fresh air? We'll do whatever you want t-"

"I am… sorry. I need to be alone."

Raven felt the distressed girl brush past her sobbing.

End flashback…

"I need to leave," she said to herself aloud. "I cannot handle this any longer."

She picked up a small backpack; throwing in the money she had saved up since her arrival on Earth and a "casual Earth outfit".

She found a pen and a piece of paper on her desk, leaving her feelings written on it. Wiping a tear from her eye, she broke through the window leaving the note on her bed.

"Good-bye friends. Goodbye…Robin."


"Hey, has…anyone seen Starfire?"

Raven gazed around the empty room as she spoke.

"Is anyone even here?"

She sighed in defeat. 'Probably at training.'

"Raven TRAINING!" Beastboy's voice called out, as in coincidence.

"Whatever! Just…let me get Starfire!"

She walked through the bare halls and as she reached Starfire's room she felt a sense of worry. She peered through the open door and gasped when she saw the cracked window.

"Starfire? Starfire! You guys come up here, I think-"

She stopped short when a piece of paper caught her eye. She picked it up slowly, unfolding it with caution.

Dear Friends,

I am unable to cope with my unhappiness that life in the tower has caused me. I have left and I do not think I will be returning too quickly. I must…sort out my feelings before I get the courage to face you all.

Beastboy, you were like my younger brother. I wish to thank you for brightening my day with your comical jokes.

Cyborg, You were my older brother. You watched over me as if I was your family, and for that I am thankful.

Raven, you have helped me the most. You have been very wise towards me and have helped me go through my dilemmas. You were like my older sister. I will see you again someday, so please do not spend your days worrying about someone like me.

Bye friends, you will always stay in my heart.

- Starfire

Just as Raven finished reading the heartbreaking note, Beastboy and the team burst into the room to find Raven in teary eyes.

"Raven! Lets go!"

He paused as he looked into her eyes and sat by her. Robin put on a puzzled face but stayed in the same spot with Supergirl's hands in his.

"Yo, what happened here? It looks like-"

"She's gone," the dark goddess whispered.

Robin quickly looked away from Supergirl. "What?" he asked in disbelief.

"I said, SHE'S GONE! And it's because of you, you stupid JERK!"

She shoved the letter into his chest and ran out of the room in tears with Beastboy trailing after her.

"Raven, wait!"

Cyborg snatched the letter from him and began to read it out loud. When he finished, he put on a grim face and walked silently out of the room, shunning Robin.

Robin's heart broke and he couldn't help but question why she didn't even include his

name. He looked out through the broken window and tried not to break down himself.

He sighed to himself, deep in his thoughts. 'She's really gone. No more Starfire…"

'…Forever,' Supergirl sneered to herself as she finished Robin's thought.


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