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"It's tonight. I can't believe it's tonight."

Indeed, the ball was tonight, and Kori could not help but feel overwhelmed by the mission she was assigned. It was only noon, and at the moment they were sitting out by the balcony, enjoying the illustrious New York City view that sat in front of them. The past few days had been silent between them, each one wondering and worrying if they should tell each other their assignments. Kori hesitated to even open her mouth in front of him sometimes. Richard, on the other hand, felt used to keeping projects and assignments such as these away from his friends. But keeping this one a secret somehow had a different effect on him, as if something didn't feel right this time; like something bad was about to happen.

"Well, no matter how hectic things get tonight, let's just hope it ends alright."

Kori gave him a skeptical look. "Why do you say that? I've known you well enough to figure out that something's bothering you."

Turning his head so that she was unable to see his dishonest face, he paused for a second. "Nothing's wrong."

Her long eyelashes fluttered slowly, making her even more alluring than she already was. "Okay…if you really say so…" She felt her voice trail off in the warm sunny day.

What if tonight really was going to go wrong…

'Stop thinking like that,' she scolded herself.

Her heart seemed to beat faster than usual, and she was afraid it was going to burst anytime soon. Did she like him more than she was supposed to? Did he feel as confused about this as her? Well, at least she had her elegant gown to look forward to…

"There's nothing I can do, Beastboy! I swear, I didn't do that! I've tried to contact Starfire and Robin, but none of them are answering! Beastboy…Beastboy just say something to me…"

She was close to tears now. He wouldn't exchange a word with her, but only sit in the large recreation room with his head buried in his hands.

"If you really want to be like this…fine. I can't act like I'm happy for you anymore, Beastboy. I guess this means we're over…"

Walking slowly with sorrow in every step, she turned to look at him one last time. "When you come back, I won't be waiting here anymore."

Such a pain it is to love somebody and have them be oblivious to such strong feelings. With one in the famous New York City and the other in a T-shaped tower in Jump City, both girls sat on their beds, moping their troubles away. Neither knew what the other was going through, but somehow they felt each other's presence in their thoughts.

'Maybe love was never made for me…'

Zipping the long gown, she stared at the redheaded girl in the mirror, and for once she was not unhappy with her appearance. She found that her long legs attracted men, and her naturally glowing tan gave her an exotic look. Her red hair fell in rippling waves down below her shoulders, and with the champagne colored gown falling just below her ankles, she smiled to herself, finally regaining the confidence she had needed for this night. She and Richard would be going in separate limos tonight. He was already there in fact, waiting to do some mission he had been acting so odd over lately.

Dashing for her purse, she ran out the French doors and into the sleek limousine. It was show time.

By the time she had entered the large gala, about a mile or two away from her apartment, Kori's eyes immediately went to work and searched for Richard. But when she found him, she was not the least bit happy. There he was, chatting away animatedly with a very radiant blonde. She suddenly felt her self-assurance whither away before her very eyes. Maybe seeing him again wasn't such a good idea anymore. Maybe it never was in the first place. Watching the couples sway on the large dance floor gracefully, he stomach teetered nervously as she dialed a number on her cell phone.

"Hello? Bruce? Listen this is Kori, and I…"

A man's eyes lit up as he heard her mention her name. Kori Anders. This was the girl he was supposed to be on the look out for. With his master aware of the government's spies and their missions, the clever boss he had been serving set him off on his own mission as well as the others who were also working for him.

"Bruce, I can't find him, its really crowded here and-"

Kori cut herself off as a dark haired male walked towards her, his mysterious trail of lust for her following him as well. Absentmindedly, she hung up her cell phone and continued to send him a questioning look. His sly smile made her want to shiver from excitement, and she thought she would never stop. He was like one of those dark angels, and when they were almost face to face, an unnerving silence came between them, and all Kori could do smile shyly at the man's intimidating looks.

It was almost like she knew him; the tension between them felt so familiar…

"Hi," she said bashfully, lowering her long eyelashes dangerously, "I'm Kori. Kori Anders. And you are?"

"Xavier. What's a lovely lady like you doing all alone at a ball?"

Xavier. The name rang a bell in her head as she matched the man with the description and name of her male assignment.

But as they began to chat away in the empty balcony under the starlit skies, a pair of blue eyes were suddenly washed over withjealousy as its owner stared at the perfect and idealtwosome, with envy and desire firing up inside.

This was going to be a long night.

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