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Author's note: Anyway, this is my first Chrono Crusade Fanfic (that I've written down anyways) so I hope you like! (; This is a story takes place in an alternate, more modern universe (like, now in New York 'cause Chrono Crusade has a universe all to itself) And I hope you get some of the puns like "Saint Frank" or "Maggie Dillon". Also, this has every character, place, and relationship in the series (that I know about) though I might have turned a few things around—I don't know. Oh by the way, please don't hate me for how I start off Rosette and Chrono's relationship! It does start to work out, I promise! And I apologize for any weird crap you don't get, this really is an alternate universe. Okay, NO MORE POINTLESS RAMBLING! Without further ado, I present to you…

In the life of a rock star

Prologue: I hate rock stars

"Early morning…" mumble the teen Blondie as her alarm clock went off. "There's no time of the morning I hate more…" She slammed her fist down on the snooze button and went back to sleep. Her sapphire eyes shot open when she realized that she's already late for school. "CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! Why am I always, ALWAYS late?" She squirmed into her uniform and started to run down the hall. Passed 1 door, 2 doors, 3—she stopped. Slowly backed up, turned, and stared maliciously at the mussed lump on the bed happily snoring away.

'That's it.' she thought.

She carefully walked up to the bed being sure to tiptoe over every piece of dirty laundry and old candy wrappers lying about. She leaned really close, took a deep breath, and… "JOSHUA WAKE UP, YOU LAZY JERK!" The boy in the bed sprang up and toppled over out of the bed onto his sister's feet.

"Jeepers, Rosette! I was having the best dream ever, why'd you wake me up?" he asked completely oblivious to his sister's rage. "I was dreaming I was with Big Sister." He let out a long sigh. His face turned a rosy pink.

'Oh brother!' Thought Rosette. 'He always gets like that when he talks about his "big sister", or Lorena, or Fiore, or whatever the hell her name really is.

"And let me guess, there were rock stars and a German super model there too." She asked sarcastically.

Joshua gasped. "How did you know, Rosette?"

"I'm psychic." She said dryly. "!" Rosette was torn away from her thoughts when the pressure that was her brother was removed from her foot. He had crawled back into his bed and pulled the covers over his head, half way to dreamland already. "Aren't you forgetting something, LITTLE brother?"

"And what could that possibly be, Rosette?" asked Joshua whimsically, still half asleep.

This REALLY got Rosette going. She yanked off his covers and screamed "Oh I don't know, maybe some things called SCHOOL, LIFE, RESPONSIBILITY and F.Y.I.: it's YOUR turn to make breakfast!"

"But I don't wanna…" he whined without getting up, he clutched his pillow tighter.

Rosette growled at him, she'd have to sink to his level. "Y'know…" she cooed sweetly. "If you get up now, you might still have enough time after chores to make lunch for 'big sister'."

At that, Joshua's eyes popped open and he bolted up from his cozy little bed and made it to the door before stopping and jogging in place saying "Come on Rosette! Early bird gets the worm! Or in my case: The early boy gets big sister's affection! Woohoo!" As he cheerfully trotted out the door, Rosette called

"I don't know if Fiore would appreciate seeing you in your Barney pajamas." A few moments later Joshua came stomping into the room with a sullen face to show his extreme (but comical) distaste for his real sister. Rosette handed him his uniform and walked out of the room and down to the kitchen.

She went to get some cereal out of the cupboard-- knowing that Joshua would forget about making breakfast-- but stopped when she saw the 4x6 photograph in its humble frame. Rosette looked down at the picture sadly. She picked it up and plunged deep into thought.

'That's right… Today's their anniversary.' She moved her thumbs over the top half of the picture where a man and a women stood smiling back at her. She sighed. 'Ten years, that's how long it's been since… since they'… She shook her head. Rosette couldn't finish her own thought--it was too painful.

"Good Morning, Rosette!" chirped Joshua happily as he entered the kitchen. "What'cha got there?"

Rosette turned quickly and hid the picture behind her back. "Oh… Nothing! Just saying good morning to mom and dad."

"Oh, tell'em I say 'hi!' too!" he beamed at his sister. She couldn't remind him--not now at least. She didn't want to ruin his mood, too.

"Umm… Rosette?"


"Don't we go to school at 7:30?"

"yeah?" she was started to get nervous and annoyed. 'Why all the stupid questions?'

"That's what I thought!" he smiled. "Then why does the clock say 88:88 and why has it stopped moving?"

Rosette slowly turned to look at all the clocks in the room. They all read 88:88. "Joshua? What does your watch say?" 'Please, lord, PLEASE don't let us be late again!'

"7:20" said Joshua simply.

"always, Always, ALWAYS happens!"

Rosette started screaming frantically, grabbed her brother's hand and their schoolbags, and shot out the door.


"We… made it…to the…bus stop…in time." Panted Rosette. "What time does your watch have?"

"Errr… Rosette? You do know that my watch is ten minutes fast, right?"

"WHAT?" grumbled Rosette. She shot Joshua the evil eye and without appearing to move at all, wrapped both hands tightly around his neck. "I had to skip breakfast AGAIN!" she growled between gritted teeth. "Make sure this never EVER happens again," She then removed her hands from his neck but caught him in a vice grip with her right arm and gave him her 'super noogie attack' with her left fist. "okay?"


"I'll take that as a yes." She released her brother and turned away. While Joshua was rubbing his head and muttering eternal curses on his sister's very soul, Rosette's attention had turned to a small pawn shop behind her. There were three little TVs in the window. And though each screen had a different program on it, it was all basically the same.

Purple haired, teen rock star playing with his band. Purple haired, teen rock star doing an interview with OPRAH. Purple haired, teen rock star advertising watches.

"Rosette! The bus is here!" called Joshua.

Before she turned to get on the bus to school, Rosette stuck her tongue out at all three of the screens in the window and thought :I HATE rock stars:

End Prologue: I hate rock stars

So What did you think? It stinks doesn't it? Gomen ne! I'm sorry! Chrono wasn't even in the prologue (well not in person anyway). It'll get better I promise! Here's a tiny spoiler of things to come:

German super model—Satella Harvenheit

Azmaria Hendric—Super Genius

The origin of 'big sister'

And last, but certainly not least,

'The Sinners' managed by Maggie Dillon

and Chrono and Rosette's first encounter.

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