The next morning, Yamcha awoke; Pu'ar was still asleep. He pulled the covers back over her and walked to the kitchen, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He got some breakfast and sat down at the table, where most of the others already were.

"The two of you had a good night, I hope," said Bulma.


"And a good time after that, I also hope," she said, winking at him.

"Nope," he said calmly. He'd expected that the others would expect the two of them to fully enjoy each other's company.

The others had, however, thought wrong. There were two reasons.

First off, the two of them had shared a bed for years, in nothing but the literal sense; in their desert hideout it was out of necessity, as there was room for only one bed. Later he'd been sleeping with Bulma in *both* senses of the word, but whenever they were having a fight and he had to use a different bed, Pu'ar was there. It was part unconscious old habit and part desire to have another warm body in there. And after the final split, having her there had helped a bit. Simply, it was too soon to get involved on the next level; they hadn't been together romantically long enough for it to seem normal.

The time factor played a role in another way, as well. As noted, they'd been friends for a very long time, but in love for a much shorter time, and it was too soon to tell whether or not it would work, and he'd rather get killed again than end up hurting her. That was the other reason.

Not that he was telling the others any of this. They'd simply have to be content with "Nope."


A week passed without notable incident. The reporters had apparently learned to steer clear of Capsule Corporation. With the money that Vegeta had quite literally tossed his way, Trunks had taken Goten on a shopping spree at their favorite toy store. They'd bought so much that some of the clerks at the store had to help them carry it all back to their homes. Mirai, meanwhile, had donated most of his to charity, though he had kept some of it.

Then, the big day arrived--the wedding of Raditz and Iroke. It was largely a formality, done mostly just to give some legitimacy to their child who would be arriving several months from now.

Compared to the extravaganza that had been Gohan and Videl's wedding, this one was a minor, low-key affair. Raditz, naturally, didn't have many people to invite. As it turned out, neither did Iroke; her parents had died years ago and many of her friends didn't agree with her choice of husband.

There ended up being less than two dozen people in attendace. Raditz's "Best Man" was Goku, for the simple reason that no one else would do it.


The next day, Gohan and Videl returned from their honeymoon. After unpacking everything, they visited their parents.

First they went to see Goku and Chi-Chi. After they knocked on the door, Gohan's father answered.

"Hey! You guys have a good time?" After they replied in the affirmative, Goku turned and faced inside the house. "Chi-Chi! Look who's back!"

As Chi-Chi emerged, the young couple prepared themselves for the forthcoming burst of rage.

It never happened. Instead she grinned.

"Well, it's nice to see you! I'm just about done fixing supper. Care to join us?"

Gohan and Videl quickly exchanged puzzled glances, then nodded.

"Good, good. It won't be too long. Have a seat."

They had barely sat down at the table when Goten came hurtling into the room, yelling, "Brother! Brother!" at the top of his lungs.

Gohan smiled as Goten gave him an enormous hug. "Hey there. How are ya?"

"I'm fine! Lemme show you all the stuff Trunks helped me buy!"

"After supper, OK?"


It was at this time that the food was ready. Chi-Chi set down the succulent entrees, and pulled up a couple of extra chairs. After bowing their heads for a moment, the Son family began to eat.

"So," said Chi-Chi after a moment, "Tell me all about the honeymoon."

Omitting some details that they decided she probably wouldn't want to hear--and which Goten wasn't old enough to hear anyway--they told her. They told her how they had toured the city they were staying in, and how the whole time they had been mobbed by fans wanting Videl's autograph. They told her how one day they had boarded the Kin'toun and simply flown all over the world, taking in the sights of the whole planet. And so on.

By the time they had finished telling their story, all of them had also finished dinner.

"Well, we'd better get going," said Videl. "We need to go see my dad."

"I just need to see Goten's toy collection first," said Gohan, chuckling.

The couple followed the ten year-old back to his room...and paused in astonishment. Toys were stacked around his bed in stacks so high that one would have to levitate to get above them.


After saying goodbye to Goku, Chi-Chi, and Goten, the two of them headed over to Mr. Satan's mansion. When they arrived, they rang the doorbell. A few seconds later Mr. Satan's butler opened the door.

"Ah, Miss Videl, Master Gohan. I shall see if Mr. Satan is here."

They waited on the doorstep for a few moments as the butler headed back into the house. He reappeared soon.

"He is in, and he wishes to speak to you. This way, please."

They followed the distinguished looking man down a hallway. The butler opened the door at the end of the hall and motioned them through.

Mr. Satan was standing and facing the door, apparently awaiting them. After the butler had left, the former champion smiled widely and gave them both a large hug.

"Take a seat. Did you have a good time?"

They nodded, and told him practically the same story they'd told the others. Afterwards, Videl lied through her teeth and said, "I'm sorry you lost, Dad."

He also lied. "Well, that's OK. Now maybe I can finally step out of the limelight and relax some. And I'll probably be able to visit you more, which is good."

They talked for a few minutes. Then the couple rose, gave Mr. Satan another hug, and departed.


Five more months passed. Vegeta had reached the status of a folk hero among most of the public, much like Mr. Satan. The incredibly erroneous documentary was now a bestselling video, a fact which enraged the Saiyan king.

Mirai had been out on several more dates with Jennifer, and had enjoyed all of them. They'd become good friends.

As for Yamcha and Pu'ar...


"This is a really nice place," said Pu'ar as she and Yamcha took their seats.

"Well, it's our tenth date, so I decided it should be someplace special." The restaurant was indeed very nice; it even had a formal dress code.

They had a nice meal. When they were almost done, Yamcha suddenly dropped to the floor.

"Something wrong?" asked the shapeshifter.

"Hang on...I just dropped something," replied the ex-bandit.

"Found it!" he said suddenly, a few moments later.

"What were you looking for?"


And he held up a diamond ring.

"Pu'ar...will you marry me?"

She was shocked into silence, and simply sat there for a long moment. He began to get nervous. Beads of sweat formed on his brow. She couldn't *possibly* say no, right? If she did, he didn't know what he would do.

"Well...what can I say..."

His heart sank faster than a rock on Kaio-sama's planet. She *was* saying no.

"Of course I will!"

It suddenly shot the other direction. He hadn't felt this good since...

He'd NEVER felt this good.


"How was the date?" Bulma asked automatically as she heard the door open, then close, behind her. There wasn't an answer, so she turned around to look.

She surveyed the situation in a flash, and quick as the lightning she had them both in a tight embrace. No words were said; none were required.


It was Vegeta, who had just entered the room. "I suppose congratulations are in order. are you two going to get around to it?"

The only things that kept Yamcha from slamming him into the wall were Bulma's hug and his own self-preservation mechanism.

Instead, he merely developed a smirk as large as any that Vegeta had ever worn.


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