Sweet Serenity

Thunder roared in the background, mud splashing up the heels of those who ran about the battlefield like chickens with their head cut off. Screams and flashes of light shot out in every direction, bouncing off random witches or wizards. Bodies of those who have fought in the final battle came crashing to the ground, their faces falling in the mud, their body lifeless.

Like many of those poor souls that have been taken within the grueling hours of the battle, Mr Lovegood had been unfortunate enough to have been hit in the chest with a rather powerful Avada Kedavra curse, causing his lifeless body to fall in a heap in the mud. The figure of seventeen year old Luna Lovegood hovered over his lifeless body, her knees in the mud with her arms wrapped around him. Tears trickled from her murky blue eyes and her dirty blonde hair lay soaking upon her muddied head.

One single jet of green light told her it was all over; the war, was finished. Cheering from her side told her that Lord Voldemort was killed, along with many of his supporters that didn't flee in terror. Her body trembled as she turned to watch those celebrate that he was dead, but also mourning over those whose lives weren't spared. She watched Ginny Weasley run towards Harry Potter as fast as she could to give him a hug, greatful he was alright. To her left, Ron and Hermione were in a very wet embrace, crying in each other's arms. Poor Luna was left all alone, with no one else in her life that truly mattered to her. It was time for her to move on, she knew this but it was too hard for her to bear. Losing her parents were one thing, but losing her father, that had torn her life in half.

"C'mon, Luna. Let's all get out of here. I'm sorry," came a soft, though deep voice from her side, a hand placed upon her shoulder.

Luna looked up through teary eyes and saw Harry, mud streaked on his face, streaking more as the rain fell. She nodded slowly and got to her feet carefully, wobbling a bit but managing to stand fully. "B-but, I've got no where to go to. What am I to do?" she sobbed, staring sadly at her muddy shoes.

"You can stay with Ginny, Hermione, Ron and me until you can find a place of your own," Harry replied softly, steering Luna towards the others.

With five loud cracks, the five of them Disapparated to Godric's Hollow where Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Harry were currently living.

And that is how our story begins...