Series order:

First: A Day in the Life of Thierry Descouedres[Thierry/Hannah]
Second: Blood and Chocolate [Rashel/Quinn]
Third: Pink [Poppy/James]
Fourth Story: Sweet Surrender [Delos/Maggie]
Fifth Story: Animal Instincts [Keller/Galen]
Sixth Story: Jezebel [Jez/Morgead]
Seventh Story: The Magic in You [Thea/Eric]
Eight Story: Witchin [Gillian/David]
Ninth Story: Come Together [Ash/Mare]

Chapter One:

Gods but she was hungry. Hannah couldn't remember when she'd been this hungry in her entire life, especially not when she'd just woken up. Usually she couldn't look at food first thing in the morning.

And it wasn't as if Thierry had actually done anything to help her build up this appetite, much to my dismay, Hannah remembered, her temper flaring. It was her first time actually being able to stay with him. The only reason her mother allowed it because it was cheaper than going to Europe with Chess for a graduation present. Well, that and the fact that she was now eighteen and a high school graduate.

Of course she'd been given a choice, it was just the reason her mother agreed so quickly. Thierry said that he would pay for Hannah to go all summer if that's what she wanted to do, but of course that just confirmed her answer more. She wanted to be with him and not just next to him holding his hand. Hannah wanted to take advantage of the time they had together, because the summer would go by quickly and before anyone knew it she'd be on the other side of the world. Utah anyway, studying to become a Paleontologist, her dream.

Hannah cringed openly as her stomach growled. Sighing heavily she flipped her soft covers off—she had irritatingly accepted the fact that they were plain old cotton sheets and not Thierry smelling cotton sheets—and placed her feet on the floor. Normally once she would get up she'd make her bed, brush her teeth, and then wash her face, but she couldn't wait to eat. She was so hungry she could eat a cow. She felt like she hadn't eaten in days.

When was the last time I was this hungry? Hannah frowned slightly as she galloped down the stairs and ran straight for the kitchen, only to run into Lupe.

"Hey Lupe! How's my favorite wolf?" Hannah grinned, reaching for the fridge and pulling out the jug of Tropicana orange juice, along with a vanilla yogurt with granola, and a banana nut muffin.

Lupe frowned and turned her head side ways, as a curious little puppy would do. "Well—er—thank you sir I didn't know you felt that way."

"Of course I do! You saved me didn't you? I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to see you last night. I thought you were going to pick me up from the airport. Nilsson is a real hoot though," Hannah chuckled, pouring the orange juice into drinking cup and then reaching for a spoon. "Do you want me to help put the groceries away? Is everyone coming tonight?"

Lupe's eyes widened and she paused, shaking her head. "Um-what?"

Hannah snorted. "What's the matter with you? For the party tonight, is everyone coming?"

"Ash and the girls are already here," Lupe spoke in almost a hesitant whisper.

"Yay! I feel like a little girl in Disney World—am I acting like one?"

The color drained from Lupe's face and she cocked an eyebrow. "Excuse me? This is a very interesting development. I-" Lupe paused as Ash walked in.

"Hey Lupe, love the hair, Thi—"

Hannah grinned, took a bite of her muffin, and choked. "Ech! I don't want this! I'm so hungry," she growled.

"Um, Sir? When's the last time you ate?" Lupe asked cautiously, her purplish hair draping into her face. "Your eyes are flashing silver."

"I-I don't remember—wait what? Did you just call me 'Sir'? That's the second time, I mean the first time I thought it was a slip of the tongue. I love banana nut muffins-I'm hungry!"

"Then why in the hell are you eating a muffin when you should go wake that sexy girlfriend of yours up and ask her for a drink to tie you over. Looks like you're going into bloodlust buddy," Ash casually informed as he pulled out a pint of blood from the refrigerator, popped the cap off, and took a swig. "Or you could go the easy way and have some of this pigs blood! You really have to be in the mood for something sweet for this though."

"Ew!" Hannah gagged.

Ash's eyes widened. "Ew? The Lord of the Night World says 'ew?' Hmm."

"Lord of what? What are you going on about?"

Ash shrugged, flipping his hair back. "Must be some type of amnesia-right Lupe? Okay, you were made into a vampire like a couple thousand years ago by an evil heifer called Maya, vampire's drink blood—you're a vampire."

Hannah's eyes widened and she gasped, her mouth dropping open. "I am not a vampire!"

Lupe just continued to stare, while Ash shook his head horribly confused and surprised at the same time. "Ahh—"

"Something has gone terribly wrong," a soft, slightly lilting voice spoke from the kitchen door.

Hannah lifted her eyes and froze. A tall woman filled her line of vision. A woman with shoulder length wheat blonde hair, a red birth mark slashed across her cheek, with black Soffee shorts and a white tank. "I have a twin?"

"Hannah, it's me," the girl whispered, bowing her head and taking a step closer.

"Oh my God," Lupe gasped.

Hannah turned to stare at Lupe. "Oh your God what?"

"You guys have switched bodies!" Ash cried, throwing his head back in laughter.

Hannah paused to stare at him. She watched as his ash blond hair fell against his jungle green shirt and it was then she noticed that his khaki pants were way too baggy. "Your pants are too big," Hannah stated casually.

Ash jerked his head back, the corner of his mouth turning up a little. "Yeah, that's not exactly the biggest event happening at the moment."

"Hannah, look at me," the girl spoke.

Hannah turned her head and flinched as the girl swiftly reached out, intertwining her hands behind Hannah's head. "Whoa-I'm not-I don't want to hurt your feelings-whoa," Hannah gasped as one of the girls hands moved down and rested at Hannah's thigh. That said hand had slowly started sliding up. "Oh God," Hannah breathed, her mouth dropping and her eyes closing.

The girl that looked like Hannah smiled, her cheeks stained with a light blush. "Girls don't have erections."

"And on that note…Lupe, would you join me in the gardens?" Ash asked, swiftly taking her arm and wrapping it around his.

Hannah's face turned from pleasure to horror. "Oh God! I need a mirror—vampires have reflections right?"

"Yes," she said.

"Thierry?" Hannah asked, flinching at the sound of pure fear in her voice. The girl nodded. "How can I be sure?"

The supposed Thierry sighed and leaned forward placing a gentle kiss against Hannah's lips, a kiss that floored her. When she pulled away Hannah knew she knew that this girl was Thierry, but only in her body.

"I don't know if I can handle this," Hannah whispered, her eyes still shut, and slightly reaching down with her lips as if to kiss him once more.

"I know, but we'll figure it out," Thierry said.

Hannah pulled away looking puzzled, then her face lightened and she shook her head. "No, I mean I don't think I can handle being a guy—it's extremely uncomfortable," she pouted, adjusting her boxers.

Thierry frowned. "What?" He then looked down and burst out laughing.

"Pish!" Hannah cried out. "I find nothing funny about this! How come you don't get like this when I kiss you?"

Thierry tried to relax his face. "Please Hannah, I do have some semblance of control and when I feel that control slipping I take a cold shower," Thierry suggested, smiling softly.

Hannah clucked her tongue and shook her head. "I am not taking a cold shower, there-there cold," she said, having the insane urge to lift her chin and stomp her foot.

"That's the point."

A horrible pain slashed through her gut and her throat became terrible parched. She cried out and bent at the hips.

"What's wrong?"

When the pain was gone Hannah slowly lifted herself back to standing position. "N-nothing. I think I just need to sit down," she whispered, placing her hand back against the black marbled counter and with surprising ease lifting herself on it. Thierry sat in the chair next to her swinging legs. "So, how do you think this happened?"

Thierry shrugged. "I haven't the vaguest idea. Obviously it happened last night, now the question is who would want this to happen? Of course that would be easy. I'm Lord of the Night World and this would make me weak," Thierry paused. "What are you staring at?"

Hannah was turning her head left to right, staring intently at Thierry's neck. "I'm sorry-what? Hey! I am not weak."

"No, not you, me. You don't know how to control my powers and that scares me—are you hungry?" Thierry asked, raising an eyebrow.

"What makes you ask that?" Hannah spoke her voice monotone.

"You're staring at my neck like it's breakfast—well, your neck."

Hannah jolted. "Oh God-Thierry I can't," her eyes widened with horror.

"You have to—or you'll hurt someone. Here."

Hannah shook her head. "I'm gonna barf."

Thierry grinned. "Don't be ridiculous. That's the first thing I said and I ended up being fine, here—or would you rather have the pigs blood in the fridge?"

Hannah scowled at him—erm her. Oh no, I'm getting confused. Hannah nibbled her lower lip. "Fine," she snapped and pounced.

Her teeth were settled against the vein, she could feel the sweet blood sloshing back and forth. She was starved. She bit, but nothing happened. "Um Thierry, how do you get these things to work?"

Thierry smiled, feeling slightly proud. "Rub them back and forth against my neck."

"I don't want to hurt you-er me."

Thierry pulled back and reached out a finger, poking it into her mouth.

"Wat ere oo dooin?" Hannah mumbled around his finger and then gasped as he started rubbing the front top part of her teeth.

She cringed as she felt the long fangs dig into her bottom lip, puncturing it, and forcing two beads of blood to pop out. She swiftly darted her tongue out, but when she pulled it back in, it brushed against Thierry's-her finger, and she shut her mouth.

"Hey," Thierry breathed, sounding breathless.

Hannah slowly swirled her tongue around the finger, applying a gentle suck to the tip before allowing it to pop out of her mouth. "How do you like being turned on in a girls body?" Hannah asked mischievously.

Thierry let out a huge gusty breath and dropped his hands to his knees. "It's a-it's interesting."

Hannah smiled and bent her head down, finally sating her hunger. She groaned happily as her teeth slid smoothly in his neck. Thierry reached up and cradled her head against him, sighing happily.

When she pulled away she felt light headed. "Hannah, don't fall on me," Thierry said, taking shallow breathes. "The last thing I want is you in the hospital."


"I think we should stop by Blaise's shop and she if she knows anything," Thierry said, linking his fingers through Hannah's and pulling her through the hall towards the front door. "Here's my jacket."

Hannah swiftly jerked to a stop. "Hannah?" Thierry asked, worriedly turning back only to see her staring in the mirror. "Hannah?"

She grinned widely, turning her face sideways to admire his profile. "This is gonna be cool!"

"We should go now love," Thierry smiled gently.

Hannah nodded and reached for the door. "How long do you think this will last?"

"I don't know. Lets go."

Thierry flinched as she accidentally squeezed the door handle, smashing it.

She gave him a sheepish smile. "Whoops, sorry."

To Be Continued…

I used some dialogue from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

"Oh your God what?"

"I'm not a vampire!"

I can't remember anything else!