A/N: I just have to say that I absolutely adore the entire evil cast of characters in this manga. I just love them – the Millenium Earl himself even holds a special piece of my heart.

Though my favorite is Rhode, Ticky is a lot easier to write. Don't know why. Maybe it's because he's a paradox.

I love paradoxes, too.

(or maybe it's just his creepy jack-o'-lantern smile. I love it when they do those creepy smiles. They're just awesome.)


- - -

"When devils will the blackest sins put on,

They do suggest at first with heavenly shows,

As I do now."

--from Act II, Scene III of William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice.

- - -




- - -

Ticky – Mick – does – love – his – games

he sings it (like a hopscotch rhyme)

so skip in time,

jump in tuneand soon, and – soon

just wait a while, just wait, and – soon –

Ticky – Mick – will – feed – the – flames –

until – they – scorch – the – very – moon -

Sometimes, he hears Rhode singing it, though he knew he'd never taught her – and he smiles (older brother that he is) and she grins (little sister that she is) and he tells her to help him make more stanzas for it.

Be creative! his hand on her shoulder, and Lero yelling something insignificant about homework in the background – (though recess was always just so much more – interesting.) and Rhode - begins to play.

Ticky – Mick – does – love – his – games –

Rhode grins, her face splitting wide open like a jack-o'-lantern – and plays them – like – the – ivories –

like – loyalties –

and – shallow – things, that –

twist – and – tease –

and – silly – things, that –

pain – and – please –


(when he was White, sometimes, Ticky Mick could play the piano. Not very well, mind you – but he could, when he cared –)

Lero yells something unimportant about homework, of all the things to think significant, and Rhode twirls on her toes while her brother fishes a lollipop out of his pocket as a reward.

And Rhode – grins, and lets the Black bleed through to her face.

keep – the – human race – intact –


bind the world – unto – its – knees – .

And Ticky starts to clap –

(–but when he was Black, then, Ticky Mick could not play the piano. No – he could not touch the very keys – without – beginning –)

And – Ticky – Mick –

does – damn – the day –

- and stops, and waits, and wants more words for his jump-rope songs and nursery rhymes - and lullabies –

when – to – a false-born – God

they – pray –

when – Noah's – night – must

end – their – day –

Ticky Mick can hear her, cruel and insinuating – and merely tips his top hat and calls her creative.

when – 'round – him – all

their – bodies – lay –

(Ticky Mick – does not tell his sister – that Eaze has had trouble sleeping recently.)

when – black – and – white

must – bleed –

to –

gray –

And – Ticky – Mick – smiles, and – the black, black grin cuts through his entire face.

"Touché." he murmurs. "I owe you another lollipop, then."

And his little sister (perhaps) smiles, and paints her teeth with sugar and arrogance. "Yep."

And Lero yells, and recess is over – but Ticky – Mick –

still wins.

(–to laugh, aloud, to the point of tears.)

- - -

A/N: No, you're right – it doesn't make sense. But I'm actually rather proud of it. Took less than twenty minutes, ZOMGWTFBBQ. I was personally surprised that I could make up the rhymes that fast.

(Fantástico! Tres puntos!)