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Chapter One

Tip Of Tongue

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Alexander Pope

Monday thankfully dawned cool, not freezing but not humid and sticky as it had been. So Yugi's thin turtleneck required little to no explanation. Actually with all the reminders covered and sitting quite normally with his friends on the schools front steps, he could almost pretend it didn't happen at all. Could almost convince himself that nothing had happened.

No one knew, no one had a clue. Yugi managing to sneak into the house without being busted by his other half. Lying later on and saying he'd bumped into Mia, had spend a few hours catching up on where she'd been.

It was good a lie as any Mia coming and going so erratically that by the time they saw her next Yami would probably have forgotten about the incident all together.

"There's a math test today?" Joey frowned at Tea. Yugi leaned his head back, listening to the chatter, yep he could definitely forget anything had ever gone awry… At least until the familiar roar of too expensive engines filled the reasonable quiet.

"What can't he ever just walk like a normal person." Joey snorted.

"Now come on you know he's mister everyone look at me." Tea breathed, shifting her stance slightly as said brunette killed the engine and hopped out into the early morning light.

"Aren't exhibitionists usually naked." Ryou pointed out, caught under the arm of his darker half.

"Now there's a mental image I really didn't need." Tristan sighed, blinking rapidly. Yugi blushed and shifted closer to the wall. Cheeks burning as the tall figure started across the parking lot carrying something that looked incredibly familiar.

"Hey brat, keep on walking." Joey said thumbing toward the building as Seto stopped in front of them.

"Pup, shouldn't you be out chasing parked cars." The CEO quipped and actually smiled.

"Brat do you wanna get your arse kicked this early in the morning." Joey bit back, but it was lazy, subdued the two having played this game a number of times before.

"It would be rather bracing, so if ya see someone able to help me out with that let me know right." Seto smirked and Joey rolled his eyes.

"Is there a point to this?" Yami pressed or else the two were liable to go at it all day.

"Actually I just stopped to return this…" Seto held out his jacket and Yugi took it tentatively.

"What are you into petty theft now?" Tristan coughed.

"Actually Yugi left it…" He frowned and Yugi felt his cheeks grow hotter at the look the CEO shot him.

"I stopped by with Mia on Friday night." Seto snorted and heading off up te steps with an air of amused superiority.

"What's his problem?" Joey asked as the first bell rang and they all started to head off to their first classes.

Yugi breathed a sigh of relief, as most seemed to be completely clueless, though Yami was shooting him just about the weirdest looks ever.