Chapter One: That Horrible Cat

"Misto, stop being stupid." Victoria demanded, smacking him gently over the head. His paw flew to where she had hit him instantly.

"Vicki, you prat-"

"Oh, suck it up. I barely hit you. And anyway, what's this about Etcetera? My best friend?" She asked, poking him violently on the shoulder.

"Stop talking so loud, people are staring and-"

"Well then let them stare!" She said, shrugging.

"I don't know, Victoria, I don't like people knowing everything little thing about me." Victoria nodded her head knowingly, for once, but then snapped back to her nosey self.

"I know that about you." There was a moment of silence between the two until Victoria broke the awkwardness by calling out to her friend.

"Hey Rumple!" She trotted over to the two, looking unusually somber.

"What's wrong, Rumple, you look sad…" Victoria commented as she moved closer to Mistoffelees. She greeted them quietly and sat down, but did not speak.

"Where's Mungojerrie?" Misto asked quietly. "You two are always together." Rumpleteazer smiled weakly before replying.

"Eh, lover's spat. He'll get ova' it soon enou'." She replied speedily.

"I know the feeling." Victoria smirked at her. She had a feeling that the little queen was planning something. All of a sudden, Rumple flung herself at Victoria and began sobbing violently. Mildly surprised, Victoria patted her back in a sooth manner as she rambled about Mungo between sobs. She was so taken with the smaller queen's emotional display that she didn't notice Rumple's arms sliding around to the back of her neck, where her rhinestone-laced collar was fixed.

"Oh, Rumple, don't worry about Mungo. Toms are stupid anyway." She said, glaring at Mistofeeles over her friend's shoulder. He was on the verge of laughter. She was about to tell him off when Rumple broke away from her, giggling madly, her precious collar in one hand.

"HORRIBLE CAT!" Victoria spat, clawing at her collar. Misto was in stitches on the ground while Rumple made faces at Vicki and ran around, waving her collar in the air.

"Come back here! Misto, you gave me that collar, so GO GET IT." She snapped at him. He jumped up and locked eyes with her. She pulled the most adorable innocent face and almost whimpered.

"Fine. Fine. I'll go get it." He sighed as he picked himself up to chase after her. "But only because-"

"You love me and will pamper, protect, and otherwise spoil me for the rest of your young life?" She asked with a firm grin planted across her face.

"Yes and no." Misto snapped back at her as he slid off the tire.

"You mean to say," She said, holding her pretense. "That you don't love me?" She pouted. Misto laughed quietly hugged her quickly in response and then went darting after Rumple. "Be back before dinner!" She yelled at his back as he chased her friend, a faint smile playing on her face.

(Eh, it's short and has almost NOTHING about Cetty in it, but it's just the introduction. This is going to be a tad longer than I originaly thought, because I'm doing the Vicki/Misto stuffs too. But in the end, it all fits together. Promise!)