Gundam Seed Destiny Renew

After watching the ending of GSD, I was so angry with the author for creating an ending like this! So! I thought of a version of my own story of GSD.

This story starts at the ending ep of GS, when Genesis exploded. Hehex… I won't say any longer!

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"…" (Speaking)

'…' (Thoughts)

Italic (Flashbacks)


Jumping out from her seat, Lacus lean against the glass as she witness the explosion of Genesis. Her sapphire eyes scan around the environment, besides the remaining broken pieces of Genesis and the mobile suits, there were no sight of the brown-haired pilot.

'Oh god, Kira…'

Lacus fought back her tears and tired to remain calm. But the discomfort in her chest would not go away. She returned to her seat and opened channel to Archangel. Murrue's face appears on the monitor screen; her eyes were red and sore from the crying after the loss of her love. Lacus could not help but felt pity for her, but right now, she has more important thing to worry about.

"Murrue-san, can you manage to detect Justice and Strike Rouge's signal?"

"We lost Justice's signal the moment Genesis exploded, we were trying to search for Strike Rouge now."

'Oh no…not Athrun and Cagalli-san too…' Lacus starts to get more nervous, clenching her hand into a tight fist, she looked back at Murrue.

"Did…Did you find…Freedom's signal?"

Hearing the slight tremble in her voice, Murrue knew who she was referring to. Knowing that Lacus was worrying abut the Freedom pilot, she felt reluctant to tell her the news, that Freedom's signal was lost too during the explosion.

"Lacus-san, we…"

Her words were cut off by Cagalli, whose face appears on the other screen. Seeing Athrun behind her, Lacus felt a sense of relief but there were still no sight of the person she was finding.

"Cagalli-san, Athrun, what happened at Genesis?"

"Before Genesis fired, Athrun used Justice to self-destruct, causing the destruction of Genesis. The both of us managed to escape from it."

"Ohh…" Lacus bit her bottom lip as she looked away from the monitor screen. Cagalli and Athrun look at each other and back at Lacus. Athrun hesitated but he knew that he has to tell her the truth.

"Lacus… We found Freedom, it was badly damaged and……"

Lacus clenches more tightly on her fist.

"We couldn't find Kira…"

Chapter 1: Lost and Found

Worn out and lost, every remaining survivor returned to their respective ships. Athrun and Cagalli came back to Archangel with Strike Rouge. After they reported to Murrue, they went to Eternal to find Lacus.

Thinking that she might be at the bridge, they went in but only to find Bartfeldt and other crew members.

"Commander Bartfeldt, do you know where Lacus is?"

"She went back to her room, after hearing what you both have told her. She doesn't look good."

"Oh no…Athrun, let's go and check her out. I afraid she might…"

"What were you afraid of? Cagalli-san."

They turn around and saw Lacus standing by the door, smiling as usual. Cagalli and Athrun rush to her and Cagalli hold her hands.

"Lacus, are you…felling alright?"

"Well why? Of course I'm fine."


"I'm really fine."

Athrun stand aside watching them, he could not help by feeling suspicious about Lacus's behavior. Why is she still acting so cheerful even after she had heard the news? He too, felt both sad and angry at the time when he could not find Kira, that he could not protect his best friend. Fear took over him when he saw the severely damaged Freedom drifting in the space; there were no sight of the brown-haired teen. He could almost break down at that time, but not wanting to upset Cagalli, he fought back all his sadness.


Athrun was brought back from his thought as he saw Lacus looking at him.

"I would like you to accompany me to where you found Freedom."

Everyone was shocked by her request, especially Athrun and Cagalli.

"But Lacus…!"

"Please…at least…let me confirm it myself…with my own eyes…"

Athrun wanted to reject but seeing Lacus's state now, he could not bear himself to do it. He looks at Cagalli as she nodded her head in agreement.

"Alright, I'll bring you there."

"Arigatou, Athrun…"

Launched out in a sky grasper, they went to the place where the damaged Freedom was.


Freedom. The mobile suit that she gave to Kira when he decides to fight again, the power that she gave to him. Now…it's pieces was scattered around. Tears starts to fall, feelings start to burst out.


Athrun too, let his tears falls freely as he placed a hand on Lacus shoulder. It is his first time seeing Lacus crying, knowing her for so long, she was always smiling and very cheerful. But now, she was totally heartbroken, depressed and lost.

Suddenly, Lacus jerks her head up. Not only that, she is in her SEED mode. Blue-gray eyes scan around the surrounding.


"I…heard a voice…Over there!"

She pointed to a Zaku which was damaged badly as it was left with its cockpit and head. Athrun pilots the sky grasper and go towards the Zaku. When they were close enough, Lacus went to the cockpit, unlocking the code and open it up.

Sitting inside is a female pilot whose arms and forehead were bleeding, her blond hair covering her face. Lacus went closer as she checks for pulse. Reacting from the touch, the pilot turns around slowly as she looks at Lacus with a pair of dark amethyst eyes.

"Dying…is scary…"

End of Chapter 1

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