Gundam Seed Destiny Renew

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The group was back at Archangel from the previous incident. All the crews gasp when they saw Lacus came in, with Meer in her arms. Blood was stained over her hands and clothes. Seeing this, nobody dares to go near her, all they could do is to give way. When Lacus had disappears from view, Murrue went to Kira.

"Kira-kun, what had happened?"

"We were about to take Meer-san with us back to Archangel when…she got shot in order to protect Lacus."

"She was the only one who realized it…and she jumped out…I…was unable to do anything…!" Athrun bits his lips as Kira places a hand on him.

"I've never…seen Lacus like this…" All of them turn to Stellar, with Shinn standing beside her. "Even though she was sad for Kira-san's disappearance for these two years, she never really showed this kind of expression. It…feels…so cold…and sad…"

"This must be a great impact to her…" Kira looked along the corridor where Lacus just went, when he felt Lara clenching his hand. "Otou-sama, I'm worried about Oka-sama…"

"Alright, let's go and check on her."

In the infirmary, Lacus placed Meer on a table. The whole room was dark and only a lit of light was shined at the center of room, where Lacus and Meer was. Lacus looks from Meer to the photo that was given to her. Tears start to fall as she recalls back when Meer was talking her last words.

"Lacus…I'm glad…that I've…met…you…"

Lacus slams her fists on the side of the table, causing Meer's bag to fell from the table and her things out from it. It was then Lacus notices a diskette and picks it up.


Before turning to the source of the voice, Lacus wipes off her tears. Feeling a pull on her shirt, she turns around where Lara was tugging onto her shirt with a worried face. "I'm alright, Lara. Kira, can you help me to check out this diskette?"

Kira moves forth and takes the diskette from Lacus. "This is…?"

"I found it in Meer's bag. There might be information that we need in it."

"Do you want to go clean up first?"

"No, I want to see what's in the diskette first."

Chapter 22: The Anger That Rises Within

Lacus, Kira, Lara and Athrun gather in Athrun's room as Kira inserts the diskette into the laptop. He begins to access the system as he opens a document entitled 'Progress Report'.

11th October

Today, my bandage was finally taken off.

A little strange feeling--- I saw the mirror, and then

Right there, in front of me is Lacus's face!

"This is…" Athrun looks from the report to the others.

"Meer's diary…" Lacus whispers as they continued reading.

It's amazing! I was speechless! There's her face, right in front of me, after so many years!

I was so excited when I was asked to be a substitute for her, it's not because of fame but...

But because...

I might get the chance to see her again!

After my surgery, I was taken to a gallery full of Lacus's photos.

She's still pretty as before...

All these I've been is she doing? What kind of life is she having?

I've been always wondering...all the things about her...

When the staffs showed me all the schedules, I almost fainted! That's a lot!!

Does Lacus cope with all of this? Does she do this much for PLANT?

However, this does not stop my goal. No matter how tough it will be, I won't give up!

Until I can meet her in person...

'Meer…' Lacus clenches her fist tight.

"I'm going out." Athrun left the room, where Kira follows to check on him.

Lacus sits on the chair as she scrolls down the document and continues to read. The next paragraph seems to have been written just recently.

Today I was supposed to say a speech to interrupt the speech of the ORB Union.

I didn't want to do so, but I have no other choice.

It was then...she appeared in front of me, on the screen, it's Lacus!

My heartbeat almost stopped until she starts to speak.

Her face. Her voice. Her feature. It's still the same as before.

Oh, Lacus, my song finally reached you...

"Oka-sama, this…" Lara points to another file entitled 'Emotion'. Lacus opens the file and found a song track, along with a note. She opens the track as the music starts to play.

"This voice…Oka-sama, is this your song?"

"No, it's…Meer's…" Lacus clicks on the note document.


I compose this song since I was young.

I wanted to let you hear it, Lacus.

But I do not have the chance.

This song contains my feeling, my hope.

I really wish that I could sing it in front of you.

But I know about my situation, I was afraid that I might not have the chance to do so.

So, I save this in this diskette. Hoping that one song...

Will reach you...

Lacus, please do not forget.

My life.

My song.

Silence filled the room as the song ends. Lara looks at Lacus, who takes the diskette out and looks at it.

Outside at the deck, Kira and Athrun were leaning against the railing.

"I shouldn't have approved of her in the first place…"

Kira turns to Athrun.

"That you can't do something like this..Hmph, although I did tried to tell her that lots of time."

"But, I wouldn't be able to say that immediately, either. There are many things you wouldn't know until later on. I think Lacus and I would have trusted Dullindal if we weren't targeted. Because he's the one who said that he'd rather choose not to fight. But for Lacus, she is troubled that it was decided for her, just because it's like this. She said a world like that isn't needed."


"A world like that is insolent."


Kira pats Athrun's shoulder. "Come on, let's go back to Lacus and Lara." Athrun nods as they proceed back to the room, but only to see Lara alone in the room.

"Lara? Where's Lacus?"

"Oka-sama went to see Meer-san."

Back at the infirmary, Lacus stood by the table as she caresses Meer's cheek. Looking at the photo and diskette in her hand, she thought back about the birthday she had eight years ago.


"Lacus, happy birthday!!" Meer shouted as she hugs Lacus from the back.

"Arigatou, Meer!"

"Neh, Lacus, what is your wish for this year?"

"It won't come true if I reveal it."

"Oh come on, tell me!"

"Alright, I wish that our friendship last forever."

"Of course it will! And we will always be together!"


"In the end, you left first…Meer." Lacus places her hand on top of Meer's. "I…caused you all the sufferings…all these years…You were thinking about me everyday and I…! I…!" Meer's last words start to flash through her mind again.

"Lacus…I'm glad…that I've…met…you…"

Lacus bits onto her lips when she felts a hand on her shoulder. Turning around to meet the violet eyes of Kira. "Kira…"

"It's time…to send her off…"

Lacus could only nod her head as Meer was push out from the room, to have a proper cleaning.

After a while, Lacus and the others, along with the Archangel crews gather around the open casket with Meer lying in it. She was dressed in a white dress, as she lay on a bed of white flowers. One by one, the crews placed their flower in the casket. Lacus was the last as she places the flower.

Lacus, please do not forget.

My life.

My song.

"I will not forget…I will never."

The casket proceeds to a truck where it is shipped off. The Archangel crew line up and salute her. The moment the truck left, Lacus went straight back to her room, leaving everyone behind. Lara moves to Kira.

"Otou-sama, go with Oka-sama. Now, she needs someone by her side."

Kira smiles at his daughter as he proceeds to Lacus's room. "Lacus, can I come in?"


Hearing no reply, Kira starts to worry as he press the button. The door slides open and Kira notices that the lights were not on, but through the lights from the hallway, he can make out where Lacus is. She was standing near the desk with the photo Meer gave her on it, she was in her red singled shirt as she had thrown the blood-stained black top on the floor. Kira move forth until he was just a feet away from her.


She did not reply and Kira starts to get even more worried. He tries to say something when Lacus interrupts him. " this my fault?"


"Is it because of me, she died? Is it because of my selfishness to leave PLANT that caused her death? Even though, i sweared that I'll save her, that I'll protect her, I...I...!"

Her words are cut off when Kira pulls her into his arms. "It's not your fault... even if someone is at fault, that won't be you. And also, Meer-san won't want to see you in such state. I think...that's why she smiled when she left this world...she did't want you to blame yourslf for her death..."

Lacus trembles as she tries to fight back her tears, she had vowed through the past two years that she will never shed tears. Kira, who notices this, sighs and strokes her hair with his hand while the other hold her closer. "Don't fight it... you are not alone now...I'm with you..."

With that, Lacus breaks down as she cried out loud onto Kira's chest, letting her tears flow freely. Kira could only hold her tighter and continues to stroke her hair. Unknown to the both of them, Lara was leaning onto the wall outside of the room. She pulls down the sleeve to reveal her left wrist that was bandaged. "Something big is about to happen..."

It was then Ramius's voice sound through the system, "Kira-kun! Lacus-san! Please come to the bridge immediately!"

At the Bridge

When Kira, Lacus and Lara arrive, they saw Dullindal, who was currently giving off a broadcast. Lacus clenches her fist in anger the moment she sees the chairman. "Dullindal...!"

"Why did it turn out like this? Even if we think about it, we already know that it's meaningless and yet my heart is also wandering in search of it."

Lacus glares more at the scene.

"We experienced a large-scale war not too long ago, and we swore that time that we would never repeat such a thing again. And yet, Junius Seven has fallen, our efforts were in vain, and hostilities have opened once more. The war had spread without any protest, and we have gain the same saddness and pain once again. Honestly, what's the meaning of the foolish repetition of a tragedy."

Back at ORB, Cagalli and the other council were looking at the broadcast as well.

"For once, as I have mentioned in the past, the cause was definitely due to the existence of LOGOs. Those whom formed enemies, stirred up fear, made them fight, and fueled the flames. those behind the scenes of this long history where they run rampant. Thay are the "Merchants of Death", and we were finally able to destroy them all. That is why I dare to address this..."

"So it begins..." Ramius said as she looks at the screen.

"...that we have to fight our other greatest enemy this time. We have to overcome and be released from it. Everyone must be well aware of it by now. It is the reason why ever since history is been recorded, conflicts never disappear from mankind's history. Our greatest enemy who was ever-present is the ignorance and desire within us that we can never keep subdued."

Everyone around the world was shock at the sentence.

"We distanced ourselves and took to space, and now we have achieved the physical abilities we desired and other capacities, people still do not understand each other. They still do not understand themselves, and with that fear, they are unable to see tomorrow."

Lara clenches her wrist, "Damn it..."

"As equals? No. With more riches and more enjoyment, the hand that grasps those evil desires knows no bounds. That is who we are today, the seed of all conflicts, all the problem remains here. But the time to put that to an end has come. The time has come that we will be able to end it."

The screen suddenly shows how the scientists created coordinators, and all their experiments. Lara, who was looking at this, suddenly clenches her head in agony. "NO! Stop this!" Kira, who was at her side, immediately knelts down and hold onto her.

"We have achieved a way to subdue all of that. All the answer were already within everyone's bodies."

Shinn recalled the words that Dullindal told him when he was given his Destiny.

"With that, people will understand others, themselves, and tomorrow. This is the only way to prevent the cycle of tragedies. As my final escort plan at mankind's destiny at stake, I hereby declare the introduction of the execution of Destiny Plan!"

Lara fell unconsious in Kira's arm as he quickly took her to the infirmary room. Lacus took a last glare at the screen before following Kira.

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