The Bet with the Devil

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Chapter 1

A brown haired boy was waiting in the airport to pick up his twin sister. They have been separated since they were still an infant, their real mother passed away after she gave birth to them, while their real father died due to an accident a long time ago before they were born. The Yamato family adopted him whereas the Athha's adopted his sister. He was happy now because his sister would live and study in the same college with him. The last time he saw her was 3 years ago, where he had a trip to ORB.

He searched for the golden haired girl, and when he spotted her, he shouted and waved, "Cagalli, I'm over here."

The girl turned her head and walked toward him, "Kira!"

"Hey sis, how was your flight?" Kira asked as he hugged her.

"Well if you want to know it was okay." Cagalli returned his hug and smiled.

"So, should I escort you to our house or not?" Kira grinned.

"Of course, if you're not where will I stay?" Cagalli frowned.

"Gee, I was joking Cagalli, J-O-K-I-N-G."

Cagalli narrowed her eyes and glared to him, "Okay, whatever. I am so tired now"

Kira sighed, "It seems you didn't change a lot. If you don't change your temper, you will never get a boyfriend."

"I don't care for that." She answered him coldly.

Kira shrugged his shoulders, "If you say so then let it be."


Next morning, Cagalli woke up in her new room. She took a shower, changed her pajamas and went to the dining room.

"Good Morning Uncle Harold, Aunty Liss and Kira." Cagalli said to them as she sat on the chair.

"Morning Cagalli," they said to her.

"So Cagalli do you like your new room?" Kira's mother asked her.

"Yes I do, thank you so much for it, uncle and aunty."

"Nonsense! We consider you as family so don't talk to formal. And we will be happy if you call us mother and father." Kira's father informed her.

Cagalli hesitated for a moment, she glanced at Kira and saw that he nodded to her slightly. She cleared her throat, "Okay, unc - I mean father."

"Cagalli, I see you're dressing so neatly, you want to go somewhere?" Harold questioned her.

"Well, yes, I want to explore the town?"

"Alone? I can accompany you if you want sis."

"No, that's okay. I want to walk alone."

"But you are still new to this town? What if you get lost?" Kira worried.

"Duh Kira, I will be okay, for God's sake I am 18 already, and I'm not a child."

"Okay – okay don't be angry," he sighed, "Such a temper you have."

After she finished breakfast she went to walk. On the way home the rain started to fall.

"Damn, How stupid am I, I forgot to bring my umbrella." She cursed quietly.

When she walked, a black car stopped in front of her. She saw the front window was lowered showing a driver. He was a boy, same age as her, with blue hair and emerald eyes.

"Hey!" he called out, "Do you want a lift?"

Cagalli shook her head and stared at him. "No, thank you." She returned his offer with a cold tone and she tried to walk passing his car in hurry.

He raised his eyebrows and smiled to her charmingly as he drove along her side, "Are you sure? you seem so wet and cold."

Gee what a persistent man. She frowned, "Yes I am."

"For sure? You seem to be in hurry."

Of course she is, she wanted to get away from him as soon as possible. "I am 100 percent sure."

He shrugged, "Okay then." Then he increased the speed on his car.


The next morning, Cagalli and Kira went to campus together. It was her first day at her new college, she felt a bit excited to see her new friends.

"Cagalli, we will separate here, you do know where your classroom is right?"

"Yes, Kira. Don't worry about me okay?"

"Ok then, meet me at the café near campus, I want to introduce my friends."

"I will."

Cagalli continued to her walk to her classroom and opened the door. The teacher saw her, she told her to come in, and clapped her hands, "Attention guys, we have a new student here," she looked at Cagalli, "You can introduce yourself now."

"Hello everybody, my name is Cagalli Yula Athha, hope we can be friends."

"Cagalli you can sit near Milliaria." The teacher pointed at the chair.

She nodded and went to her chair, Milliaria introduced herself, "Hello, I'm Milliaria but you can call Milly, nice to meet you Cagalli." Then she turned her head to a pink haired girl, "and she is Lacus."

"Nice to meet you Cagalli."

"Nice to meet you too." Cagalli spoke to them.


"Athrun, Dearka, Yzak good morning." Kira greeted his friends.

"Morning too."

"Hey Kira, I heard there is a new girl in Economic class and she is hot." A blonde guy told him.

"New girl? You mean my sister?" Kira smirked when Dearka said his sister was hot.

"What?" The three guys turned to him.

"Kira, since when did you have a sister? You are the only child right?" The blue haired boy questioned him.

"Well, I do have sister, and we are twins, but we were adopted by different parents since we were still infant." Kira answered his questions.

"Well, so you have a sister?" A blue haired boy smirked evilly.

"Athrun, you better forget about her, she won't be charmed by you." Kira warned him.

"Really?" he grinned.

"Well you better see her first."

"Damn straight, it was my intention." Athrun replied.


Cagalli waved and said goodbye to her new friends. I think my decision to move here is right. She smiled as she remembered Milly and Lacus, they were kind and she enjoyed her new college. Then she went to the café that Kira talked about this morning.

"Kira," she spoke as she approached him.

"Hey Cagalli, do sit down and meet my friends." He spoke to her and turned his head to his friends.

Cagalli was shocked when she saw a familiar boy in front of her, "You - "

Kira was confused, "So, you knew each other?"

"Yes" Athrun smirked.

"Hell no!" Cagalli replied.

Kira and others watched them strangely and he broke off the silent, "Well since you know Athrun, then meet my other friends, they are Dearka Elthman and Yzak Joule, and she is my sister Cagalli Yula Athha."

"Hello Cagalli." Dearka shook her hand.

"Hey" The silvered boy named Yzak raised his hand.

"Cagalli, How do you know Athrun?' Kira asked her.

"I don't know him!" she answered angrily.

"But, you recognized each other?"

"Well I did meet him yesterday but it doesn't mean I know him!"

"So how you two met?" Dearka interrupted.

"Well I think it was fate," Athrun grinned, "I saw the girl soaked in the rain, and offered her a lift, but she was stubborn and rejected my offer."

"Thank you again for your offer yesterday, but I'm sorry to reject it because I couldn't go with someone I barely know." She returned coldly.

Kira laughed, "I told you Athrun, you can't charm her."

"Why not Kira?" Dearka challenged him, "Well I do believe that Zala can melt her, he can make any girls fall for him."

"Damn right, Dearka." Athrun punched his shoulder lightly.

Cagalli glared disgustingly at him, was this guy for real, how arrogant and confident he was.

"Well any girls but except my sister," Kira returned his challenge.

"If you give me three months, I bet she will fall for me." Athrun grinned.

"Then prove it," Kira laughed.

Cagalli interrupted them angrily, "Can you guys stop this childish conversation? And for your information Athrun or whatever your name, I will never fall for you."

"Why not?" Athrun placed his hand on his hip.

"You want the reason? Okay I will give you, first I barely know you, and second I do hate men that are arrogant, egotistical, and overconfident like you." Cagalli returned angrily.

"Are you? How about if you are dating me for three months and for sure you will fall for me within that time?" Athrun challenged her.

"What? Are you crazy, Hell no! I will not be involved with you." Like heck, I want to date with the boy that I barely know and unbelievably arrogant like him.

"Why? Oh I see, you're scared because you know you will lose." Athrun smirked, "Well we better leave her alone, this young lady is scared."

Cagalli couldn't control her temper any longer, she spoke out of her sense, "Ok I'll do it."

Kira, Dearka and Yzak turned to her while Athrun smiled triumphantly, "Sis, are you sure?"

"I am." Cagalli spoke angrily, "I won't lose to this insufferable man."

"Then it's a deal, within three month of dating with me I will make you fall for me." Athrun grinned lazily.

"Watch out Cagalli, you can lose to him." Dearka laughed.

"I will win," She said confidently.

Kira laughed, "Well Athrun sorry for saying this but I bet that Cagalli will win."

"We'll see," Athrun smiled.

"Okay then the one who loses must treat all of us on the famous restaurant." Dearka spoke, "Is it okay for you Cagalli?"

"Deal!" She nodded.

When she and Kira went home, she realized what she had done. Dear Lord, what had she done? Now Kira was right, she must control her temper and she would take back her words saying her new college would be interesting. It was beyond from interest, this was horrible, it was a nightmare!

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