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"Athrun, let's eat, I'm hungry." Cagalli clutched his arm like a child.

"Wait, before that answer my question first." Athrun looked at his girlfriend, narrowing his eyes.

Cagalli gave him a quizzical face, "Huh? What question?"

"That – the one I told you two minutes ago."

"Ah, I will think about it." Cagalli smiled and teased him. They had been a couple for almost 5 years but she never got bored of teasing him. Sometimes he was the one who did that and now, it was her turn.

"When will you give the answer?" Athrun was getting impatient.

"Perhaps one week or more, how about one month?"

"A month?"

"Be patient, let's eat for now." Cagalli took his arm and dragged him to the nearest restaurant.

They ate in silent, Cagalli looked at him, and she smiled when he made a sour face. She knew she was mean to him but she couldn't help it. For the past 5 years, Athrun didn't change. He was still popular among the girls, and sometimes to Cagalli's dismay he flirted with them. Later on she discovered that he did it with intention, he liked to make her jealous.

Talking about jealous, he was worst. He wouldn't let men get near her except Kira, her brother and their friends, Yzak and Dearka.

About their friends, Milly and Dearka, they got engage a couple months ago, Kira and Lacus started seeing each other after they graduated. For Yzak, he remained the same, he still cold with others but later they discovered he was started seeing a girl named Shiho. And lastly Mia, she took her singing career two years ago, now she was a professional singer. Life was perfect, for her, Athrun, Kira and her friends.

Athrun saw she was lost in thought, "Penny for your thought?

Cagalli snapped into reality, "Oh sorry."

Athrun smiled and he was staring at her, Cagalli sensed it and her cheeks colored slightly, "What are you looking at?"

He shrugged and his humor came back, "Nothing, I wonder why after 5 years you still can blush around me."

"Sorry if you don't like it but I can't change it." Cagalli crossed her arms and pretended to look hurt.

"No, don't you ever change it. I like it." He grinned.

She smiled, "And you must stop that stupid smirked of yours."

"Why? It's one of my charm."

"Yeah, whatever." She smirked, "So how is your parents?"

"Oh, they are doing fine, you should visit them often, they like you Cagalli."

"I know, they are so kind to me, but you mother likes to shower me with questions. It's not that I hate it but it's kind of makes me nervous."

Athrun chuckled, "She did it because she liked you."

Cagalli smiled, "I know and I like them also."

"I am glad."

After the dinner, Athrun took her to home. She gave him a quick peck and whispered to his ears.

"My answer is yes. I'd like to marry you." She pulled out from him and went inside her home.

Athrun took some time to swallow her words, he stood dumbfound. After the realization hit him, he started to smile and chased her inside the house, she had fooled him and now he wanted her to pay the price, he would touch and kiss her like there was no tomorrow.


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