Darcy's Psychic Hotline

The best insanity this side of the psyche ward

Dedication: This story is dedicated to all my reviewers especially: Hawk Mad- Who bows to my insanity. Ragnarok Destroyer- who always reviews, Clueless97 who comes up with disturbing ideas of Riven and Sky, PurpleNova823- who leaves such wonderful Reviews and Rogue Scholar07 who inspired my Winx Club writing.

Summary: This Author rambles about Darcy Trix having her own psychic hotline

Disclaimer: You're reading it

The Darcy Trix Psychic hotline (yes folks, I am crazy. And bored, but mostly crazy. I blame it on too much Jerry Springer and The Price is Right. And insanity) is my idea. Take it and I'll hunt you down with my legion of pyrotechnic squirrels.

The Darcy Trix Psychic Hotline (TDTPH for short because I'm too tired to keep typing 'The Darcy Trix Psychic Hotline'. Plus I just don't feel like it!) is possible because I figure that since Darcy can manipulate people's thoughts she can manipulate the future. Heck, even if she can't manipulate the future she can manipulate people into thinking that she knows what she's talking about.

For an example of how this could work- read the following: Say Musa (poor unsuspecting Musa ) or Riven (I'd pay to see that) could call up TDTPH to find out about their love life. And Darcy can say something about Riven leaving Musa for a hotter older woman. Hey she's done it before, why not again?

So even if she's a manipulative, lying deceitful- uh witch (children's show people) Why shouldn't Darcy have her own psychic hotline? She's already put up with Icy I think she deserves a break.

And if she changed her name from Darcy to something less conspicuous- maybe Cassandra? She'd be famous and make a lot of money. Okay she'd still be infamous since she'd be causing pain and heartache to millions, but hot damn would she be rich!

Since Darcy- or is it Cassandra- would be reaching so many more people with her services she'd need some one to help out. That's where Tecna would come in. Sure Tecna doesn't have mind control powers and she isn't even a witch, but she knows her Internet really well. She could look up dirt on everyone in Magix and beyond.

This would work out very well until the Winx Club interfered. (Does this prove my insanity yet?)

Well it was a crazy idea. I just needed to get something like this out to prepare everyone for my next wave of insanity.

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