Darcy's Psychic Hotline

The best insanity this side of the psyche ward

Dedication: This chapter is for Stills who probably doesn't remember, but when she was PurpleNova823 she asked me to do a chapter for Tecna. Yes that was four years ago, but I am nothing if not accommodating and a bit of a procrastinator

Summary: Darcy has a psychic hotline. You don't really have to go back and read the other chapters because they really have nothing to do with one another. But I would be much obliged if you did.

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Chapter 5: Caller four Tecna

Now it's been a few years since Darcy's fielded any calls. Personally I blame that whole mess with Valtor, but hey at least she's back and ready to take more calls. Heck now she's even got a website complete with an email and an altered picture which makes her look like Lady Gaga. And a smart phone with internet access and GPS incase she wants to. She even streams her radio broadcast online throughout the magical dimension. But still when Darcy's at the studio on her own time she still does things the old fashioned way.

So one day while Darcy is back from making some coffee she sees a call light on her board and picks it up. The caller is Tecna, yes Tecna. No I'm not lying! Just because most writers (including the ones for the show) portray her as robotic and practically comatose doesn't mean she's not secretly paranoid and wondering why Roxy looks like her doppelganger. (You know, like the rest of us viewers who saw the fourth season)

Anyways enough of that mindless blather, Darcy used a fake accent or something and found out it was indeed Tecna. After recovering from shock she asks her favorite Winx girl (Hey Darcy could probably beat Tecna with both arms and a leg tied behind her back, so of course she's the favorite. Even if I do love Tecna myself) what she needs help with.

Tecna confesses that ever since the girls got back to Magix from Gardenia she's been wondering about Roxy and why she looks like her doppelganger. Not only is it illogical, it's also creeping her out. She needs to know why that's the case.

First Darcy is gob smacked, the Winx were away from Magix for a year and they didn't know about it. Then she's puzzled because she hasn't a bloody clue who Roxy is. But of course not knowing who anyone is has never stopped Darcy from being able to make up stories.

So Darcy being Darcy takes a deep breath and tells Tecna that she has the strangest feeling that Roxy isn't just some lost fairy, she's Tecna's long lost sister. Darcy reasons that since she's read enough fanfics where Bloom and even Stella have long lost sisters that maybe the same could be true for Tecna. Besides, it's fun to mess with people's heads.

Tecna of course is flabbergasted, Roxy is her sister. How the hell is that even possible? But then again no one believed that fairies still lived on Earth. So after she hangs up with Darcy Tecna hurries over to where Roxy is now rooming with Galatea and gives the bewildered fairy of animals a bone crushing hug.

Needless to say, Roxy of course asks Tecna why in the world she's hugging her and to let her go because she thinks she fractured a rib.

Tecna replies that she believes Roxy is her long lost sister and begins to start tearing up which leads Roxy to run from the room screaming that she thinks Tecna's been spelled. Tecna runs after Roxy shouting back that she hasn't been spelled, she just called a psychic hotline which told her that Roxy was her sister.

After both magenta haired fairies are gone, Galatea boots up her laptop and begins to blog about that recent experience on the Realm Wide Web. Darcy later reads Galatea's blog and starts laughing maniacally.

It's good to be back.

So this story is now officially off hiatus and back where it can be admired and people can point, stare and ask questions. I'll take suggestions, but I can't promise anything. I type for characters as the mood hits.