Title: Hello Sexy

Series Title: No real series, but it fulfills prompts for the fanfic100 #1 ("Beginnings") and the Jaynegang Challenge #6 ("Hello Sexy").

Author: bugchicklv

Disclaimer: Not mine, yada yada. Don't sue--no point. If you read my LJ you can plainly see I'm broker than all hell. Joss is God (and so are Rockne and JMS).

Rating: PG-13 (to match the movie)

Authors Notes: SPOILERS FOR SERENITY. Also, this doesn't fit in with any of my other stories--it is a stand-alone piece. ONE SHOT (because I have SO many other projects on my plate right now that I simply cannot start a new series. And I won't, at least until I finish "The Casino Job" and the 90something other prompts I still have to complete for the fanfic100 challenge). My thanks to Neroli for reminding me of this challenge--you rock, girl!

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"You take care of me, Simon. You've always taken care of me. My turn," River said.

And the gorram girl started running. Dove through that opening real graceful-like; and from what I could see--she just rolled right outta it. Heard some grunts and what sounded like punching, and I think I got a lump in my throat. Just a little one, mind you.

Yeah, that tiny slip of a girl took me (and everybody else in that damn bar) down fast and hard—but that didn't mean she was up to takin' on Reavers. Ta ma de, she really was moon-brained.

Then the door started closing and the Doc's pack came sliding through.

It kinda made me feel guilty that the last memory I thought I'd ever have a her was bein' dragged back by them Reavers. She didn't look scared, but her arms were stretched out, like she was trying to reach us. Only--everybody but 'Nara was hurt, and weren't no way we coulda gotten that door open again. Weren't a one a us who coulda helped at that point anyways.

Figures that'd be the exact minute I actually WANTED to help her.

I felt my gut clench with every single impact I heard, cause I just knew that Little-Bit was getting hurt somethin' terrible. Raped to death, eaten, skin-suit…everyone knew what happened when Reavers got a hold a ya.

Nobody deserved that—not even her.

Then Mal came back to let us know it weren't all for nothin'. Guess that was a good thing. Odd, how I thought I was gonna puke when he asked Zoe for a report and then asked about the girl.

Only the door opened, and she was standin' there like some sorta Revenging Angel. Her dress was torn and bloodied; her hair matted and half coverin' her face. There was Reaver bodies stacked up all 'round her and more a their blood dripped from that sword and axe she was holdin'.

She was a Death Goddess. She was ruttin' amazin'.

And I found myself whisperin':

"Well, hello Sexy."