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The alarm started ringing at 7 am but Fuuko was still lying on her bed. "Fuuko-san! Get up there and start your day! Of course, you don't want to be late for the third time in a row!" Ganko shouted, her voice muffled by the door between them.

"Yeah, right," Fuuko yawned. "It's like the boss wants to pick up on me."

At the dining room, Ganko opened the television and started pressing the buttons of the remote control, unsatisfied of the shows. "Ganko, if you don't want to destroy that, be stable to one channel. Besides, I need to know the weather today."

Ganko frowned and switched the channel to the news. "Today, an extraordinary thing happened. After ten years (a/n: I just pretended. There was a 'blue moon' last year but it happens every 10 years.), an unexpected position of the moon has occurred. Once again, what mythology states as 'blue moon' will be seen. Such occurrences are believed to bring good luck and ties love but scientifically, it does none…"

Fuuko sighed. "Eventually, I have been wishing to see that blue moon thingamajig."

"Why?" Ganko asked.

Fuuko thought for a moment. "Well, they tell me that it is very beautiful to look at."

Ganko sighed with her. "Well, I'll allow you to go back here later so that you can see that 'blue moon.' Just don't forget that you still have to go home!"

"Okay, I'll remember that. See ya!" Fuuko said as she went out of the door.


"For the third time, Ms. Kirisawa, you're late again!" her manager shouted.

Fuuko smiled meekly. "Manager Murasaki, can we forget about this little thing?"

Her manager sputtered over her coffee. "Forget? Little?" she shouted forcefully. She stood, pulled Fuuko's hand and dragged her to the 19th floor, the highest floor.

"Hey, you fiery woman! Let me go!" Fuuko shouted, causing mayhem throughout the office.

Murasaki arranged her hair. It was fiery red so it was quite a partner for her fiery, everyday mood. "I'll take you to the Head. Maybe he'll know what to do with you."

She inquired the secretaries, who started to giggle and whisper to each other. Fuuko was furious at them. "Dear, is the Head there?"

They smiled at her. "He's always there, Lady Murasaki," they replied jokingly.

"Shut it out, you…" the manager started. She hated being called Lady Murasaki. Hello? She's not as great as the first woman who ever wrote a novel.

"Ouch!" Fuuko complained as Murasaki's hands dug in her arms. "Why are you taking me to the Head?"

"To teach you a lesson, you brat!" Murasaki replied annoyingly.

She knocked three times on the door. "Come in," a cold voice answered.

Murasaki smiled in triumph. It was a rare occurrence that the Head will allow anyone to enter his office. She entered the room as Fuuko was dragged like a ragdoll.

"What does the manager need?" the cold voice said, his chair facing the window.

Murasaki held Fuuko as though she was a sacrifice and said, "This girl has been late three times in a row! She needs some punishment!"

"Oh really," the guy said mockingly. Fuuko had a shrewd idea that this guy was not paying attention to Murasaki. That was an advantage for her.

He placed his foot on the floor and tapped it gently. After moments of silence drowned by the insufficient tapping, silence ensued and he used his foot to turn the chair.

Fuuko gasped and pulled away from Murasaki's grasp. "Mi-chan!"

The man peered at her. The room is dark. He removed his glasses and laid them on the table as he clapped his hands. All the blinds shoot up.

"Kirisawa," he replied sarcastically. "I should have known…"

Fuuko laughed sarcastically. "Yeah right."

Tokiya stood up and told Murasaki. "That should be explainable. I understand."

"Wait, sir…!" Murasaki started.

(a/n: So, once again, Tokiya's the boss. However, I won't use too much of his "president" powers in this story. TOKIYA WITH GLASSES? Anyway…)


"What a life?" Fuuko sighed as she walked down the park. She was looking at the 'blue moon.'

She sat for a while and looked around her. The park was full of lovers, and other people aspiring to have their partners, looking at the moon.

After a while, Fuuko started to walk again, this time, her eyes were focused on the shining moon that was reflected on her eyes. She walked endlessly, not caring about anything. "Is your magic true? Will I be able to find my love with you?"

She continued walking and walking until she bumped into something. "What the…?"

Fuuko felt something warm touch her lips and then she was suddenly thrown backwards. Luckily, arms caught her. She was assisted as she stood up straight once again. "You?" she shouted forcefully, pointing at the man before him. She didn't pay attention to the one who saved her from her fall.

"Me? What a clumsy monkey," Tokiya replied, smirking in sarcastic delight. He walked away carefully, a smile plastered on her lips.

Fuuko turned around and looked at her savior from the fall. "Thank you…" she gasped.

"Good evening, Fuuko," the man replied.

Fuuko broke into a smile. "Raiha…"

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