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"We're too late!" Recca shouted hopelessly.

"Now way, the rescue team is here," Ganko shouted. All at once, the rescue team started to pump the large airbed on the supposing place where the two will fall.

"What the…?" Fuuko said, shocked. Eventually, their fall became slower as a flock of birds hit their way.

After moments of their eyes closed, Fuuko had a dawn of realization as she started to struggle frantically. "I don't want to die!"

Tokiya rolled his eyes as she started to tug his sleeve. "By God, Fuuko! You're so dramatic earlier!" She started to try to swim upwards, rather like a frog trying to hop in the air. "Forget it, Fuuko. We cannot do anything. We'll just and…" he sighed… "Poof!"

The rescue team started to move the large airbed this way and that, trying to see where the two might hit. The flock of birds that keep hitting them was changing their directions.

"This way!" Recca shouted.

Yanagi interrupted. "No! They're falling this way!"

The rescue team started to move the bed the way the guys are pointing at, this way and that, until they became dizzy that they stopped and laid the bed carelessly.

"We're near ground!" Tokiya yelled, the air blocking their voices.

"And we're near to hell!" Fuuko shouted, out of her wits.

"They're falling!" all of them shouted in unison. They all closed their eyes, apparently ready to witness what's next.

"Am I… alive?" Fuuko asked Tokiya, opening her eyes.

"Barely. For the second time in our lives, water has saved us," Tokiya replied, shaking his head.

Ganko squinted, expecting to see two splinched bodies. But instead, she found herself soaked. "What happened…?" she asked furiously. But something better caught her eyes. "They're alive!"

Everyone of them ended up like climbing up from the swimming pool themselves because of an enormous splash made by the couple.

"What?" Yanagi replied as she slowly opened her eyes. The others followed.

"You!" Domon demanded to the rescue team. "Help them out!"

Shakily, the men stood up from their places and helped the two out.

"Fuuko fell to the floor and started to cry. "My wedding is spoiled!" She started hitting Tokiya to where she can and said, "It's your fault! You ruined it!"

"My fault?" Tokiya asked disbelievingly, pointing to himself. "Why my fault?"

"Look, I got shot at the back and I was about to die because of that stalker of yours," Fuuko reasoned, as the rescue team started to get a stretcher and place Fuuko on it.

"Sorry, then. But it's not my fault that I got a hoodlum for a stalker," he explained. He followed her to the ambulance and held her hand. "This won't happen again. Just promise me that you'll be alright, okay?"

Fuuko nodded. "Please also promise me that we'll have this wedding… for sure…"

A nurse injected something in Fuuko's arm. "For sure…" Tokiya repeated before kissing her gently. She had passed out in a gasp.


The guys were left with their jaws opened. "I do not know that Fuuko got shot at the back. She just didn't show it!" Ganko said.

"I didn't notice that too," Yanagi frowned. "She acted like nothing happened."

"Oh well," Recca added, shrugging. "Let's go. We have to rearrange the wedding ceremony…"

"Ya. We have to get that Kokiden to the nearest mental hospital," Ganko added.

"Good thing that we are the only guests in this small ceremony. No problems!" Recca beamed.

"Recca, you're getting stupid. You're not as stupid as I thought of. Why didn't you think of a nicer way to save them?" but then, Yanagi added something. "We have to get a new gown for Fuuko. We don't want a gown spotted with red, right?"

"Whatever you say. Let's just surprise the newlyweds with a gift, okay?" Recca suggested. "And in the scene of paranoia, you cannot think the way you can think normally. At least, this hotel has a large swimming pool."

"Funny thing," Yanagi said. "Let's give them something to have for their honeymoon!" she giggled, before letting Recca place his hand on her waist.

Kagerou chuckled a little. "It is as if you're planning your own wedding, and not the wedding of Tokiya and Fuuko."

"No we're not!" Recca tried to deny but he blushed as well.

"Hey, people, you're not the main characters here," Ganko reminded. "We have to tell the hotel manager to forgive us and reschedule the wedding."

Everybody agreed as they proceeded to the hotel, all wet but all jeering on this lucky day.

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