Lovers in the moonlight

The moonlit corridors of Hogwarts. What a perfect place for a little rendezvous… Everything belongs to Rowling

She slowly paced through the dark corridors, looking carefully around. She saw everything. Nothing could escape her. The air was still and there was no smell that shouldn't be there. Everything was peaceful. She was content. She preferred order, she despised irrationality. All in good time, all in good order.

The others that were patrolling the corridors were far away, on other floors, striding purposefully or walking nervously, together or in pairs. She walked alone. She knew these corridors as well as the inside of her head. They were her home and territory. Nothing happened here without her knowing it.

Suddenly she saw something move. She tensed and took a few, careful step forwards, all attention. There it was again. In a small doorway to the left. She approached it, calling out for whoever was out after the curfew. And she halted, staring.

A man was in the doorway, tall, muscular, ginger. He was smiling broadly at her, the moonlight reflecting in his eyes. He took a slow, delicate pace towards her and let his eyes follow her lines. She could feel something stir in her, something she had not felt for a long, long time. Again she asked what he was doing here, but she heard how shrill her voice was. He answered with a smirk that he was looking for someone just like her and she could feel herself blush. He was right before her and she could feel his smell. Intoxicating. Exotic. She stood as petrified. Deliberately slowly he reached out and nuzzled her nose with his.

She bent her head, away. Her thoughts racing. She did not want him. No that was a lie. She did want him, want him in every way, but she was so confused. It was so long ago. He was moving to fast for her. She said so, said that he was not welcome, that he should leave. He walked a few steps around her, not touching her, not taking his eyes of her. He would not harm her, he said. He would not do anything that she did not allow. Oh no. He playfully nibbled her right ear and she involuntary gasped. Why did she not want him he asked. Was he not handsome? Was he not worthy of her? He would prove himself stronger than any other man in the castle he challenged. And she believed him. She saw his muscles move. Tentatively she reached out and nuzzled his neck with her nose. Just briefly. Shyness came over her and she hid her face. But she felt him standing close, so close. And his smell was intoxicating.

He said that he would always love her, always care for her, always be there for her. Oh yes. He said that she was the prettiest, most beautiful girl in the world, that he had never, and would never meet her like. He nuzzled her nose with his, and she allowed it. Their eyes met and she saw herself reflected. The most beautiful girl in the world. He came up close and purred. All her thoughts melted away. He kissed her and her heart pounded. He said that he loved her and she answered, from the depth of her heart, the she loved him too.

They found them there about half an hour later in what would best be described as a delicate moment.

"What is that filthy creature doing to my dear Mrs Norris?" Filch the caretaker screamed. "Get him off her this instance!"

Hermione quickly dashed forward to try to grab her cat, but Crookshanks was not at all cooperative and both Hermione and Filch were severely scratched before they finally had separated the lovers. Mrs Norris ignored the care of her owner and looked longingly after the man of her life as he was carried away. He caught her eyes and promised that he would be ever faithful and she purred. She did not believe him, of course, knowing stray cats for what they are, but she knew she would savour this moment for a long time to come.