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Chapter 9 - Confusion

The next morning Ginny woke up with the sweet smell of roses lingering in her nose. She opened her eyes and wondered if one of her roommates had some kind of new perfume. She rolled over to her side only to see a beautiful bouquet of roses standing on her wooden bedside table. She sat up straight and took the them. By doing this she revealed a folded piece of parchment. She brought the bouquet to her face and inhaled the smell deeply. The dark red leafs were very soft on her face and whomever had placed them had carufully removed all of the thorns. She put the roses down on her lap, took the parchment and opened it.

Dear Ginny,

I hope you like the roses, their beauty reminded me of you. I was wondering if you would like to go to Hogsmeade with me today? I will be waiting for you in the Entrance Hall.

Harry Potter

Ginny couldn't believe it. She read it again and again to make sure her eyes weren't cheating on her.
'Harry,' she muttered under her breath while she folded the parchment again. She ran her nails over the folds before putting it down on her bedside table. She took he roses from her lap, stared at them and let out a long sigh, before she placed them on top of the parchment again. She got out of her bed and made her way to her trunk. She picked her clothes without even taking one look at them, she was too caught up in her thoughts. When she was dressed she picked up the note, put that in her pocket and went down to the common room.

'Yo, sleepyhead!'
Ginny looked over to Melissa and waved at her friend.
'So, who sent them?'
'Who sent what?' Ginny pretended.
'Stop it! You know what I'm talking about.'
Ginny laughed and took out the note. She handed it over to Melissa whose eyes grew bigger and bigger while reading it.
'But, since when?' she asked still holding the parchment as if she was reading it.
'I don't know. I never knew,' Ginny shook her head. 'I thought he didn't like me like that.'
'Well, apparently he does,' Melisa said. 'So, what ya gonna do?'
'I don't know. What do you think I should do?'
'You kidding me? You have to go. This is your crush we're talking about, this is the guy you've liked for six years. Now he finally asks you on a date and you're even thinking about not going!'
'You're right,' she said, smiling at her friend. But deep down she wasn't sure if she still liked Harry like she used to. 'So, you coming for breakfast?' Ginny got up. Melissa muttered something about 'Weasleys always thinking about food' and followed the red-head.

Ginny was glad that they didn't encounter the trio, she wondered if Ron and Hermione knew about it. Hermione probably did, Harry couldn't have done it without some help, considering his Cho-incident. She was also quite sure that Hermione was to keep Ron away from the two of them during their date, because seeing his sister with any boy would drive him crazy, even if it was his best friend. Ginny ate her breakfast absendmindedly, without saying a word to anyone. She was brought to her senses again by Melissa who said something to her, something she didn't quite catch.
'Huh,' she looked up. 'What did you say?'
'That we're going back up and get you ready for your date!'
'Whatever you want.'
'Well you're not going if you look like this,' Melissa pointed at her outfit. Ginny had to admit it looked kinda horrible, even when you didn't really care about the way you looked. She left the Gryffindor table and followed her friend outside the Great Hall. Ginny checked her watch and saw that it was still early. She turned to Melissa.
'Dont you think it's a bit early?' she asked.
'It's never too early to make you beautiful,' she answered. 'But you're right. What are we going to do?'
'I think I'm going to the library and start on that essay for Snape.'
'Friggin' essay.'
'Well you go do what you want to, I'm gonna do nothing. See you later.'
'Don't exhaust yourself,' Ginny laughed. 'See you!'

There were just a few other students in the library, as it was Saturday and most were enjoying a day off. Ginny went to the Potion's Section and took out a book at random. She scanned the index, but she didn't find anything about the Polyjuice Potion. Sighing, as this was going to take a long time, she put the book back and took out the next one. Again nothing. Next. Nothing. Next. Nothing. This isn't going to work, she thought. Although she didn't really want to, she decided she'd ask Madam Pince for help. She walked to the librarian.
'Excuse me,' she said. 'I'm looking for a book in which I can find how to make a Polyjuice Potion.'
'I'm afraid that I can't give you that book,' Madam Pince answered. 'It's in the Restricted Section and unless you've got a note I can't give it to you.'
'But I need it,' Ginny tried.
'No, unless you have a note or you're studying for your O.W.L.s or N.E.W.T.s -'
'But I am studying for my O.W.L.s,' she interupted.
'You are? What is your name?'
'Ginevra Weasley,' she said and watched the woman as she was checking some kind of list with names on it.
'The book is called Moste Potente Potions and you can find it over there,' she waved at the Restricted Section. Ginny thanked her and went to retrieve the book she needed. She let her finger go along the books with the M until she found the one she was looking for. She took it out and looked at the cover. It looked very old and was quite dirty. Ginny shrugged and sat down at one of the tables. She took a piece of parchment from the pile and cursed herself for not taking a quill with her. Luckily she wasn't the only who did that frequently, so there were a couple of spare quills and ink bottles available. She got up and walked to the entrance to collect the things she needed. She sat down again, dipped the quill in the ink and wrote the title. She underlined it and put down the quill to open the book. As she opened the book to scan the index a piece of parchment fell out. Ginny's curiousity took over and she opened it to read it.

This is me for forever
One of the lost ones
The one without a name
Without an honest heart as compass

This is me for forever
One without a name
These lines the last endeavor
To find the missing lifeline

Oh how I wish
For soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again
My loving heart
Lost in the dark
For hope I'd give my everything

My flower withered between
The pages 2 and 3
The once and forever
Bloom gone with my sins

Walk the dark path
Sleep with angels
Call the past for help
Touch me wih your love
And reveal to me my true name

Oh how I wish
For soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again
My loving heart
Lost in the dark
For hope I'd give my everything

Oh how I wish
For soothing rain
Oh how I wish to dream again
Once and for all
And all for once
Nemo my name forevermore

Nemo sailing home
Nemo letting go

Ginny was speechless. She felt really depressed all of a sudden. She wondered who had written this. He or she wasn't really happy, to say the least. They'd probably felt the same as Ginny was feeling right now. Not knowing and caring why she folded the parchment again and pocketed it. Confused she tried to remember what it was that she had to do. When she saw the book she remembered. She scanned the index for Polyjuice Potion and flipped to the right page. She read the entry and concluded that this was a very difficult potion to brew. Sighing she continued her essay. Every time she looked in the book to check a fact she thought about the poem she had found. Why was it still in the book, who had written it. She couldn't stop thinking about it. Funnily enough she was able to concentrate on her essay, despite her minds' preoccupation. Ginny didn't know how long she had spent in the library, but it had been quite a while, because her friends came to get her out. Without any warning someone shut her book close. She looked up and saw her friends.

'You have done enough studying for today,' Dacia said.
'Yup,' Keali said. 'You are coming with us.'
Ginny knew that it wouldn't help if she complained so she stood up and put Moste Potente Potions back at the shelf where it belonged and followed the group of girls. She dropped the quill and ink-pot at the table near the entrance and went outside.
'You seemed really caught up in that essay,' Melissa said.
'Friggin' essay.'
'I was, it was actually going very well until you guys showed up,' Ginny said. 'Not that I'd get a good grade from Snape anyway, but that's not the point.'
'Friggin' Snape.'
'Why didn't you tell us about your date,' Dacia asked. 'We heard it from Melissa.'
'I was going to keep it to myself.'
'You don't get a chance with her around,' Keali nodded her head in Melissa's direction.
Ginny laughed. 'I should've known.'
'You know what you guys gonna do?'
'Nope, but I'll freak out if he takes me to Madam Puddifoot's.'
'I'd like to be taken there,' Melissa said dreamily.
'Well that's the difference between you and me; I'm normal and you, well,' she ran for it when Melissa tried to hit her. 'Just kidding! Just kidding!'
After giving the password to the Fat Lady the girls climbed through the portrait hole and went straight up to their dormitory.
'Okay,' Melissa started as Ginny let herself fall on her bed. 'About your clothing.'
'What about it?'
'It should be convenient, yet elegant. It should keep you warm, but you shouldn't look like a stuffed animal.'
'Choices, choices,' Ginny said sarcastically.
'I think we should go with a nice pair of jeans,' Keali said, ignoring Ginny's comment. The other girls nodded. Melissa walked over to Ginny's trunk and started going through the contents. While doing so she threw out every single pair of jeans she came across. She got up, shaking her head.
'Nothing but ragged jeans inside here,' she said. 'Luckily we have the same size.'
She walked over to her own trunk and pulled out a pair of jeans with a loud 'Tadaa!'.
'They're lovely,' Keali said. 'When did you get them.'
'Some time ago, but I kept them for special occasions. Try them on.' She threw them over to Ginny. They were very nice, even though Ginny didn't normally care about clothes. She held them in front of her and shook her head.
'They are lovely,' she mimicked Keali's words. 'But I can't wear them.'
'And why is that,' Melissa asked.
'Because you kept them for special occasions and -,' she was cut off.
'Like this isn't a special occasion?' Melissa said in disbelief. 'You finally have a date with Harry and you're not calling that a special occasion worthy of my jeans!'
Ginny laughed at her reaction.
'I know, but still.'
'If you don't stop that right now I'm gonna make you write lines,' Melissa said placing her hands on her hips.
'Yes Ma'am,' Ginny saluted. 'I'll just be putting them on now.'
She walked to the screen and disappeared behind it. While she was changing into the jeans she heard the other girls discuss what she'd have to wear above them.
'I think a sweater would be best,' Keali said.
'Yeah, but what colour?' Dacia asked.
'Defenitely not one of those with a big 'G' on it,' Melissa giggled. 'You know the ones her Mum always sends her.'
'Hey!' Ginny exclaimed. 'Those happen to be very warm and comfy.'
'But they're not very fashionable, Gin.'
'Back to the colour.'
'Not orange, that looks horrible with her hair.'
'It seems like you're not aware that I can hear everything you guys say,' Ginny peeked around the screen.
'You should just shut it and do what you're supposed to do and let us take care of your outfit,' Melissa said.
'Sweet Merlin.'
'What about green,' Keali opted. She walked to her trunk. 'I've got just the thing here.' She pulled out a bright green knitted sweater.
'That'd look great on her,' Dacia said.
Keali walked to Ginny and gave her the sweater. When she was done putting on the clothes her friends had picked Ginny came out from behind the screen.
'You look sweet!' Melissa exclaimed. 'Okay ladies, our next task: hair and make-up.'
Ginny felt how she was put down on her bed again and then her friends started pulling at her hair and applying make-up to her face. She just let them, because she had to admit, they were good at it. After about fifteen minutes she heard satisfied sighs.
'You done?' she asked.
'Yes, and you look splendid!' Keali pretended to be breathless.

Ginny made her way to the mirror and looked into it. There she saw a girl wearing blue jeans that were tight around the upper legs, but that became wider as they were going down. At the bottom there were silver sparkles. On top of that she was wearing a very green sweater, like the greenest apple Ginny had ever seen. The girl's auburn hair was down straight, with some curling at the tips. Her make-up was done to match her outfit, with the same green as her sweater and some transparent gloss on her lips. She stared at the girl in the mirror, she was beautiful, but it wasn't her. It was weird, she didn't usually dressed like that, but when she was looking like this she would feel pretty. Now she just felt uncomfortable in this outfit. She sighed.

'What do you think?'
Ginny looked at her friends, they looked eager to know what she thought. She took a deep breath.
'It's great,' she smiled. 'I love it!'
'And now, we should get moving, because the carriages to Hogsmeade are leaving any minute now!'
The group of girls made their way down and through the common room. At the stairs leading down to the Entrance Hall the group of girls parted. Ginny silently watched as her friends went down. She took a deep breath and searched for Harry. When she had seen him she walked down the stairs. He saw her and came towards her.
'Hey,' he said, sounding nervous.
'Hi,' she replied, probably as nervous as he was.
'You look,' he searched for the right words. 'Well, you look really beautiful.'
'Thanks,' she forced herself to smile at him. 'Shall we go?'
They crossed the Entrance Hall side by side. Ginny felt very uncomfortable, something she'd never had with Harry. She thought it was because this was a date, because this was the very first date with the guy she'd had a crush on for years. She told herself to calm down, that everything was going to be fine. The two of them went outside, past Filch who was checking the students for permission. Outside the carriages with nothing pulling them were ready to go. Harry opened the door and motioned for her to go inside. He sat down across her, the uncomfortable silence still hanging between them. The carriage jolted as it started to move and Ginny looked outside, at the landscape gliding by. She could feel Harry's eyes burning on her, but when she looked at him he quickly turned his head away pretending he hadn't been looking.
'So,' she said. 'What do you want to do?'
Harry looked at her, his green eyes looking directly into hers.
'I don't know,' he said. 'Maybe we can go get something to drink, walk around a little. You know, checking out Hogsmeade?'
'Sure, sounds like fun.'
Harry stared out of the window again, Ginny did the same. They sat there in silence for the rest of the ride. I was a really uncomfortable silence, Ginny couldn't think of anything to say and apparently Harry couldn't either. She let out a sigh of relief when their carriage arrived in Hogsmeade. They both wanted to go out at the same time which caused them to bump into each other. 'I'm sorry,' Ginny stuttered.
'No, I'm sorry,' Harry said. 'You go first.'
She stepped out of the carriage onto the streets of the only entirely wizarding village in the country.

'So what shall we do first?' Harry asked.
'Let's get something to drink.'
'Okay, where do you want to go?'
'Let's go to the Three Broomsticks.'
Harry let out a sigh.
'What's wrong,' she asked.
'For a minute there I thought you were gonna say that you wanted to go to that tearoom,' he replied.
'You mean Madam Puddifoot's?'
He nodded.
'No way, I'd rather face the thorn of all my brothers together than to go there,' she said.
Harry laughed and Ginny couldn't help but laughing with him.
'So, you've been there?' she asked him.
'Yes, and it was horrible,' he answered. 'The place was decorated for Valentine's Day. There were floating golden cherubs which would throw confetti down. It all ended up in my coffee.' He shivered.
'That's awful,' Ginny said. 'Now shall we go?'
'Sure,' Harry said and he offered her his arm. She took it and they walked to the Three Broomsticks. The place was filled with students chatting happily with each other. They managed to find a spot where the two of them could sit alone and Ginny waited as Harry went away to get them some butterbeer. She took her time to look around the place and at who were there. She didn't see Hermione or Ron and smiled at the thought that maybe those two were spending some quality time together. She saw Fred and George were talking with each other, probably about their plans for Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. She had just spotted Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown who kept looking at Seamus Finnigan and Dean Tomas, when Harry returned with a mug of butterbeer in each hand. He put their drinks down and went to sit across from Ginny.
'Thanks,' she said as she grabbed a mug and started sipping her drink. She cast a glance at Harry, but he didn't seem to notice because he was staring. Staring at something behind her. She turned around to see that there was nothing but the wall there. She shrugged and waved her hand in front of Harry's face. This brought him back to his senses.
'Is the wall that interesting?' she asked.
'The wall, Harry.'
'Oh the wall,' he finally seemed to realise what she was talking about. 'Now, that's a very interesting wall.'
'It is?'
'Yes, it's absolutely the most interesting wall I've ever seen.'
'I see.'
They looked at each other and started laughing out loud. Ginny shook her head.
'What?' Harry asked.
'I don't believe you,' she said, smiling.
'Well, you don't have to.'
Ginny looked around to see everyone staring at them.
'There are too many people here,' she said while standing up. 'Let's go somewhere else.'
Harry nodded and followed her outside.

'So, where do you want to go, then?' he asked.
Well, we could walk around a bit, you know,' she sighed. 'But I've been here so many times, I can walk around here in my dreams.'
Harry smiled. 'Let's get back to the castle then.'
They started walking the long road that lead to the castle, because the carriages wouldn't be there until a certain time later that day. While they were walking they talked about various things. They talked about Quidditch, about school, about teachers and about all the other things that came to mind. Before they knew they had reached the entrance gate and were on Hogwarts' grounds again. When they passed the lake Ginny saw that there were people standing on it and she decided she would try it, too. She ran for it, leaving a startled Harry behind. She reached the ice, slipped, fell and landed ungracefully on her butt.
'Ow,' she groaned as she tried to get up. She couldn't get up, she slipped away every time.
She heard someone laughing. She looked at the shore and saw that the laughter had come from Harry. She tried to get up one more time, but gave it up.
'That's not funny!' she exclaimed.
'It was very funny,' Harry said, gasping for breath.
'Okay, you've had your laugh. Could you please help me now?'
He walked towards her, careful not to slip and stuck out his hand. Ginny took and tried to pull herself up. After quite a struggle she finally managed to get on her feet again.
'Hey, do you know how to ice skate?' Harry asked.
'What's that?'
'That's something Muggles do when a lake is frozen. They put on some sort of shoes with iron gliders beneath them so they can glide over the ice,' he explained. 'That's ice skating.'
'Sounds like fun,' she said. 'So where do we get those special shoes?'
'That's a good question.'
'Maybe we can transfigure our own shoes into them,' Ginny opted.
'Good idea, let's try it.'
They both took their wands in their hands and muttered the incantation. As if it was a miracle both spells worked the first time and they were standing on their selfmade ice skates.

'Now what do we do?' Ginny asked.
'I don't know. Try getting forward, I think.'
He had just finished his sentence when he fell backward and landed on his bottom. Ginny burst into laughing.
'Now that was funny,' she said.
'Well, you try it.'
Ginny tried to move forward and to her surprise she actually moved forward. She tried again, and she moved.
'Hey, it's not that hard,' she said as she continued going forward. She enjoyed the feeling of the wind in her hair, the cold on her face and the pain in her butt as she fell down again. She struggled to get up again and found this even harder than the last time. After a lot of attempts she was up again and skated away. She was quite pleased with her achievements. She had only just found out wat ice skating was and she could do it a little. Not very good, but a little. And practice makes perfect, right? She skated to Harry, who had given up and was still on his spot.
'Hey, get up.'
'I can't,' he said.
'Why not?'
'My butt is stuck to the ice.'
'Here,' she held out her hand. Harry grabbed it and pulled himself up. Ginny didn't let go of his hand as she skated away, so he was forced to follow her. She dragged him along until he got the clue and tried to keep up with her. It didn't go that well and before she knew it he was down again, still clutching her hand. She helped him up again.
'You're not very good at this, right?' she teased him.
He just stuck out his tongue and let go of her hand. He tried to go forward, but failed miserably. He waved his arms around and grabbed the first thing his fingers touched. Unfortunately for Ginny that thing was her cloak, so he took her down in his fall and she landed on top of Harry. She tried to get up as fast as possible, but it took her some time before Harry could breath again.
'Let's call it a day,' she said as she pulled Harry up again.
'Yeah,' he nodded in agreement.
They transformed their shoes back to normal and walked to the shore, careful not to slip again. Ginny was surprised when Hary grabbed her hand.
'There's something I want to show you,' he said. 'A place I like to come.'
Ginny followed Harry's lead as she tried to guess where they were going. They walked along the frozen lakeside towards a tree. The tree. No, this couldn't be.
'So what do you think?'
'It's a very nice spot.'
'I come here when I want to be alone, when I want to think,' he took a deep breath. 'Ginny, can I ask you something.'
'Sure,' she said while looking at the lake. She turned her head towards Harry's. As if by magic their faces came closer and their lips met. After a few seconds they parted.
'Will you be my girlfriend?'
Ginny couldn't think straight anymore. She was confused about what had happened and about what she had felt. Or rather what she hadn't felt. His words didn't fully reach her.
'Yes,' she said.
He kissed her again, but she didn't kiss him back. What had just happened? Had she just become Harry Potters girlfriend?
'Let's go inside,' Harry said when he pulled away.
Ginny only nodded as she followed him inside.


The poem in this chapter are the lyrics of Nemo by Nightwish.

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