Title: Snow Tricks (aka Roy and Ed frolic in the snow)

Author: Ren

Disclaimer: FMA doesn't belong to me. Duh.

Warnings: Super-fluff.

Author's Note: So, yes. Sam and I were standing by the window at work watching the snow fall and we started to discuss something about her brother and a teacher who wanted to get into his pants. I turned it fandom-ward and said something about Roy wanting to get into Ed's pants, and it all went downhill from there. This does not consist of Roy getting into anyone's pants but his own, but I wrote it because Sam told me to.


It had started with the briefest of glances out the window, only an hour before, and with Roy silently standing up from his seat and going for his coat. Edward had followed behind, jamming his hands into his pockets and grinning out the window. Hawkeye wasn't in the office today and that was good, since Roy never would have gotten away with leaving if she had been around to train her eyes on him and glower over the barrel of her gun. There was a casual, fun air about the office today, with relaxed standards and no real motivation to work, and no one looked up at Roy or Edward as the two walked outside.

It had continued when Edward caught a snowflake on his tongue and pointed it out to Roy, teasing him. Roy had smiled, just a little, and reached down to pack a bit of snow together. Edward had started to remark as to how much he liked the snow, even though it was cold and cold didn't really agree with automail even on the best of days, and had been interrupted when the snowball met the side of his head. He had cursed violently, as was his habit, and started to chase Roy, who was more than willing to goof around with his subordinate today for the sake of the snow, around the base.

It had hit the high point when, panting, both Edward and Roy fell back into the snow, laughing. Edward had reached up, as though he could catch some snow between his fingers, and then laughed again, closing his eyes. Roy had sat up and, just to prove he could, caught a snowflake on his tongue. Edward had peeked an eye open to look, sat up, and pressed his cold lips to Roy's.

They stared at one another for a long moment as snow fell around them, wondering what had brought that on and what they thought they were doing out there. Edward had broken the awkward silence by flushing and mumbling that the cold made him stupid, that Roy had looked cute for a moment, that he hadn't really kissed Roy -- it had been the snow playing tricks on them.

Roy had nodded and adjusted his coat. "Perhaps we should go in," he said, not looking back at Edward.

Edward had nodded and scrambled to his feet, helping Roy up. They went back inside, and it had ended.